Black Ops 2 zombies mystery box with no teddy

By Alan Ng - Nov 7, 2012

The Black Ops 2 zombies footage continues to pour out of YouTube, for those who have managed to bag a very early copy indeed, ahead of Activision’s global release date of November 13. We have some fantastic new gameplay to show you, giving you an extended preview of what will be on offer in the new weapon box.

Earlier on this week we gave you a run through of most of the new weapons that you will be able to use in the new zombie mode, which has now been split up into three main modes – Survival, Tranzit and Grief.

At the time, we showed you a new wonder weapon, but couldn’t confirm whether Monkey Bombs would be making a return in Black Ops 2 or not. Thankfully, after seeing this new footage on Green Run, we can tell you that Monkey Bombs are definitely back and they will be used exactly the same as they were in the first Black Ops game.

The player in this video continues to use the mystery box numerous times, giving us and hopefully you a full view of the types of weapons that will be on offer. We see the new ‘War Machine’ grenade launcher for example and also the brand new grenade type, which appears to emit some kind of energy blast, which could stun zombies in a small radius.

The Ballistic knife is also back and there’s yet another sighting of the infamous Ray Gun as well. In this video, we see the player managing to get up wave 12 before making a mistake and the difficulty level doesn’t appear to be too strict at this level. One thing we do want to mention though, is that during the entire match, the mystery box didn’t move once at all.

Has Treyarch removed the teddy bear from the box, or is it just on this particular map or a tweaked pre-game setting that the box didn’t move around as normal? If you have the answer to this, let us know in the comments. Check out the full match below while you can and let us know if you have found any surprises in zombies thanks to an early copy.

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  • Treyarch

    There is still a teddy bear in Survival, and Tranzit. Sorry, but there is no way to remove them from the game. Sincerely, Treyarch Studios

  • Gamer101

    The teddy bear isn’t in the box now because Richtofen is in control not Samantha.

  • Raygun56

    I believe the mystery box will only move in tranzit and also is there any confirmed new perks

  • Funkytown baby

    its because its a survival map and the player turned on magic (special pre-match setting)which spawns the box in front and it doesnt move

  • Ur Mum

    On the penis

  • badboy evo98.2

    Why did u remove the video

  • banned

    i played on tranzit, when you spawn inthe 1st building (the bus depot) open the main door to wait for the bus turn left and a spawn location for the box is there with a teddy bear sat on it like in the other games, possibly a clue?

  • Penis Central

    No video, wtf. Thats one big penis

  • Wow Thats A Big Penis

    What no video on the actual zombies the full map that you see in the trailer ????