Skyrim DLC disbelief after PS3 Dawnguard no show

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2012

As expected, Bethesda has now unveiled the debut trailer and third DLC expansion pack for Skyrim. It is called Dragonborn as previously rumored, but Bethesda has once again shocked fans by seemingly suggesting that Dragonborn is not going to be available on the PC and PS3 at launch.

We were under the assumption that Microsoft only had exclusivity for the first two DLC packs for the game, those being Dawnguard and Hearthfire. However, Bethesda has only mentioned the Xbox 360 on their website, confirming that the new content will be going live on December 4th, for the usual price of $20 or 1600 Microsoft Points.

As you can image, many Skyrim players are furious over this and Bethesda seem to be ignoring all questions about platforms over on their website, instead only choosing to reply to questions on a different topic. It’s the same situation on Twitter as well, as there is so far no update from Pete Hines, who may be wary of a similar backlash if he posts anything about the content.

What happened to announcing Dragonborn for the PS3, as hinted in the recent Skyrim 1.8 beta? Even if Bethesda didn’t plan to bring this to PS3, they should have at least announced a date for when PC players will be getting Dragonborn. Not saying anything at all though is asking for trouble in our opinion and it is definitely a strange move since everyone is now going to treat this as a negative.

We’ve read some pretty harsh responses from angry fans, but you may feel after this latest setback that it is justified. It doesn’t do any harm for Bethesda to come out and write a few sentences and answer what the fans want to know – 1) Why isn’t this announced for PC and 2) What has happened to the Dawnguard content for PS3 users?

What is your position now, since it looks like Dragonborn is once again exclusive to Xbox 360 for 30 days. Has Bethesda well and truly blown it now in terms of their reputation as a ‘famed’ games developer?

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  • shoaw


  • jedrine

    to all you xbox users out there that tell us ps3 owners to quit our complaining an get an xbox screw you. Not only do we have a system that has had much fewer problems as xbox has had we also have a better system for movies and there are better game developers that treat us good plus you fools can keep halo god of war still kicks its a$$ ps3 is now and will always be a better platform then xbox360.

  • wolfy

    This is my opinion. You dont have the right to file a law suit just cause you dont get it on your system. For example halo is only on xbox. Its the system they chose to put it on its there game…should ps3 users sue them cause its not on the ps3 too? It doesnt make much sense to me that they will put the game on the ps3 but not the add ons but hey its there game they can put it where ever they want. If a guy gives someone a brand new tv should there neighboor sue them cause they didnt get it too? Its there game they have the right to put it where ever they want. Itll probably loose them some money cause theyd make more if ps3 can get the add ons too but hey that is there choice to only put it on 360 and pc or whatever

  • yay

    im not trying to say ps3 is bad its not ps3s fault its bedthesa or whatevers fault. just xbox seems to always get better things. i hated skyrim and fallout 3. but this is UNFAIR! and i am an xbox fanboy. when i got a ps3 it was broken. WHO CARES anyway. skyrim and fallout are shitty games all they are good for is a few laughs when you get chased around town because you stole 1 coin and the whole world is after you.


  • yay

    this is how xbox beats ps3. BETTER SERVICE! this is why we pay for xbox. for quality. microsoft loves its customers and provides them with dlc early! and better content.

  • Angryps3gamer

    I’d rather buy a Justin Bieber CD than anything from Bethesda now.
    And i hate Justin Bieber.

    I just want those phuckers to burn to the ground. There’s a limit to our patience.
    We need funds for a lawsuit. Anyone up?

  • gaara1193

    whats truly amazing is the august 2011 issue of gameinformer stated xbox only have the 1st two dlc’s in the contract……..seriously bethesda?

  • tyler

    this is most likely the exact truth. bethesda released ps3 on the playstation 3 quickly and because it was so quick and lazily programmed on ps3, about twice as many bugs were reported on the console than on xbox or pc. now bethesda is feeling the heat because all those copies of skyrim they sold can’t handle the dawnguard or hearthfire dlc. rather than admitting it, they’re probably going to try and “surprise” us ps3 users with a “game of the year” edition (pretty much just a ‘non-broken’ skyrim, like how it was supposed to be from the start) with either the first 3 dlc packages, or just wait until they’re all done with dlc and re-release the game of the year edition with all of them, like they did with oblivion. so it’ll probably happen eventually, but it’s gonna take a long time. honestly, like a lot of other posts here, i will not buy another bethesda game period. if another good elder scrolls game comes out, i’ll ‘aquire’ it on the pc if i really want to play it. all you ps3 skyrim fans should do the same.

    • tyler

      skyrim on the playstation 3**** my bad.

  • d

    I’m pretty jaded by the lack of content release for my PS3. At this point they should just release Dawnguard and Hearthfire for free, and just charge for Dragonborn (if they can even get that out on the same timetable as PC). Beth screwed themselves out of making any money off of PS3 users through DLC long ago.

