GTA V protagonist visual sparks debate

By Alan Ng - Nov 8, 2012

With just hours to go until the world premiere reveal of GTA 5 inside this month’s issue of Game Informer magazine, something big has slipped out within the last 24 hours. A new, official image of the game has shown up, appearing to show the main GTA V protagonist on a jetski.

As far as we were aware, Game Informer were expected to be the first publication to have any sort of reveal on GTA 5 due to a prior arrangement between themselves and Rockstar. However, a new GTA V spread has been discovered inside the latest copy of Shortlist magazine and it reveals one new screenshot that previously hasn’t been seen and definitely not released from Rockstar yet.

We see a middle aged man, appearing to be in the midst of a police chase in the water. He’s on a jetski armed with an uzi and it definitely looks like the same person we saw sitting on a quad bike – one of the official screenshots that Rockstar released recently.

Along with the new screenshot, we can tell you that a portion of the accompanying text gives this juicy hint about the main character in the game: ‘The protagonist is an East Coast gangster who moved there for a fresh start.’

Considering that this text is located next to this man on the jetski, is it safe to assume that the person we see here and before on the quad bike picture, is the main character in GTA V? His appearance probably suits a bad guy though we have to say, so it will be interesting if this guy really is our hero.

We can also tell you that this mystery man is going to be featured in the GTA V trailer 2, which Rockstar has now revealed will go live on the new revised release date of November 14. Let us know what you think of this new image and if you believe that he is the main protagonist in the game, or if he is better suited to actually be the antagonist.

[same man in this official teaser from Rockstar]

Has Rockstar secretly already revealed to us who the main character is?

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  • Goddamn it yall the dude’s named Trevor he’s one of the main protagonist in this game…

  • Yash

    There are three main playable characters in GTA5. This guy Trevor is one of them, along with Michael (guy from the trailer) and Franklin (black dude from the trailer)! 🙂

  • I’m telling you know, this guy is going to be quirky as F*** – think Jack Nicholson in one flew over the cuckoos nest, he’s going to be mad and quirky… a bit like Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice, that sort of thing…. watch this space 🙂

  • Cmcmhtcmhtfjy

    Los santos i ask you i bet i looks like such a dump 3rd world country.


    3 protagonists in gta v!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    idc what the character looks like, as long as the games good

  • Dunksgaz

    I don’t want to play as a middle aged guy, wouldn’t a younger guy in his twenties be better. Someone who can start in the ghetto with the gangs and rise up to be massively rich hanging with celebrities?

    • Dawid Bartel

      ummm… RETURN to the life of crime? did you notice the keyword? “return”?

  • Santos

    If this is the main character then rockstar dropped the ball on this one but am hopping it not and i get to play as the hispanic guy

  • pete

    If you ask me he looks a lot like the guy from the start of trailer 1, only in the trailer he seems to have reached the end of his story and looks a bit more straight cut

  • Egotisti_Cal

    He’s someone you work with. If you seen a picture of Little Jacob shooting from a vehicle, it wouldn’t be anything major.

    • Dawid Bartel

      People say that because R* said there will be more than 1 playable character…right?

  • SmartAss

    Can no one remember GTA IV artwork? Remember, the girl sucking the lolly pop, the black guys in the bar, the random cops etc…

    None of these were playable characters, why does every poster need to be of a character?!


  • dg13

    looks a bit like tony cipriani

  • John III

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Jack Nicholson here?! Well on the Jetski atleast…

  • The Yes Guy

    Just Hope this isn’t Tommy Vercetti..!!

  • Brian Powers

    What a bunch of racist a-holes posting comments. Who cares if the main character is a “redneck”? Does being a white man on a 4-wheeler automatically make you dumb and shallow? And GTA Alabama would be bad? I loved all of the GTA games, and I didn’t care whether the character was black, white or brown. Who cares whether the main character is “ugly” or “good looking.” Seriously, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are what is wrong with this country.

    • Ben

      I just need a character that I think would fit the bill. He sure isn’t it.

    • Whostine

      rednecks are a race?

  • the good guy

    i think is character selection basically they have a black guy a girl with the phone a redneck and a middle aged man with a family kinda sounds like there could be a select able option but i could be way off

  • davethebiker

    looks kinda like a balding johnny knoxville on the quadbike…

  • wow

    I seriously hope this guy is not the main character. Niko was bad enough (sorry) but he wasn’t an old redneck pedophile and still had values of his own. I really really hope this isn’t true and I hope this redneck is one of the bad guys you kill in the last mission

    • Dawid Bartel


  • woop

    whats next gta Alabama

  • jimmy

    i hope its fake i dont wanna be no ol white man

    • Dawid Bartel

      Jimmy Saville? is that you? …

  • Jon Baker

    haha this guy looks like a child molester

  • megadaz

    where can i see the exclusive content from game informer without paying to subscribe to the magazine im guessing it will be all over the net but just checking

  • Yeeeahhh

    This definitely isn’t the protagonist. So far we’ve been given several pictures of the old white guy and the young black/Hispanic guy. I will bet that those two will be the protagonist and that this guy will be a secondary or primary antagonist.

  • Faizi

    i don’t think the guy in the image can ever can be a protagonist! or i’d hate to see him as one in GTA V atleast!

  • Stewart

    another “leak”? guys, why do you not see this is fake?

    leaks are going to be more common now due to the recent pest control images giving people an idea as to how the artwork is drawn.

    anyway, can’t you see that this is simply Tommy Vercetti (or w/e it was) from GTA: VC just drawn in GTA V style and put in GTA V style situations.

    look, there’s going to be a LOT of trolls out there until about 4PM GMT or 11AM NYT so basically, relax. there have been NO leaks and i can assure you that this, as are the others, is fan art NOT real art.

    basically, believe nothing until the GI mag.

    • Yeeaahhh

      Yeah so that’s why the “leaked” artwork of the woman getting arrested, this guy on the quad, and the black guy with a dog are all being used for official promotional materials by rockstar.

      • Dawid Bartel

        So true right. I got a GAME store in the shopping centre and you can pre-order GTAV..why is that artwork there then? What a schmuck lol

    • Anthony

      Tommy Vercetti? are you sure you even played GTA:VC.

      It looks nothing like him. I have the magazine with this image in it. douche

  • mfkk

    also looks like the guy in the docks screenshot!

  • Vester

    I PRAY THAT THIS IS NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER. Some ugly as dude. NOW WAY looks like a freaking cattle herder from RDR. PLEASE NO! I’M NOT TAKING THIS GUY TO THE GYM AT MUSCLE BEACH.

    • Uchiha Madara

      So you thought niko was sexy?

      • Niko

        dis is my cousin, roman

        • Dawid Bartel

          I lol’d

    • Dawid Bartel

      hahah lol

  • gtaVhero


  • RYan

    Considering the other screenshots have other characters, i’m going to be smarter than the average GTA V article writer and believe nothing until it’s released tomorrow.

    • FaizanAliNaqvi


  • woop

    no one want to be a red neck like that bloke

    • NgTurbo

      Ha ha.

  • “East Side Gangster” I think we can safely assume that is not the gangster from east side lol What this possibly suggests to be is another playable character. Looks more like a redneck.

    • RandomKidd

      lol well Florida is technically East Coast, but It’s down south as well and they have A LOT of red necks soooo..