Skyrim DLC disbelief after PS3 Dawnguard no show

As expected, Bethesda has now unveiled the debut trailer and third DLC expansion pack for Skyrim. It is called Dragonborn as previously rumored, but Bethesda has once again shocked fans by seemingly suggesting that Dragonborn is not going to be available on the PC and PS3 at launch.

We were under the assumption that Microsoft only had exclusivity for the first two DLC packs for the game, those being Dawnguard and Hearthfire. However, Bethesda has only mentioned the Xbox 360 on their website, confirming that the new content will be going live on December 4th, for the usual price of $20 or 1600 Microsoft Points.

As you can image, many Skyrim players are furious over this and Bethesda seem to be ignoring all questions about platforms over on their website, instead only choosing to reply to questions on a different topic. It’s the same situation on Twitter as well, as there is so far no update from Pete Hines, who may be wary of a similar backlash if he posts anything about the content.

What happened to announcing Dragonborn for the PS3, as hinted in the recent Skyrim 1.8 beta? Even if Bethesda didn’t plan to bring this to PS3, they should have at least announced a date for when PC players will be getting Dragonborn. Not saying anything at all though is asking for trouble in our opinion and it is definitely a strange move since everyone is now going to treat this as a negative.

We’ve read some pretty harsh responses from angry fans, but you may feel after this latest setback that it is justified. It doesn’t do any harm for Bethesda to come out and write a few sentences and answer what the fans want to know – 1) Why isn’t this announced for PC and 2) What has happened to the Dawnguard content for PS3 users?

What is your position now, since it looks like Dragonborn is once again exclusive to Xbox 360 for 30 days. Has Bethesda well and truly blown it now in terms of their reputation as a ‘famed’ games developer?



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