    It wouldn’t be much different from late work in school: you turn in your project late, you get a zero grade. They release their content months late, they get zero profit.

  • Sad Day Gabe

    My ass really hurts right now..

  • Ray

    Why is it Bethesda’s fault when it was Sony that split their RAM into 2 parts, 256MB RAM for Graphics and 256 for System, this leaves less space for games to work with. So to add content to a game that on the vanilla version was already to much for the ps3 to handle on its measly 256MB RAM available for games is like trying to fit size 10 feet into size 6 shoes.

    I’m not saying Bethesda is not at fault at all, they should at least TALK to the public about the problems they are having, but at the same time the public don’t bother to find out WHY Bethesda can bring content for 2 platforms and NOT for the PS3….there has to be a reason right? why don’t any of you do your research as to why Bethesda are having these problems before spurting off into a rage about how you hate Bethesda ect…

  • Billw001

    3 words. World of Warcraft. They are the best game developers on the planet….

  • Im not gonna play that Bye bye Bethesda So long ! We have move on Period

  • Tyrant

    P.S I apologize for the name it was auto correct

  • Tyrant

    Hey Kenny mcnugget who said it was a bad game sure we all loved it but wen u put hundreds of hours into it and can go no further you kinda get bored then wen an expansion came out we all looked forward to it however we were pushed aside and to this day are kept in the dark without proper reasoning. As a ps3 user I believe we have the right to complain all we want is to be treated fairly and this isn’t bloody fair, suing may be us joking around but suing is used for rights and justice, and well we have rights and want justice. Enough said.

  • sxs

    Hahahaha well what a load of b*ll*x that was….what a surprise hahahha

  • Justajoe

    Im convinced Bethesda are hellbent on ruining there reputation due to this allegence with Microsoft, I don’t think it’s fair that gamers should be disadvantaged just because of which platform they choose to play on

  • Ticked off

    I’m tired of this bs Bethesda needs to say whether ps3 owners are going to get the DLC’s I’ve tried contacting them on twitter and Facebook and no response this is mind boggling is my money not good enough for them what I’m going to need years of therapy for this let down I think we ( ps3 users) should sue for this blatant use of advertising fraud

  • I think the whole lack of dlc for the ps3 is crap, but the posts on here are OUTRAGEOUS. Was Skyrim a bad game? was it not worth the price paid for it? This is easily the BIGGEST non MMO game to ever get released on consoles. It is well worth the price paid for it with or without the DLC. Yes, they should issue a statement, but they have done nothing wrong from any legal standpoint. You didn’t buy a “season pass” for the DLC….if it never comes out for ps3, then ps3 owners will never be out the money for the content… mad at bethesda for staying silent over it…but the complaints aboutsuing them? give me a freaking break.

  • brady463

    Solution: Trade in your Inferior PS3 and buy an Xbox or join the PC Master Race

  • hollow1818

    I don’t want to hear PS3 owners crying. Exclusives are exclusives. You got to be a part of something special so take what has already been offered to you and keep your mouth shut. I don’t go crying to God of War creaters because they haven’t made an Xbox version of the game. You want to have some more Skyrim then buy a 360. simple as that. Your not being left out, your not being ignored. Bethesda doesn’t owe you anything more than it has already offered you. If the PSN couldn’t reach a deal for DLC it’s not Bethesda’s fault. If your going to boycott anyone boycott PSN because they don’t go to bat for any of their users or seem to offer much security for them either…

    • Anon

      You really have no idea what you’re talking about do you? Nothing about Skyrim was supposed to be exclusive after 30 days. And the reason Dawnguard wasn’t released, at least as far as they have let on, is technical reasons. PS3 owners just wan’t to see the company they supported actually do they’re job properly rather than take the easy route and drop the PS3’s support as soon as they hit some bugs.

    • the thing is, Bethesda said we would be getting it, and have put more effort into making more content for one outlet than getting the other content out for the other two, also the game is still really glitchy, still has points where it refuses to play all together and never ending load screens. and telling people that the easy fix is to buy a 360 stupid. the easy fix is for Bethesda to do what they said they would do and release the content on the other two platforms the game is supported on (unlike GoW which is only supported one place to begin with).

      and before you tell me you dont want PS3 users complaining again, im playing on PC

    • spiritreaver

      Don’t want to hear PS3 users ‘cry’? Then you better just ditch reading about Skyrim for the foreseeable future.

      And to clarify something for you, there is nothing wrong with exclusives per se. But that is NOT the issue atm. The issue is that Bethesda released a multi-platform title with Skyrim and after the fact are trying to turn it into an exclusive title.

      Its not just bad business, but it is unethical to tell 4 million of your customers after the fact that they are being cut loose. Especially when you specifically said to them that they would be getting treated as well as ALL of your customers initially.

