iOS 6 untethered jailbreak wait equals iPhone 5 deserters

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 8, 2012

There are a number of people worth following on certain social channels when it comes to news about an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak, and especially if you’re an iPhone 5 owner, but information about the progress of a working iOS 6 jailbreak has been pretty scarce over the last couple of weeks. We’ve also been hearing from a number of PR readers that are taking their upset with the lack of an iPhone 5 jailbreak to another level, and certain people are claiming they’re leaving Apple.

This seems strange at first considering the iOS 6 jailbreak is likely to come at some point, we should point out there’s a growing number of users that feel it will never arrive, and purchasing an iPhone is not cheap, so why leave for Android? After a closer look it boils down to freedom, and those people that want an iOS 6 jailbreak are after more freedom with their iPhone 5, 4/4S, or other iDevice. They try to justify the reason for leaving Apple is thanks to “a closed system that lacks the openness of Android“, and the reason they feel this way now is thanks to “waiting forever for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak“.

Desperation for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak at a new level – we should point out that the people trying to perform this task do so at the cost of their own time, and don’t take money. The Dev Team has pointed out to people before that they don’t want donations, and seasoned jailbreakers know that a number of services are trying to claim they have an iPhone 5 jailbreak when they don’t. It seems that some people are reaching such desperation that they are parting with cash, and we are yet to see anyone get what they paid for when it comes to an iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5.

We touched on the silence seen by pod2g a while ago, which is well over 2 weeks of silence on Twitter and pod2g last mentioned about the “closed circle” of people that get to see the failbreak. More than 350,000 people follow this so-called security researcher, so they’re certainly in demand and being watched by those that know there are only a select number of people capable of producing a working jailbreak.

Confidence in the Dev Team – we’ve also seen a lot of support for the Dev Team, and PR readers have commented with their opinion that the “Dev Team will come through if Apple closes all exploits“, although the future of jailbreaking is uncertain considering it might be made illegal in most countries in time. Some people state this could even push them towards Android’s more open system, but as always we’d always recommend people to undertake any jailbreaking at their own risk.

Do you think the ability to jailbreak an iPhone 5, or iOS 6 device, could hurt Apple? It seems strange to look at it this way considering what jailbreaking allows people to do, but this is the view some people have if Apple make it harder for users to open up their iOS devices. We also see that a number of users gave the iOS 6.0.1 update a miss considering the lack of details with the jailbreak.

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  • Mac-one

    Apple ur seriously making life hard making JB illegal. what the hell are we gonna be using the iphone 5 for with lots of restrictions? you obviously failed us and the Dev know our needs thats y they give us the freedom we want from the ios 6 devices

  • Windbrand

    The word “Apple” (the tech company) and open/freedom/liberal/hacking/user/choice doesn’t go in the same sentence.

  • woodedman

    i will shortly be selling my iphone 5 if it is announced that the devs will no longer be able to release a jailbreak! apple dont understand that jailbreaking is a comunity. hobbiest enjoy the challenge of customising their devices, we like the idea of not having limits. android isnt 100% open and still has its limits, but at least theres a few more options when it comes to customization. never thought id say it, but apple will loose a lot of custom, when they should have simply turned a blind eye!

  • Dr A

    ironic that the advert on this page is for pioneer, one of the companies whose in car bluetooth on many Car Head units is failing to correctly pair and has resulted in owners losing the ability to control their music on IOS6 and the iphone 5 via in car controls. I for one am prepared to jump ship if both the jailbreak and the in car entertainment aspect dont happen soon. Apple managed to make a lot of potential enemies this time around, When you factor in the lack of any response to the bluetooth issue it does not boost any confidence in the company at this time. A jailbreak would at least open the door for somebody to fix the issue without relying on apple.

  • Me

    So why did people update?

    • Emice6483

      By mistake or impulsive way that APPLE seem’s to control over his customers… lol

      • Emice6483

        Impulsive douchebag like me… lol

  • Markiew88

    Just to add as well, this will be my last iPad (3) and iPhone (4s). Apple are tossers and I don’t think we should be tied down to their crap.

  • Markiew88

    In respect to the jailbreakers doing this for no money: I always donate to these people and think they do a great job for us. Keep the donations going and it will come quicker. They shouldn’t have to do this for free.

  • KoukiDawg

    Lol the dev team is doing all this just for us, at no charge. Yet you people are still complaining? -______-

  • Jim

    Apple just has to look at Sony PSP, lock it down and make it unbreakable! And watch people look for the next best thing! Samsung

    • Apple4life@sjouwfeurtje

      There is also a crack for psp and playstation dud, it’s breakable

  • Rasil

    Who would want to ‘downgrade’ their iphone to a android
    It’s like having a house but living on the street
    The jailbreak WILL be out, soon enough, just have patience and faith.

