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iOS 6 untethered jailbreak wait equals iPhone 5 deserters

There are a number of people worth following on certain social channels when it comes to news about an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak, and especially if you’re an iPhone 5 owner, but information about the progress of a working iOS 6 jailbreak has been pretty scarce over the last couple of weeks. We’ve also been hearing from a number of PR readers that are taking their upset with the lack of an iPhone 5 jailbreak to another level, and certain people are claiming they’re leaving Apple.

This seems strange at first considering the iOS 6 jailbreak is likely to come at some point, we should point out there’s a growing number of users that feel it will never arrive, and purchasing an iPhone is not cheap, so why leave for Android? After a closer look it boils down to freedom, and those people that want an iOS 6 jailbreak are after more freedom with their iPhone 5, 4/4S, or other iDevice. They try to justify the reason for leaving Apple is thanks to “a closed system that lacks the openness of Android“, and the reason they feel this way now is thanks to “waiting forever for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak“.

Desperation for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak at a new level – we should point out that the people trying to perform this task do so at the cost of their own time, and don’t take money. The Dev Team has pointed out to people before that they don’t want donations, and seasoned jailbreakers know that a number of services are trying to claim they have an iPhone 5 jailbreak when they don’t. It seems that some people are reaching such desperation that they are parting with cash, and we are yet to see anyone get what they paid for when it comes to an iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5.

We touched on the silence seen by pod2g a while ago, which is well over 2 weeks of silence on Twitter and pod2g last mentioned about the “closed circle” of people that get to see the failbreak. More than 350,000 people follow this so-called security researcher, so they’re certainly in demand and being watched by those that know there are only a select number of people capable of producing a working jailbreak.

Confidence in the Dev Team – we’ve also seen a lot of support for the Dev Team, and PR readers have commented with their opinion that the “Dev Team will come through if Apple closes all exploits“, although the future of jailbreaking is uncertain considering it might be made illegal in most countries in time. Some people state this could even push them towards Android’s more open system, but as always we’d always recommend people to undertake any jailbreaking at their own risk.

Do you think the ability to jailbreak an iPhone 5, or iOS 6 device, could hurt Apple? It seems strange to look at it this way considering what jailbreaking allows people to do, but this is the view some people have if Apple make it harder for users to open up their iOS devices. We also see that a number of users gave the iOS 6.0.1 update a miss considering the lack of details with the jailbreak.



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