      And no. This is not a PSN issue. This is a Bethesda issue. That coward Hines even said so. Was the only bit of truth to cross his lips in this whole thing most likely.

      That clear up the base situation up a bit for you? Or is that enameled white visor on a bit too tight for you to see the reality of the situation?

  • bigmike1214

    I think that we who bought this game should get our money back they are the ones who put downloadable content on the Antrim package they don’t care as lo.g as they make money I will never buy anything with there name on it

  • I do agree they have had PLENTY of months to get things straight. Im not going to shout at them yet…Until 2013 begins,il stay silent..If it turns out to be a no show. Then they are going to probably be getting ALOT of nasty comments and maybe even a lawsuit from people that play the game on this console. They Promised us Content on the back of the game case. If they do not deliver their promise, then that my friends is False advertisement.


    Time to blow up Zenimax Studios and all affiliated with Bethesda!!!! IVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!

  • pissed off ps3 user

    that’s it, I’m getting a PC

    • Elfie86

      I have it on PC and PS3 but I refuse to get dlc for the PC version.
      Modding is great on PC but do too much and it ruins the game, controls
      on PS3 are far superior, much more immersive.

  • Jake

    I’m sticking with Assassin’s Creed. I love the Elder Scrolls series but they couldn’t give two fucks about PS3. At least Ubisoft gives us exclusive DLC.

  • DarkLord

    ps3 users sound like whiny Star Wars (ex)fans these days…

    • Justice has to be made somewhere. You can’t understand since you have nothing to do with it. People spent time and money on this game and now they got unjustified actions against them from a company they used to truste, and you’re only answer to this is “ps3 users sound like whiny Star Wars (ex)fans these days” what kind of Noob answer is this ? What does it mean ?

      • DarkLord

        When the Star Wars prequels came out, all the old Star Wars fans whined and whined about how Lucas had cheated them, about how Lucas had ruined such great memories, how Lucas was greedy and didn’t care about his fans. They took it all so personally.

        Same thing here. People played Skyrim and really enjoyed it. Now they are taking this whole thing so personally, like Bethesda is really out there trying to ruin ps3 owners’ day, like Bethesda’s motivation was to cheat people, cover their mistakes, and not deliver DLC to ps3 owners. The DLC will make its way to ps3, and all the whiners will buy TES VI, just like everyone who hated Episode I went to Episodes II and III.

        Same kind of fanboy heartbreak. Same kind of absurd outrage. Consumer culture is ridiculous.

    • You Sir have no reason to say this. Its been months with nothing from them except unanswered questions when it comes to how close they are to fixing it. The silence the past few weeks isnt helping matters. I however will be patient until the beginning of 2013..If no information given after that, Then il join the ranks of these so called “whiny Star Wars” fans because after that id believe the “whining” will be justified.

  • Disgruntled

    For Pete’s sake Bethesda just give us ps3 gamers some information. If it’s impossible for ps3 users to get any DLC, please just tell us! I’d prefer that than to be strung along for months, searching articles like this one looking for any information that could shed light on the situation.

  • MisterSandman

    I am, to say the least, utterly disgusted with Bethesda’s lack of respect for its customers/fans. I have been an Elder Scrolls fan since TES: Arena. I have played Bethesda games on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 and I enjoy their games on PS3 the most because they are single player and PS3 (in my opinion) gives the best single player games experience. Bethesda should not sell out their fans because Microsoft paid them more money, although they will lose more in the long run from fans giving up on them. WORK WITH US BETHESDA!!! GIVE US SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!!

  • I’d love to see every Skyrim/ PS3 owner at this point start the long process of getting their purchase price back, plus $20.oo for anal pain and suffering, in a class action lawsuit based on false advertising, aka “DLC promised on package etc.” Between my collectors ed. and $20, I’d get a used xbox and used skyrim, and as I get used like toilet paper paying for the dlc’s at least it’d be Beth paying for it… Game on.

  • Cyanne

    Frankly, I will never purchase another Bethesda game. This is ridiculous. If you release the base game multiplatform, you should stay multiplatform. It should never have been released for PS3.

    • Krann

      I agree, as unfortunate as it is I would have preferred another xbox only fantasy game like fable than this pathetic constant letdowns, behesda you need to open your eyes and look at what your fans are writing because you have two options, loose the money you’ve been so happily robbing people of or start to listen too your fans and give up this apartite you’ve implemented on ps3.

    • spiritreaver

      Totally agree. Been saying that since this whole thing started.

  • Fed up

    I figure its pretty much over by now sad to say but obvious first time I’ve ever brought a game I was excited about for it to be a let down. Forever a Ps3 user

  • Love TES but this is soooo stupid. They let their success go to their heads and now they are paying for it. The backlash that is happening with the DLC’s will never be cured. Looks like they are going to fail hard.

