Skyrim PS3 Dawnguard DLC given lifeline

By Alan Ng - Nov 8, 2012

Skyrim players on the PS3 have waited for weeks for some, any kind of clarification regarding DLC status for the PS3 version of Bethesda’s epic RPG. Today, we can finally bring you some positive news by confirming that Skyrim DLC is far from dead on the PS3 for the moment.

For weeks, PS3 players have had to endure complete silence from Bethesda, with frustration reaching fever pitch when a third DLC expansion was announced, for Xbox 360 only with no sign of a PS3 release. This came as a huge surprise, more so to PC users since Microsoft originally only had exclusivity for the first two expansions – now it looks like this may extend to a third though with Dragonborn.

While some may have been fearing that Skyrim was finished completely on the PS3, we now have some new hope to bring you, in the form of a very promising Twitter status update from Bethesda. The developer has finally rediscovered some basic communication skills and they have posted the following message as a crucial update for all PS3 members:

As you can see, it means that there is definitely some DLC content on the way for the PS3 version of the game. The immediate question here though, is whether Bethesda are specifically talking about Dragonborn only, or if the first Dawnguard content has been given a lifeline and will end up on the PS3 system after all.

We are hoping that it is all three pieces of content, so that we can finally draw a line under all of this mess and move on with the game having add-on content available for all three platforms with no hassle. Bethesda surely wants the same thing, but it still is a little bit hard to understand why the company couldn’t have sent out this kind of Tweet weeks ago.

It is a vague update, but at least it is something – that’s all PS3 owners ever asked for in return. As a PS3 user who has put many hours into Skyrim already, would you be satisfied if only Dragonborn ends up on the system, or are you still demanding that the Dawnguard content be fixed as a priority first?

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  • I will most likely not be purchasing the DLC unless it’s free. I refuse to be left in the dark for over 8 months while Microsoft is showered with expansions and us PS3 users are left here with nothing but silence. If Bethesda was a real life person, it’d have no friends, apart from the ones it bought.

  • annonymous person

    if they cant release it for ps3 they should not announce it at all until ps3 works

  • Nathan

    definately priority on dawnguard, that dlc looks awesme and desperately waiting for its release on ps3

  • Zach

    To be honest I have lost almost all interest in skyrim since all the new games have came out.

  • Odanell

    I will pay for all expansions for my Skyrim on my PS3. I can’t fix their inability to code DLCs for a platform they already built their game on but I will keep my PS3 and will just stop buying their games if they don’t run on the PS3. I love Skyrim but I love my PS3s more. I have 2 PS3s.

  • deadric lord

    my skyrim on ps3 never crashes n has no bugs must be everyone elses systems but i got no problem with the games they made n they will bring all add ons to ps3 n pc they did with the other games so every sould just wait cuz it will be worth it. will be in next few months at least

  • Magus

    This says “new content” is coming, it doesn’t say DLC, this could be a patch for all we know! Why did you have to word it that way Bethesda?! So when it does turn out to be a patch you have a backup? “See, look it says new content, not dlc” I can already see it happening now…

  • Hearthfire seems pointless, I’d be happy if they’d not bother with that one to get the proper dlc working better.

  • Ike

    id still want all three not just dragonborn. if xbox can have them, why not us? it would just be unfair.

  • If it took them 5 months to get close to finishing the FIRST ps3 dlc for Skyrim, who the hell know when they will ACTUALLY finish it… and also when will they finish the other ones…

  • mitchp1112

    I don’t see how they can take so long to port a game, other games have it instantly at the same time as Xbox and PC…

  • Larouge

    Honestly… I don’t even really care about Dawnguard anymore. I wish I did, but it’s just taken far too long for me to worry. However, I am a little hopeful that any future PS3 DLCs will be amazing and they will *hopefully* discount Dawnguard & Hearthfire if they are ever available. If they’d keep updating us and really explain what the issue is, then I would more than satisfied and willing to wait. A tight lipped company isn’t going to make any friends from pissed off gamers.

    • blob the bob

      I agree 100% if they said more half of the pissed off gamers wouldn’t have been pissed off

    • Lee

      I think pissed off is the understatement of the year

  • JCore83

    hey my skyrim worked fine never crashed ever and i have a ps3 they should atleast make dawnguard 10 bucks and hearthfire for free cuz its such a small dlc

    • Dan

      Agreed. If they bundled 2gether DawnGuard and Hearthfire at a greatly reduced price for all the aggro/lies they’ve given us then it wud calm down most of us they have really pissed off with their attitude towards PS3 owners!

