GTA V protagonist visual sparks debate

With just hours to go until the world premiere reveal of GTA 5 inside this month’s issue of Game Informer magazine, something big has slipped out within the last 24 hours. A new, official image of the game has shown up, appearing to show the main GTA V protagonist on a jetski.

As far as we were aware, Game Informer were expected to be the first publication to have any sort of reveal on GTA 5 due to a prior arrangement between themselves and Rockstar. However, a new GTA V spread has been discovered inside the latest copy of Shortlist magazine and it reveals one new screenshot that previously hasn’t been seen and definitely not released from Rockstar yet.

We see a middle aged man, appearing to be in the midst of a police chase in the water. He’s on a jetski armed with an uzi and it definitely looks like the same person we saw sitting on a quad bike – one of the official screenshots that Rockstar released recently.

Along with the new screenshot, we can tell you that a portion of the accompanying text gives this juicy hint about the main character in the game: ‘The protagonist is an East Coast gangster who moved there for a fresh start.’

Considering that this text is located next to this man on the jetski, is it safe to assume that the person we see here and before on the quad bike picture, is the main character in GTA V? His appearance probably suits a bad guy though we have to say, so it will be interesting if this guy really is our hero.

We can also tell you that this mystery man is going to be featured in the GTA V trailer 2, which Rockstar has now revealed will go live on the new revised release date of November 14. Let us know what you think of this new image and if you believe that he is the main protagonist in the game, or if he is better suited to actually be the antagonist.

[same man in this official teaser from Rockstar]

Has Rockstar secretly already revealed to us who the main character is?



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