  • Ken

    I just wish Bethesda would just admit that they have no intention of
    releasing the DLC’s for the PlayStation. It’s all good, you were bought
    out. No problem

  • Bubbadass

    well i’m disappointed that i (as a ps3) user have yet to see any dlc for a game i went to a midnight release for. If they decide to actually try and bring it to ps3 it better be discounted or i’m just not getting it.

    • Discounted would be nice yes..But honestly am not holding my breath on that happening.

  • Tyrant

    Hey don’t say that they’ll fix this if we give them space they’ve had months too fix this, furthermore if they had said something at all or atleast something meaningful then we would have been more content this is a massive insult on us as ps3 users and ex-fans i knew when heartfire was released that this was going to happen I’ve since stopped playing skyrim due to boredom but haven’t given it away due to a distant hope but now vie basically just stopped hoping ive longed for dawngard but since I’m not going to get it. Stuff u Bethesda it’s hard to believe I once thought that you were the best developers, clearly I was wrong.

  • Boger

    It’s time for a class action law suite.

    • gaara1193

      strongly supported

    • deceived

      Where do I sign!! If there’s a law firm specializing in consumer affairs that wants to make a name for themselves here’s the chance

      • Mike

        I agree with each and everyone of you about regarding it’s time for a class action lawsuit. Consumer fraud, unscrupulous marketing practices, false advertising – just to name a few. However, the problem (and correspondind unlikelihood that any of this will actually happen), lies with the question of who is going to be the person who “steps up” snd actually genuinely pursues filing it? Who has the cash to front for legal fees to get the ball rolling? I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to initiate it and legally kick these Microsoft c#cksuckers in the sack, (they deserve it), but I absolutely do not have the finances. Start a legal fund, anyone? I promise you this – someone DOES “step up” and get this started, and I’ll contribute …

        • In Quebec we have something called, Consumer Protection Law. Try to see if you got something similar ?

    • Nope

      Once more, you are not actually entitled to receive any DLC. If you paid for the DLC or they signed a legally-binding contract in court that said ‘We will provide all the downloadable content packs for all systems’ then you have absolutely no case.

      I guess you could also sue that they released the Creation Kit for the PC but not the Playstation 3? And that they released the Fall of the Space Core plugin for PC but not Xbox 360? It’s called technically issues – The Playstation doesn’t seem capable of running this particular piece of content, just as it cannot the Creation Kit. You’re only complaining because that’s what people need. A complaining source.

      Now, if you TRULY want to play the DLC packs, buy a decent PC for about $250 and go play your damned DLC packs. They aren’t even that good.

      • Jamel Frazier

        What decent PC can you buy for $250, and play Skyrim?

      • shoaw

        NOPE; stop talking out of your A$$. +1 @google-c33598ace9e9965cc1a4370efd61ae29:disqus

  • Bethesda is not a company you would want to support. The more money you give them, the more arrogant they get and the more careless they will become. I hope Bethesda only makes game for the Xbox so the Xboxers will enjoy all the bugs and the silent treatment Bethesda already has in store for them.

    • Lol’ed

      I wish they’d leave it to us too. They actually know how to code for the Xbox 360 and for the PC, as well as there being a less.. What’s the word.. ‘Irritated’ fan base when something goes wrong? What happened when Skyrim kept crashing during 1.2? I seem to recall that, as an Xbox user, I simply rebooted my Xbox and kept playing, but I remember many Playstation rages on Youtube and around the internet.

      Bethesda, stick to what you’re good at and let these Playstation people stick to their exclusives. Morrowind was sick, and do you want to know why? Not a single Playstation in sight.

  • Light_Yagami_Ryuk

    I love you bethesda 😀 Xbox 360 is awesome and so are you guys keep it up!

  • CrazyCow01

    How do we even know if they are working to fix this issue it was ment to be 1month delay not 6month delay -__- This is hopeless not even going to say anything are they….

  • garra1193

    fellow ps3 gamers,i come to you in a very difficult time and need help. i love my ps3,its my baby,a true son to me,yet what has been happening these past months have tore me harshly. Ive put 600+hours into skyrim and have always been proud of our system after most of our patches fixed the game,but please,anyone, help me by giving me hope on our dlc, ill take anything from anyone. im at the point of trading in my system for the bloody xbox. ive stayed loyal this long but dont know how much longer i can hold out. i mean im not a fan boy of any sort, but i am a massive elder scrolls fan since morrowind,i follow all the lore in the games, read all the stories in game and truely love them, they made my childhood pretty awesome w/ my close buddies…but now bethesda throws me this. this neglect and disrespectful isolation and its not just me, sure few will admit it, but many others have been considering getting an xbox as well. i dont want to hear any bs from ANY xbox gamers, i only ask that ps3 gamers provide some if any light to my situation.