  • Fedupapplefan

    Been playing with a Samsung S3 and found it much better to use than iphone. Yep IPhone has got boring an more so if we can’t jailbreak. When iPhone first came out it set the standard and was so fresh in design. Now it’s almost like Microsoft bringing out the same old Windows format year after year, with a few new bells & whistles. Your losing your Market Share Apple, phones like iPhone are two a penny now, you used to stand out from the crowd, now your just another phone in an already saturated market!

  • Air9116

    Yes it hurts Apple! I’ll take me for example. I’ve been waiting for the jailbreak to come out before I buy the 5. As far as I’m concerned why leave my 4s? So that’s money they are loosing.

  • market share

    Yes, it does hurt Apple. Just take a look at the market share of 3rd quarter 2012. Andriod dominated iOS.

  • asdfgh

    Hey The untethered Jailbreak is out it works only for iphones!!!!!

  • Jenny

    Just bought a S3. It is awesome. The jb for ios6 on a5 devices might be out in 2014. Lol. By then iPhone 5s will be out.

  • Pod2g

    Good luck waiting. All exploits have been closed by Apple.

    • KIng C

      Are you serious? I really hope not. We all appreciate the work you’ve done bro. But could you please jus do it once more for us. Ill never update my phone again. Ever!

      • Suck my d


  • James

    First of all if you are only buying an iPhone to jailbreak it why won’t you check first to see if there is a jailbreak before you waste money on a new iPhone that is exactly like the last one? People are dumb. And these hackers do make money….a lot of money. Cydia SELLS tweaks/apps. These companies pay jailbreakers to jailbreak the phone b/c if nobody has Cydia then Cyida tweak makers/companies can’t make profit. But at the same time it is hard for them to hack the system b/c Apple even hires hackers to help close some doors on any new IOS update, so give these guys a break. Impatient users just think it’s easy and there is a jailbreak button these guys push and WAHLAH! No it will take time. Apple will do whatever it takes to keep you from having a free phone although implementing a lot of regular tweaks into IOS would attract many customers. Jailbreak users know that a jailbroken iPhone SHITS on any Android. But iPhone users need to be patient and wait, it’s coming. And if you bought an iPhone 5 without making sure there was a sure jailbreak….you are just an IDIOT and deserve to suffer with your new $700 useless brick.

    • I think your the idiot. Even the paid tweaks are cracked and free in cydia

      • James

        Dude. There are some people who actually buy tweaks…actually a lot. Not everybody gets things just because they are free. A lot of customers despise pirating. There are ways to get any app for free without even a jailbroken phone and yet the App Store is still making tremendous profit. Not everybody steals, a lot of people do, but a lot of people also don’t.

        • Tangy

          Some people try before they buy, therefore it’s not theft..

        • Guest

          @754f33076f44a3805480ef7963499b43:disqus You right, We missing a lot with shareware… trying before get rid of money is worth the deal… Why if i don’t like the app and i already spent for the sh…t ?

        • Emice6483

          @754f33076f44a3805480ef7963499b43:disqus We missing a lot without shareware… Therefore trying before get rid of money is worth the deal… Why if i don’t like the app and i already spent on it ?

  • Midas

    What is ‘a number of users’ that you have counted?

    Just wondering

  • Skribbler

    Due to the lack of ios 6 untethered jailbreak i have often found myself wanting an android phone. And i think that is exactly what I am going to end up getting. Just an average android that i can root and have fun with while i wait for the long overdue jailbreak. I am never going to get rid of my iphone 5 for a GS3. If I did, I will only regret it in the end.

  • Amerikanzero

    All this talk from people about leaving Apple and going with Android just because they can’t “customize” their devices are idiots. The iOS operating system is by far superior to Android. I waited years before I made the switch, but am very happy I did. The lag time and system glitches on my old Droid X used to drive me crazy! The jailbreak WILL come in time and as they say, “Good things come to those who wait and all others switch to Android…

    …and eventually wish they didn’t.”

    • atxhornfan

      Jelly Bean is pretty smooth and reliable, bro. Android is getting it together. Still lacking in the games/apps department tho.

  • H

    if everyone used jailbroken iphones apple would struggle to exist!
    You probably only use them for jailbroken apps BUY THEM…

    • jriggz

      “if everyone used jailbroken iphones apple would struggle to exist!”

      Please explain your logic.

