HTC Droid DNA, the Incredible on steroids

By Alan Ng - Nov 7, 2012

HTC has seemingly been out of action in recent months, as Samsung has amassed a huge boost after successful launches for the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. While the Rezound was a very capable smartphone, the rumored HTC Droid DNA may just be the HTC smartphone that fans have been waiting for.

The Droid DNA has actually been lurking in the shadows for quite some time it seems. Hints have been popping up all over the place and we’ve just heard that the official announcement date for the device could be on November 13 – the very exact date that a certain Nexus device from Google will go on sale as well.

If you haven’t heard any specification details for the DNA yet, we can tell you that it looks like a beast on paper. Features are said to include a 5-inch 1080p display, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, a very pleasing 2GB of RAM and wait for it – 4G LTE support as well. There is no mention of wireless charging yet like the Nexus 4, but there will be an impressive looking 2MP front-camera joining a 8MP shooter on the back.

Official invitations are now being sent out by HTC, as you can see in the image above – confirming the November 13 date. The start time will be 11am in New York City – so far no sign of cancellations, which is good. The theme of the poster is very ‘Droid like’ it has to be said as well, so we would really be surprised at this point if this doesn’t turn out to be the Droid DNA.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the DNA will be an Android 4.2 handset out of the box, but it certainly will be rocking Android 4.1.1, so that will be good enough for most – Ice Cream Sandwich would have been plain embarrassing. The RAZR family seem to have had their spotlight now, so it definitely feels like a great time to introduce the next Droid just before the busy holiday season.

What are your initial impressions of the Droid DNA? Would you opt for this ahead of the Note 2 and Nexus 4, purely because it’s a HTC device? On a side note, take a clear look at the device below thanks to an apparent official render. It looks like a HTC Incredible on steroids in our opinion – not that this is a bad thing, since that was a great handset back in the day.

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  • Tony Perez

    I currently own the HTC Rezound, my first smartphone from HTC. I like the Rezound’s build quality and performance! I can only imagine the “Droid DNA” will be spectacular! One thing I’ve noticed in recent Motorola and Samsung handsets is their screen’s don’t look at white as they could. The other’s have a greenish hue to them that I hear may be a result of using Gorilla Glass (R) or some other form of glass that causes this effect on the screen but I haven’t had an issue with the glass or the screen quality on HTC Handsets. Both my wife and daughter got the HTC Thunderbolt and while the resolution isn’t that of the Rezound, all three handsets have excellent displays including the whitest whites to rival anything Apple puts out. Does anyone know if the DNA will be on Verizon?

  • pstu

    I still have the original Incredible, bought when it first came out. It still works fine except for occasional low space indicator and reboots. I’ve been watching and waiting for this for some time. Will wait and see it up against S3 and Note2

  • HTC are done. The last HTC I had was the HTC Hero, this was a frustrating experience and no updates. I swore that I would never get another HTC again. Now after 18 months with an iphone 4 im back to Android with a truly amazing Samsung galaxy note 2!

    • Salutary Neglect

      It’s a bit naive to think that the HTC of two years ago is the same HTC as now.

      • I have been with HTC since the Eris. I kept telling myself that “they will update this phone for sure” when I had it.
        Then when I had the Thunderbolt I told myself “This is the one phone that will HTC will support for sure”
        Then I upgraded to the Rezound “Ah, the Thunderbolt the way it should have been made- they will keep up to date with this bad boy no doubt”
        3 times I have been let down…
        Seems like HTC of two years ago was better than HTC of today.