    • gaara1193

      please,any help would greatly be appreciated

    • Elfie86

      Stay strong! Think of uncharted. Think of San Andreas. Remember the first time you put that Tomb Raider disc into your Playstation and gawped in amazement at how realistic her pointy square boobs were.

      This isn’t Sony’s fault, it’s Bethesda’s.

    • I did consider getting an XBox, but I can’t afford it. It would just mean giving more money to Bethesda, more time in a game that I already have 5 characters with over 220hrs on each. Bethesda chose to purposely cut corners and release a game for all platforms that was heavily flawed and, in the case of the PS3, wasn’t actually designed for it. They chose to get as much money in as quickly as possible and hope that whatever issues came down the road they could handle….Which is what they did with the original release of Oblivion. They didn’t learn from then, and still won’t have learned from this.

      They’ve lied, cut corners and have now been caught out in the mass-media so are remaining silent until they can work out how to back out of the PS3 edition as quickly as possible.

      Keep the system or don’t, but don’t buy Bethesda again because they’ve shown they don’t respect the customer enough to be honest, forget everything else that has come after it. Enjoy the game every now and then, but look for other titles outside of Bethesda. They’re hurting right now as I’m aware even Microsoft themselves have lambasted them privately for how they’ve treated Sony customers and about their ‘ethics’, for lack of a better word. I respect Microsoft for doing that as it isn’t a ‘Us against Them’ thing any more, they’re actions have damaged the brand and caused a global issue for all platforms.

      • Mike

        Umm … I don’t know as a fact, so I can’t say for certain, but if I were to be a betting man, I would call bull$hit on “Microsoft lambasted” them about anything. Microsoft HATES the competition, and if anything, are probably laughing their asses off regarding this entire affair. I agree with practically everything else you said, though.

  • BethesdaSUCKS!

    Ill be honest, because of Bethesda’s blatant disregard for their fans and owners of a ps3(such as myself) I threw out my skyrim game after having finally no hope for any kind of dlc whatsoever, as well as sold my ps3 on my garage sale because I don’t want anything to do with this company anymore. Congratulations Bethesda you’ve lost yet another life customer. Good luck making any profit on your next game release, you won’t be making anything from me or anyone else that I recommend companies too, and I do talk to a lot of gamers. Goodbye

    • RoboticRobots

      Why would you sell your Ps3? When its not sonys fault >.>.

  • steve

    I’ve beat this game sooooo many times. I’m talking like 7 or 8 times and it really is getting boring. I have played all of the elder scrolls and they are all amazing games but.. Beth u really screwed yourselves I don’t think Ur going to have many loyal ps3 fans after this I know that I will never buy another one of Ur games and u can count on it. There is no excuse for not having a dlc for ps3 yet. And if it is really bc u “can’t” figure out how to code it for ps3 u need to fire your entire team….. Bc they obviously can’t do there jobs. And since u have no communication with ps3 users u clearly are never going to come out with any of the dlc’s for ps3.

  • Augur

    The amount of people throwing a fit about this is actually rather pathetic i own a ps3 xbox and a pc and i am perfectly content waiting for the dlc’s on each platform if you don’t want to wait why buy the game and if you hate bethesda then don’t buy behesda game i for one love the games bethesda has made but obsidian should have stayed with the elder scrolls now if all of you ps3 owners want to back off a little bethesda might decide to release the dlc on your console.

  • SpartanWarrio_628101

    It is official! Bethesda is even worse than Activison

    • Next up, CALL OF DUTY SKYRIM

    • angryps3gamer

      Just Activision? They’re even worse than EA, Bioware, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Capcom, Zynga.
      They never cared about their fans, they just keep milking them money. I can’t even say they are making excuses for Dawnguard, because THEY’RE NOT SAYING ANYTHING.

  • Sofa King Mad

    its all right every ps3 user… NOT. This truly enrages me that the fact of the matter is that bethesda is partnering with microsoft for the dlc content that will never shine on the ps3 community. screw you bethesda

  • Clo

    To be frank, all of it is simply unfair. We as ps3 users paid near enough the same for Skyrim, spent time playing the game..we are entitled to share in the extras too. It’s insane!

  • rerun

    Quit complaining about bethsda they are working on the problems with the ps3. If you guy would shut up give them room to breath they would probably get the dlc out to the ps3 and other platforms faster. And as far as bethsda and microsoft relationship goes it’s all about the money. Microsoft is willing fork over money to get dlc first to keep their customers happy unlike sony instead pockets it all. Don’t complain about the game developers until you complain about game console

    • So Sony wants to pocket it all? If they did wanted to pocket it all then they wouldn’t have assisted Bugthesda with Skyrim.



    • spiritreaver

      Bethesda released the PS3 version of Skyrim the same day and other versions, 11/11/11. Exclusivity deals aside, why hasn’t support , DLC, etc been equal between platforms then?