      Also, I jailbreak so I can have a scrollable dock and paging folders. I resent the implication that because I chose to customize a device which I purchased, I’m somehow a thief…

    • james

      Yeah because in order to use a jailbroken iPhone you have to have an iPhone so the sells of iPhones would go down and Apple would die….yeah that is amazing logic lol smh Jailbreaking an iPhone doesn’t just mean you get Apple App Store apps for free. Jailbroken phones open up abilities to do things with your phone that you can’t when it is not jailbroken. They mainly have TWEAKS because they tweak things in your phone. You rarely have actual apps

      • Okay James you can get any paid app for free idiot it’s called installous

        • James

          Duh but that’s not the only thing for a jailbreak. Not every person with a jailbreak uses installous idiot.

        • Rasil

          Shut up, mad kid

        • Jaytee

          The fact that u can get some apps for free is not really the point of jail breaking. It’s the fact u can use tweaks to customise ur phone. Bit of a daft comment to say this would cause apple to go bust. You have to own the phone and a talk plan which all plays into their hands. People put different alloys on their cars but BMW or VW et al doesn’t go bust!!

        • Emice6483

          @facebook-710231005:disqus sadly no everything are in Installous and even if you find IPA’s on the web they have to be CRACKED before to put in INSTALLOUS downloads folder…. CHEERS and wait my JB 6.0.1.

          Happiness it’s a journey not a destination… ;D

  • Wpleeder

    People should just be patient. I am personally waiting till after Xmas for an update. If u want to panic then go ahead and change or jus get an older iPhone and jailbreak again. iOS 6-6.0.1 will be jailbroken u jus need patience. Simple. But. It probly would be a gd idea to leave apple if there was a point where a jailbreak was not possible jus to give em something to think about lol

  • kg

    if you go on the google play website you can see that their app called go launcher is from the dev team. so to be able to customize my phone with themes and fonts and changing my Sms bubbles which the iphone wont let you freely do unless you jailbreak is awesome. I love how i can just download a couple apps at the google play store and my phone will have all i want without having to hassle on jailbreaking or even waiting for a jailbreak. bye iphone and hello s3.

  • kg

    lol this is hilarious because after my husband and i have had the iphone since the very first one came out we decided to switch to the android honestly the iphone is just boring now. We want more from a phone and with the iphone being so strict on things make it boring. We still love our apple products but just not the phone.

    • Rasil

      Seriously shut the hell up
      If you’re going to switch do it, no-one and I mean NO-ONE actually cares.


    I think Apple purposefully closing jailbreak exploits equates to shooting themselves in the foot. If I were in charge, I would make no mention of “jailbreaking” as it were, and just quietly allow each new version to be safely exploited. That way, Apple can still protect its uninformed user base that really does need protecting from the dangers of an open platform like Android, but still allow people like me to utilize the iPhone to its full potential.

    Boom. Genius.

    • Emice6483

      JB Also help Apple in some improvements… not that bad that JB finally… If JB wasn’t worth, the actual IPHONE will not be as well…


    we bought iphone because of JB..then it seems failing to come.. not to blame anybody but just frust for buying it & we ended up by switching to android.. & now we r happy not as back there.. hahaa

    • Emice6483

      @679582ef2050f0c75866eab15ba2a7cc:disqus It’s a war of preferences not of specs…

  • Shaggy

    I’ve decided to make the switch to android. We shouldn’t have to wait for a jb to experience customization. I do appreciate what these hackers do and how they do not charge ever. But Apple is going to lose a good chunk of customers at this rate.

    • James

      No they are not. Because as soon as they announce they are coming out with an iPhone 5s or 6 with nothing but useless/remixed features, a bunch of idiots are going to be running to Apple. Even the so called “Android converters” like yourself. Apple has some stupid control over the electronic illiterates.

  • Capt. Stabbin

    I’m keeping my trusty ol’ iphone 4 running ios 511 for as long as possible, If Apple does make it illegal or impossible to jailbreak the new devices I will eventually head back to Android. I think it would take a huge number of people to boycott Apple before they took notice. Hopefully the Dev Team will be able to crack it, I have faith in their abilities.

  • pratik

    i have i phone 4 and i have upgrade it to ios6 so i want to jailbreak it because without it no apps are working in my phone they are showing paid up apps so thats why i wanna jail break my i phone so i wana knw tht when it is gng to cum

  • Cantenna

    Need openvpn. Only reason to jailbreak

  • I’m going to explode soon. Bought my first iPhone after years of being a spec-jealous iPod Touch user.. It had been out for a while, and in my experience jailbreaks *maybe* take a week or two to come out, so I figured there was one. I patiently waited, and became more and more frustrated – my iPhone is barely usable wihout a jailbreak – most of the things that I enjoy about the iOS platform are when it’s opened up to me.. I spent $900 for an iPhone 5 and a security deposit, and am paying Sprint monthly – I am becoming pissed off. Why? It would be one thing if they honestly couldn’t manage a jailbreak, but they all have *their* units done, and are withholding it in the interest of future use of exploits. I think that at this point, they should bite the bullet and “spend” one on the tethered jailbreak..

