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iPad 4 benchmarks put rivals to shame

If you are planning to pick up the new Apple iPad 4 and are interested to checking out a few benchmark results first, we have just the analysis you are looking for. A new study has been compiled, concluding that the iPad 4 can clearly hold its own against a collection of rival products on the market.

If benchmark tests are really important to you before splashing the cash on a product, you will definitely appreciate the detailed analysis on the iPad 4 that is now available for viewing courtesy of AnandTech.

In a total of twelve different benchmark tests, the study has concluded that the iPad 4 has come out on top in every single benchmark minus one, with the new A6X processor put to the test against the likes of the iPad 3 and Google Nexus 10, and also a range of top smartphones as well such as the Nexus 4, iPhone 5, HTC One X and Galaxy S3.

Apple had claimed at their recent iPad event that their new iPad 4 offers double the processing power of that seen in the iPad 3, which sadly has now been discontinued. Based on all of the results seen in the tests, Apple were not exaggerating and it is pretty impressive that the device has come out on top against all these different devices.

Is the A6X chip really that good though? In one particular test, we saw the iPad 4 go up against the rest in a GL Benchmark Frames Per Second analysis using ‘Egypt HD’. The iPad 4 was top with a score of 41.9, while the closest challenger was the iPhone 5 on 39, followed by the LG Optimus G on 37.5 – for those wondering, the Nexus 10 was in 5th place with a score of 25.9, while the Nexus 4 smartphone was further down the chart with a score of 25.6.

Let us know what priority you give to benchmark tests. Do they really factor in the decision making process for you or not so much?



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