      Seriously, show me some real proof that Bethesda has been working on the PS3 version for the last 6 months. I wait for you…

  • WowReally

    Wow, at least tell us ps3 owners if we’re even getting any DLC. That way I can just move on and not be here like a dumbass sitting on my thumb waiting for any news on the DLC arriving to ps3. GG.

  • Trip C.

    Being an Xbox user, I’m completely fine with this.
    But I agree this isn’t fair to PS3/PC users.

  • TheSequel9

    Skyrim was always one of my favorite games but now with this too! Bethesda should have fixed dawnguard for ps3 before even making another. Now i dont even want to play skyrim, and bethesda has ruined their reputation.

  • Looks like it’s FTS o’clock.

  • Attritive

    Why do you people even have it for PS3?

    • Because we like our PS3 and no, we won’t trade in our system and games for an XBOX or PC.

      • dude I was a Fanboy but this is it for me…It hurts to say this but I’m switching to Xbox.

        (P.S I died a little when I said that…)

        • NUUUUUUU! DON’T GO TO THE DARKSIDE, well at least they now have Disneyland.

    • IchiYamamoto

      Because Skyrim was promised to have the same experience across all systems in terms of content, including DLC. This is minus the mods brought onto the PC.


      Because we dont enjoy the c o c k or Microsofts in and around our mouths and a s s like you do. Shitbox was never really a competitive system it was crap from the beginning and its crap now! How are you so blind and stupid??? Dont ever talk about PS3 in that tone again! or ill fuc**ng KILL YOU!!

      • CensorshipMuch?

        Funny that your comment got to stay and mine got removed and mine did not use any “bad” words or threaten violence. I did, however, mention a chimp when pontificating who would be better than Hines at PR. I don’t get it. Is Hines black or something? I guess this will be removed too. Haha.

    • RatherBDeadthanRingofRed

      Because PS3 is the better machine. Generally, it gets held back because games (like TES) are made for the XBox and then ported to PS3. Wait until you see The Last of Us (made for the PS3’s superior capacity), then you will know why we have a PS3. Do a quick comparison with, say, Halo 4 and you’ll get it. What sux the most for me is that I will be unable to buy the next Fallout because of this crap. Fair enough that they are technically inept at coding for the PS3 but the PR is inexcusable. Seriously, Beth, a trained chimp would prove a better PR/Community Manager than Hines. I sincerely hope he does more than just PR, coz his managment of community concerns is appalling. Enjoy half of the console market BetheXda.

    • spiritreaver

      Maybe because people actually own PS3’s and Bethesda went out of their way before 11/11/11 to make it clear that the PS3 version would be just as good as the 360 or PC version this time around?

      Of course it all turned out to be a pack of lies…

  • Alright, it’s unpleasant of how my huge comment speaking my mind was not posted yet.

  • jonathan penman

    this is dissapointing

  • King

    I just don’t understand why they keep doing this, at least give me one DLC. I’ve been sitting at level 81.5 on three characters with hundreds of hours in each. Im so bored I’ve been playing the brutish, unsophisticated call of duty series. Come on. I rely on you to provide me with true entertainment. I could easily go but skyrim for my xbox and restart all of my characters but your business could easily afford to provide us ps3 users with your content. It’s just insulting at this point.

    • Ps3 user

      You ungrateful little kid, they have given you a game already now your implying that the coding team is s**t. Can you do any better huh?

  • ninja

    We aren’t going to get an announcement for dlc coming to ps3 until 1.8 is officially released. Please correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think 1.8 is official on pc even. They are most likely testing the crap out of it on ps3 to make sure it works. Or that’s what the ever so optimistic side of me is hoping

    • Poorscribbler

      1.8 is official on PC, and you’re right: we should be patient until the 1.8 patch is released to other platforms…XBox doesn’t even have it yet. Still, kind of insensitive of Beth to say NOTHING and stonewall. I really, really want to still live Bethesda, but she’s been a rather cold and distant lover for some time now…

    • Elfie86

      I hope so, but I just don’t want to be hopeful again!

  • TrickPilot

    Just in case my previous comment doesn’t make it through moderation, here is a censored version of it:

    “This is proof that Bethesda and Microsoft are in bed with each other”

  • Tyler Langford

    we (ps3 users) better get this for free and not let xbox 360 get it or else this is BS

    • so…beause you’re upset, it makes it okay to DENY the 360 owners? because people who own skyrim on the 360 are the problem…right?

  • Joshi

    I am really shocked tbh… kinda feel singled out just because I have a different console, doesn’t mean I should be treated differently.

  • blade_of_talos

    At least tell us if you will ever give us a dlc.

  • blade_of_talos

    I have always played and loved Skyrim, my online name is “blade_of_talos” and my email is a Skyrim dragon, but i’m on ps3 so i’m still left with nothing, this is a discrase.