    • CalmDown

      The Dev Team have worked countless hours, donation-free, to provide you with jailbreaks in the past. Have they asked for your money? No. Have you paid them a cent? No. So you have absolutely no right to tell them to waste potential future exploits for your immediate gratification simply because YOU made the choice of purchasing an iPhone 5. Why won’t they release their failbreak? You need a developer account to achieve the jailbreak, and by acquiring a developer account you agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement which prevents them from legally using their methods. And even if they DO have exploits capable of legally jailbreaking an iPhone 5 they have no obligation to release it to the public. I suggest you stop whining and be grateful for their hard work.


      • In no way did I demand anything from anyone – all I did was state my opinion of what they should do. I also complained about the whole scenario; my frustration does not equate to being some kind of entitled, immature jackass. I also did not target some “blame” toward the devs *or * Apple for the lack of a jailbreak.

        Don’t read things that aren’t there and implicate that I’m immaturely getting butthurt about this. Perhaps you need to stop treating the dev team as some sort of pantheon, either way. A criticism of their methods and decisions isn’t some kind of blasphemy or treason.

    • james

      Honestly you are beyond an idiot. Not only do you dish out $900 for an iPhone that is no different from the 4/4s…ohh wait a bigger screen *Ohhhh Awwww*, but you did it without checking for a jailbreak. Educate yourself. APPLE DOES NOT SELL iPHONES SO YOU CAN JAILBREAK THEM. Of course they will do anything and everything to keep you from doing that, and you thought with this iPhone 5 that they were just going to not care about that? Idiot. And now you basically demanding that they release a failbreak so when you use it and it is buggy you will complain to them for not releasing a proper jailbreak? It’s dumb customers like you that Apple targets lol and guess what? Be patient dude.

      • I upgraded from an iPod Touch 4G, which is very different from an iPhone 5 *or* an iPhone 4/4s. I am in no way an idiot, and in no way did I demand anything from anyone – all I did was state my opinion of what they should do. I also complained about the whole scenario; my frustration does not equate to being some kind of entitled, immature jackass.

        Read more carefully before you idly fling insults.

  • unfortunately I am considering leaving apple as well, i did make the mistake of upgrading to iOS 6 and i have had android before and as of now id have a lot more freedom with them. so if i don’t see a jailbreak soon, i may be getting the galaxy s III

    • asif

      me too

    • james

      Why not just downgrade to 5.1.1 or lower and jailbreak that and wait till iOS 6 has a jailbreak?

  • FedupAppleFan

    Ardent Apple fan. Totally let down by iPhone 5. Fed up with waiting for JB to make the phone do what it shud do in the 1st place! Couple that with if they make JB illegal. Err no brainer, upgrading soon so Samsung Galaxy it will be. Thank you for all the work Jail breakers have done. Bye bye Apple.

    • james

      Yeah right you and a bunch of other lames will be lining up outside stores as soon as they put out a 5s or 6 or something. lol be quiet

  • Mike

    The ability to jailbreak increases apple product sales.

  • Bryan Burton

    I have updated to the Iphone 5 and am happy to wait for the jailbreak. If there are people that are going to switch to the Android phone or windows phone because they were going to change anyway.

  • Gangster

    People are waiting u should know

  • Gangster

    Come on dev team and jeff

  • Gangster

    We want jailbreak for iPhone 5 can not wait do we up date yes or no we want to know

  • Scooby Doo

    I can see a lot of people switching to android really soon anyway if apple is closing most exploits I have an iPhone 4S running 6.0 and have been reading EVERY news article about the jailbreak wating for some new information despite none has yet to come :/………. #1 comment wooooo!

    • akshay

      same here bro..

      • Muahaha

        same. if Apple implemented the most useful jailbreak tweaks, they wouldn’t lose their users.

    • roTUN x

      i dont know why you are complaining, or disappointed. you should of stayed on 5.1.1 till it came out, like a normal person.

      • Apple4life@sjouwfeurtje

        There just a bounce of dumb people for updating to ios 6.
        Can’t downgrade if you have a iphone 4 s. You stuck on it, hihihi

        Read people read before you thinking about an update.
        Google and iphone forum are your friends, they tell you what or what not to do.
        You got people and dumb ass people, hihihi

    • Neo

      +1.. come next cycle apple will loose me, im just about done myself.