GTA V specifics remain elusive

By Alan Ng - Nov 7, 2012

If you read the recent GTA 5 leak details and assumed that they were legit, we have some more light to shed on this for you. As most of you are aware, those leaked detailed were apparently based off the Game Informer reveal on November 8, but we’ve since heard from one of their editors, that the information is completely bogus.

Head back to our initial report here if you didn’t catch the leak the first time around. Basically a forum member had posted a collection of new information about the game, stating that you would be playing as 42 year old Albert De Silva and also a younger man called Dougie Vejo.

While the information may have seemed accurate at first glance, the authenticity of the details has now been put into major doubt. Matt Bertz from Game Informer has put the record straight on his Twitter account, to say that the information is all fake – on numerous occasions.

We will obviously find out the answer for ourselves on Thursday when the Game Informer feature goes up, but some skeptics have also said that Game Informer has to deny the details at all costs anyway, so that they don’t get in trouble with Rockstar over potential Game Informer issues reaching some consumers early.

It now means that information such as ‘Grove street makes a return’ is now being questioned by fans once again, although we do hope that the leak which references three mini games (golf, surfing and tennis) remains true, as GTA mini games have become accustomed to the series now – the more the better we say.

Are you disappointed that another Grand Theft Auto 5 leak has been shot down? Read through the list of leaked items here and let us know which ones you really hoped would be true. Do you think there is any chance that it still could be legit information, despite Game Informer’s claims that it isn’t?

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  • FreddyUnderwood

    Of course they would deny it.. would you admit that someone leaked info to rockstar games? it’d be off with ya head. Well ya moneys head anyways haha

  • Hbvcxfgh

    Shut up, please just shut up with these pointless articles!

  • Dymez

    Man, I said it on the original post, those so called “details” that were “leaked” were so sketchy, it was almost comical people could believe it. I didn’t even break it all the way down, I just stated the most obvious at that time. As far as what WILL be in the game from what the phony leaker posted, there are some. They’re pretty obvious, as well:

    -Golf and Tennis mini-games; the official trailer and screenshots from Rockstar basically revealed as much. Surfing is a really big stretch. Rockstar will have to had built-in an amazing water dynamic in their RAGE engine. Not saying they can’t do it. It’s just highly unlikely. GTA VI on the next generation of consoles, maybe, we’ll see.

    -Los Santos is the main city, surrounded by small towns and etc. Yes, that’s definitely the case. Rockstar said as much.

    -Property buying is back. I’m not saying it definitely will, but the trailer indicated that with the “For Sale” sign in front of a house. It’s plausible.

    -You also play as “Dougie Vejo.” The guy’s name isn’t going to be Dougie Vejo, that’s for sure, but I do believe the character that the “leaker” assigned that name to will most certainly be playable. There won’t be any, “‘press the back button’ and viola, you’re him” thing going on, though. At some point during the game, you’ll have to switch — maybe the old man dies and the young thug takes over. They’re definitely both playable characters; the official trailer and screenshots released by Rockstar are from 100% in-game footage.

    At the end of the day, the wait is only hours, now. By this time tomorrow, Game Informer’s December issue would have already been uploaded and online for 6 hours. Which means the magazine is only 18 hours away from everyone’s iPhone, iPad, Android, Laptop, Desktop, and Tablet screens. Everyone, enjoy your day, have a good night’s sleep, and wake up to some REAL news tomorrow morning.


    I like how Rockstar don’t tell us much about this game. This way , when we get the game , it’s going to be un – spoiled and amazing!

  • ladzofinsurrection

    Thank god for that! i was hoping that info was not true, so now i can expect the unexpected from December’s issue of GI on GTA V! 😀 April-May, 2013, that eases the pain of not knowing….

  • Can’t wait for this game….. and I most certainly cannot wait for the Game Informer details and trailer next week! Unfortunate that the game has to be played on current gen consoles…. I am doubting the ability of the consoles to play the game from what I have seen.

  • So Happy2012


    • ohlol

      bit late seeing as the game is nearly done