  • Jbjoker85

    The PS3 has had many issues with a bunch of games that are never fixed. Sony makes great hardware but never follows through with the games. I have given up trying to play my PS3 after the last game I started to play had a glitch that got fixed on every other platform, but the PS3. I will continue to pay for Xbox live and know that I am going to get the best games and content available, and if there is a problem, it will get fixed.


      Quit beating your PS3 and that wouldn’t happen.Your a traitor just own up to it. and shoot yourself while your at it!

  • Bethesda are, well, they’re going to die in a very big ball of Dragon flames for their actions towards PS3 owners. Where I would of hoped I would see at least a hint of ANY kind of DLC for my only system, I’m instead met with another Microsoft exclusive.

    Bethesda, very simply, can burn in hell and will never receive any kind of funds from me. I won’t be purchasing any of their games, have already put friends off of purchasing Elder Scrolls IV (Oblivion) and V (Skyrim) and instead brought them over to the beautiful world that is EA’s Mass Effect.

    Pete Hanes can take this as a statement if fact. I will never give you any more of my money’s, I will ensure as best I can that ANY game that Bethesda are or have been involved with wont see any of my friends funds and that, should the opertunity arise, whereby I could cause his company to be publicly raked over the coals for their bull*cough* treatment towards the Sony owners who, like myself, have well over 250hrs of their time only to be thrown to the side as third classed gamers with lies, flaccid excuses and overall silence.

    Bethesda, burn you b*cough*rds, burn.

    • hollow1818

      Cause EA is so much better right? They charge for online play, have similar release day issues as every other developer. How about place the blame where it is supposed to go. On PSN for not addressing the issues. An for those that are saying they deserve the “extras” is rubish. You don’t deserve anything. If you want to play it, wait for the GOTY edition or buy a 360. You have options. You may not like those options but you have them none the less.

      • Address with having options about how to access the extra game content. People like myself could spend hundreds of pounds and purchase another system just to pay more money to buy the DLC for the game. Not a bright choice if you don’t have that kind of money to burn. Or maybe buy it for a PC, assuming the PC you have is strong enough to play the game. Both options require investing hundreds more hours of game play just to bring it upto the PS3 time that’s been invested. Again, Bethesda would receive money’s from double game purchases. No to either of those options. Throwing money at the problem isn’t acceptable. I didn’t state EA was better, I state that the Mass Effect game is a choice I made, and multiple friends have also taken, to enjoy the same level of enjoyment. I don’t also didn’t state that I deserve the DLC, what I do deserve as someone who purchased the original game, is two very acceptable things. 1) Communication on why Bethesda decided to release the game on my console with the huge flaws, that were present on all systems, before it was ready and have now cut all ‘positive’ feedback to the question of updating Sony users on a weekly, bi-weekly basis. 2) I would appreciate Bethesda explain why they haven’t invested in the personnel/equipment to encode the game for Sony’s system and THEN decided to release the game claiming it is too complicated to encode for and that is the reason for the delays and lack of DLC. The testing phase before the game was released would of screamed these issues very loudly and yet they still released the game.

        For the sake of us agreeing on one thing, and I do accept that you yourself must be very sick and tired of hearing PS3 owners/other console users, complaining about why they deserve DLC, I would be too, so I am accepting of that fact on your part, but we should then also agree that Bethesda released the game, for my system, the PS3, with all the flaws and known ‘down the road DLC problems’ simply to get as much money in before the crap hit the fan.

        They haven’t had anyone working on this problem until the eleventh hour, that’s by their own acknowledgement, and instead of bringing in the same people that they had to bring in to have Oblivion reworked over when that was made, they sat back, worked on the Microsoft XBox system, left the PC work mainly to the PC owners themselves, and didn’t follow through with the Sony route until Sony themselves approached Bethesda and basically slapped them for causing this problem.

        Dishonoured, the game that Bethesda haven’t made but have only published, has taken a HELL of a hit from Sony uses not touching it because of Bethesda’s involvement and that hurts the makers of the game, not Bethesda.

        Hopefully I haven’t sounded like I’ve passed the buck, but simply stated that unless you’re going to make a game for a system properly, don’t half-ass a game and release it just for the money and then run, lie and go silent when things go bad. It’s dishonest and cowardly.

        Microsoft are NOT to blame, never have blamed them as they are just another hardware company who purchased the 30 day exclusive rights, so don’t feel I look sideways at them for any of this. This is Bethesda repeating past actions and not investing in common, everyday people and equipment for a mass market roll out of a game that would, even to the dumbest of person, have been known would be needed.

        I only deserve honestly and the right to have to purchase a game once, not to have to buy multiple copies, for multiple systems, just to get a working copy, let alone a FULL working copy.