  • no1

    I’ll be so pissed if this is an software update…

  • sir1

    I don’t understand what was so hard about keeping us updated. But you did it now, after two months! Congrats.

  • Snakester

    Just as long as it’s not horse armor

  • It’s nice to see another lie leave their lips.
    What we will get, based on every..single..Bethesda..release to DATE on ALL platforms, will be a bugged, costly thing. I can’t say that it sounds like the premium addition as they’re stating PS3 and PC platforms so it can only be the Dragonborn on as Xbox and pc have all the others.

    I would REALLY like to have the Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC’s instead offered for free, but as I’m not going to touch whatever they’re offering anyway, it could be a Gold plated Sweetroll for all it matters.

    They’ve lied, been deseatful, given a wall of silence and now expect to win back customers with 1 item.

    Bethesda lost my business when they chose deseat over communication and investing in my system enough to back up releasing software for it.

    You will only get my distrust and avoidance.

    I’m no one special. Nothing big or flash. Don’t have much money so my business won’t effect you in the slightest, but your treatment of myself has effected me.

    I found out 3 months ago that at the age of 31 years old, I am unlikely to live to see 32. You didn’t have to lie to me but you did and I believed in your company when I had little else to trust in.

    You get nothing but empty space and one less customer.

    • blob the bob

      btw not to sound like your parent but it is deceitful, just saying

    • john :)

      I just got extremely depressed, play AC3 its full of flavor and surely to take your mind off skyrim

    • Angryps3gamer

      My hands were literally shaking while typing this… They took your trust and smashed it to pieces.

      My hatred for Bethesda has grown even more…

  • rich

    dawngaurd first, the many wepons and spells will be nice enough to hold many ps3 skyrim users off, until the others like hearthfire arrive to ps3

  • BAproLP

    I want to play all of the three DLC’s, not only Dragonborn… but I’m happy about this information for now^^

  • Hybrid_Sausage

    Does anyone actually care anymore? Most people have moved on from Skyrim on PS3 now, with AC3, BLOPS 2 etc coming out, and Pc players have endless mods to play around with. Had Bethesda released the DLC’s months ago, I would have been interested, but now I just don’t care.
    Also, take care people. The tweet just says new “content”, not specifically DLC. It could just mean patches, or even just the premium edition waste of money they have announced.

  • Balloo

    Having played every title on release from Arena onwards (even the much forgotten Redguard). I don’t dare think of the hours I have dedicated to the Elder scroll series. I am truly sorry to see what has become of the title, it went from being something that was at the forefront of geek speak discussion to something that is usually spoken off with disdain (glitches, DLC, updates, dragon’s flying backwards!.

    I moved across to the original X-Box from PC due to ease of game play at the time. I was slightly disheartened with the lack of expansion the PC enabled you to have but the X-Box’s plug and play and half decent gfx made up for this in my eyes.

    I sold my 360 to go with the PS3 due to built in Blu-Ray etc and the fact that I could continue the series on this platform. If I had known how badly Bethesda would hash the whole DLC saga I would have stayed with PC/Xbox.

    Pretty much shot them selves in the foot now, any fan of the game will know not to buy the PS3 release as your going to be left to one side compared to other platforms. Who ever is doing their PR needs to be shot (with a big bloody arrow!) in the knee!

  • I sincerely hope the Bethesda are giving ps3 dragon born. If its a belated dawnguard, what’s the point? It’s not fresh to us as we’ve seen it on gaming sites and mags for months. We want dragon born. The new enemies, weapons/armour, not to mention solstheim and it’s new locations, appear way more filled out than dawnguard. That’s not to say i wouldn’t get dawnguard, but only if it’s released with hearth fire and dragon born. No hand-me-downs of dg or hf. All of it plz.

    P.s. thanks to Beth for finally piping up with something.

  • Jimmy

    Way too late now! I am not going to spend another penny on Bethesda after how they have mistreated and insulted their PC and PlayStation customers as though they get second best. They should work on getting all the current DLC on all the other platforms before making any more for Xbox. At the end of the day we all payed the same price so surely we all deserve the same treatment. But I guess they’ve got their head too far up Micro$oft$ arse to care about their other customers!

