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PS Vita Black Ops gameplay changer

Black Ops 2 isn’t the only Call of Duty game launching on November 13, in case you have forgotten. Activision is also preparing to unleash Black Ops Declassified on the PS Vita on this date, and we have some sneaky gameplay footage to show you which may decide whether you want to buy the game or not.

Let’s be honest – the initial reception for the game hasn’t been good so far. Maybe it’s slightly harsh on Nihilistic as they haven’t had a chance to release the game yet, but then at the same time it also needs to be said that no zombies and only an 8 man multiplayer are two massive omissions compared to the core experience on console.

Black Ops Declassified was once touted as the savior of the PS Vita, but at the moment it is in danger of being ‘just’ another mediocre Vita title and it will be a real shame if it ends up that way. We too can’t help but feel a little disappointed in the product seen so far, but thankfully we do have some new gameplay to show you which could help sway a few minds.

Gameplay from the online multiplayer mode has been captured and uploaded to YouTube. Graphics are actually looking pretty crisp from what we see in the video and it actually looks like a Call of Duty game this time – if that makes sense. We see added touchscreen interfaces for quick grenade throwing, while there’s also a handy in-game radar in the top left corner as well.

The gameplay is only brief, but it certainly looks a lot better than the ugly gameplay previews that we’ve seen in the past. Maybe it’s time to look past the fact that the game won’t have more than 8 players online or a zombie mode, and think about the possibilities of this still being a solid title, if Nihilistic has managed to perfect the 4v4 mode.

The lack of advertising from Sony is a bit worrying though – just how many of you honestly had no idea that this was launching alongside Black Ops 2 on November 13? Take a look at the new snippets of gameplay and let us know if you will be picking up the Vita version. For those wondering, yes that is a little peek at the Vita version of Nuketown.



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