        • Too long to read, but if you have 6 Likes well I assume you’re right x).

  • Sandman2126

    This has gotten utterly ridiculous now and it is really starting to look as if Bethesda is intenionally trying to upset PS3 owners. They’ve had to have seen all of the hype over the “ps3 dlc” code found in the latest patch update so if this wasn’t intentional then why would they not make some sort of statement to ps3 owners to set things straight? Instead they allowed ps3 owners to get their hopes up only to cut a deeper wound by announcing yet another DLC exclusive for Xbox! This is nothing against microsoft or Xbox owners because it is not their fault, but it is a monumental insult from Bethesda to treat loyal customers who own a ps3 like garbage! It is a blatant slap in the face!!!

    • Elfie86

      Exactly, they must have known they got all our hopes up. Why not say,
      that line of code was left in by mistake? Or at least say it was there
      for us to test whether we fixed the problem, turns out we haven’t. If it’s close, say it’s close, just don’t leave us hanging.

      If they are seriously trying hard to fix the problem they should give
      regular weekly updates. If not they should make the announcement that
      there will never be DLC for the PS3.

      The fact that people care so much shows what a great game they made to begin with, we just need a bit of honesty and respect.

      • slender

        Give em time to redeem themselves, we’re (ps3) better than this, if this is released and no word if we’ll ever get the dlc’s, then we can seek the best way to detroy these unfair scumbags

      • Slash

        They pretty much already knew that it would be a problem getting the DLCs to work on ps3. So basically they shouldn’t even have announced that it would be out for ps3. They should have shut their mouths or at least be able to keep their promise, and if they continue to leave important customers hanging, they should be ripped of all rights being a game develop company.

        Also the ps3 in total, is the platform which have been sold most Skyrim copies to in the start. After the PC got all the mods, the Skyrim PC sale went sky high.
        But PS3 is still their number one Customer. And they are just ass screwing us.

  • Nersal

    It’s sad TES is owned by Microsoft

  • Darien

    I dont even know what to say about this. We(PS3 users) all knew this was coming ,but i was hoping i was wrong. I guess i will avoid bestheda from now on lessons have been learned from this hopefully.

    • shoaw

      bill gate$ with his Holy mountains of Greens…

  • this
    has gone far enough!, right it has
    been a great playing their
    games over the years, especially elder
    scrolls, as ignorant as they are, starting now i will no longer play any
    games from them, im no longer bothered, there are other great games to
    play with than leaving the rest of their as used to be loyal fans
    hopeless, hope others would enjoy this new dlc. -.- goodbye to them

  • MasterSmith

    Surely no one is really surprised by this. I’m not. I love Skyrim, but Bethesda is the worst developer in the world. The game they built was broken from start on PS3, and they lied about it and covered it up so they could get the sales. Then they stated that DLC content would be available for all platforms, yet another lie. Now instead of owning up to their faults and just admitting that they screwed up they hide and remain silent. I had a friend tell me that Dishonored was a very bad ass game, but I will never know. Until Bethesda fixes Skyrim they wont get a dime else from me. My guess is never.

    • Kris

      Yes, Dishonored is pretty nice, I will agree. Recently sold my Xbox 360, as I’m pretty much sick of Microsoft’s greed. But don’t let your hatred of Bethesda blind you; Dishonored was merely published by Bethesda. Yet Arkane Studios has to suffer for the mistakes Bethesda has made. It has rather saddened me to see what has become of Beth as of late, as I used to truly love them. Now, it’s just meh..

    • Ported, y’know

      Technically, Bethesda doesn’t earn a single dime from you buying Dishonored from a shop. The shop buys the games from Bethesda, so Bethesda already has the money there, now it’s the shop that will earn your money. Besides, you are not actually entitled to receive any DLC packs. You’d be entitled if they signed a legally-binding contract or if you already bought the DLC and paid for it. You paid for the game, yes, but you have not put a single dime into DLC. Now, stop whining and play Skyrim. I have a Playstation and an Xbox, it’s still an awesome game on both systems and works wonderfully on the Playstation.

      I don’t get the fuss, it’s just a DLC pack. If you wanted to play it that badly, you would have ditched your Playstation long ago in exchange for the Xbox 360 or a decent PC.

      • Slash

        Well, PS3 still have a better working system and processor.
        The Xbox are still having difficulties on their end. And they haven’t done much to repair these problems.

      • Fair

        Stop lying. Only an idiot would buy a game on two systems. It’s very unbelievable when you say you have two systems and it works wonderfully on the play station. While you may be right about the legal side of this argument you are wrong on the fairness factor. Go ahead say life isn’t fair, I will only argue that it isn’t because of people like you and your absence from this world would only bring the world that much closer to fair.

      • shoaw

        stfu xbox fanboy. when u spend so much time on your character and your quests, u dont want to start all over again. think before you write something dip$hit