  • lelouch

    We will have to wait to see it we should be causation because Bethesda has let down the ps3 fans maybe they are learning from this bad press means bad sales in the future. But if I buy any games from Bethesda I going to wait for goty edition to avoid another mess like this like I said before Bethesda has a long ways to go to be forgiven for this mess and Bethesda has longs ways to go before fans come back to them. They will be paying the price in future sales and fans still dont get your hopes up because of tweet that we are close to having DLC on the ps3 when I see it on PSN Network then I will believe it.

  • Skyrimps3player

    Face it people bethesda are performing another oblivion. They did the same with oblivion on ps3 remember where we only got 2 of like 5 dlcs like a year later after they were released execpt this time we’ll be lucky enough to even get a single one this time.

    • senator476ad

      To be fair, Oblivion released on XBox before PS3 was even out…Fallout 3 is a far better example

  • Bumpyknuckls

    What I find interesting is the fact that the tweet came from the official Bethesda account and not Pete Hines. What’s up? Is he out of the picture? Why hasnt Bethesda relayed the info to us this way all along instead of their inept PR troll?

    • senator476ad

      Hines has been on vacation, if I am reading his tweets right

      • Kim

        Hines has been on vacation for almost a year now. At least. 🙂

  • :::Stops performing the Black Sacrament::: thinks to self… “for now, dear Bethesda, for now:::

    • Pronk19

      LOL! that definitely made me laugh

    • Lucien Lachance

      How… disappointing. And we were just about to visit you too. Sithis hungers for souls.
      Still, Bethesda will surely fail you – fail us all – again, and I have little doubt the ritual will be completed before too long.
      We shall speak soon, my child.

    • Slop Williams

      You can resume now, it’s been a good 16 days since the tweet. I think “close” to Bethesda means “somewhere within the lifetime of a sea turtle.

  • casper13rocks

    theres nothing promising at all it a vauge coment with no information it’s only been said to try and shut ppl up only thing that will show promis is an actul confermation for ps3 content you can bet pc will get dragonborn and ps3 users again will be left hanging you waight and see

    • BrianRommel

      I have a cowboy hat to send you if your wrong I’ll throw in some BBQ sauce.

      • That Guy

        BrianRommel, your comment is the best comment I have ever seen.

  • Bethesda is a company that never wants to improve. I’m truly afraid to buy their next game due to the mess they have made because of their lack of concern for their products. Every time I walk past a game shelve and see the word “Bethesda” stamped on a box, I avoid it instinctively. I want to enjoy a game after work and all I got was more agony from Bethesda.

    • Agreed Bro I felt the same way with you

    • Kaden101

      Also agreed. It took 3 months after buying the damn thing before I could even play Skyrim. It crashed so often that I just gave it up as a bad job. Wish I’d never bought the thing, & I won’t be buying the next Elder Scrolls game. I will also be avoiding any Bethseda developed games without waiting a few months to see what happens, & even then I’ll probably buy pre-owned.

      Couldn’t give a monkeys about the DLC though, I finally traded it in, should have got rid of it when it was worth more.

      • Yep , and if dragonborn actually come out i bet they are full with Bugs like Always Especially PS3 i’m sick of it even though we get it but we have to deal with bugs again im not gonna let this game disappoint me im gonna move on to other thing that can give me back those feeling when you Actually play ” GAME ” you know Not ” Half a game ” Like Bethesda Product .

  • Tyler

    This is very promising news to me at least. I was beginning to lose faith in Bethesda altogether and honestly, this is all I wanted from the beginning was a little bit of an update. However vague the post is, it still gives me hope that Bethesda hasn’t put a middle finger up to the Sony users completely.

  • Ray

    I would be extremely unsatisfied with that. Many loyal to Elder Scrolls play it on the PC and the PS3. and these loyal fans are getting frustrated hearing people with an xbox go on about how awesome the new dlc for skyrim is. They should release it to all systems and stop being such money hungry corporate tycoons.

    • BrianRommel

      They did release it on Pc too The only reason it’s not on ps3 currently is has to do with technical issues specially bottlenecking on the Ps3.

    • Matt

      I agree they should release the DLC’s on all the systems. I’m a PS3 user and I have played 3 of the Elder Scrolls games. I’m a loyal Fan of it. I like the games and hopefully all the DLC’s will come out for the PS3. I really don’t want to get Skyrim on PC just for the add-ons. That would be a waste of money for me. so I’m still going to
      play Skyrim but Bethesda is going to have to get the stuff together

  • :C

    at least something is coming, but now i dont have money. Halo, COD, and some other recent releases ….