Black Ops 2 zombies will be electrifying

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2012

There is now less than a week to go until Treyarch and Activision finally unleash Black Ops 2 zombies onto patient fans. We have been informing you about various leaks in the build up to release, and now we have something even more juicy to share with you regarding a new type of boss zombie.

If you have played Call of The Dead in the first Black Ops game, you’ll know that Treyarch introduced a new style of gameplay by adding a boss type zombie in the form of George Romero, the famous horror movie director. Players had to endure a new threat on that map, with Romero chasing players while charged with electricity, with rewards up for grabs if they managed to take him down,

We can now tell you for those that don’t mind hearing details early, that Treyarch will be continuing with the electric theme, with a new type of zombie boss that will fire bolts of electricity at the player. It doesn’t look like an easy task to kill him either, as the boss also has teleportation skills and can appear even when the standard zombies are attacking you as well.

Screenshots on Reddit can be seen here, while there are also new gameplay clips on YouTube showing the electric boss as well. Like our previous article though, we don’t expect the footage to stay up much longer, so watch it below while you still can. You can also see the talking zombie bus driver in the video and every time we see him, we can’t help but feel that it reminds us of the johnny cabs from Total Recall – perhaps that was a direct influence by Treyarch.

Although not shown in this particular clip, we are hearing that the reward for taking him down is a random perk again. It looks like the electric boss requires a great deal of effort to kill though, as the video shows the player unloading endless bullets, with the boss still standing at the start of another wave.

Have you already faced this zombie boss on your early copy of Black Ops 2? Let us know in the comments what other surprises you have found out about zombies. Not long to go now folks! Check out the zombie guns here.

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  • Guest

    Just want this game. Few days left!!!

  • bb

    I should think you have to take it down in a different way than guns. The bus driver is more robot than a zombie.

  • Fluffydaunicorn

    The boss is called the Avagadro.

    • ben

      Is it just an advanced george Romero type boss it looks well annoying in the clips ive seen

  • ben

    Looks liked this boss is gonna be pretty annoying more than anything hope it doesnt spoil the game play oh well less than 5 days till I get to play but with all these copies already out there why dont Activision/treyarch push foward the release day like for today please please

    • Blah Blah

      Knife it 3 times before round 10 to kill it.