Microsoft Surface Pro price may deter interest

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2012

Earlier on this week we spoke about the need for Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet to bridge the gap between laptops and tablets, with Microsoft looking to release the superior upgrade sometime in January.

Now, it looks like we may have the first instance of a Surface Pro price to tell you about, and you will be unsurprised to hear that the Pro will sell for a considerably high price. The elusive Surface Pro has popped up online in a German retailer listing, with consumers reportedly having to pay close to $1000 to take one home.

So far, Microsoft has been reluctant to disclose any official release date or pricing information for the Surface Pro, but when the device goes on sale in January, consumers may have to pay around $900 for the 64GB model, with the mammoth 128GB version reaching a lofty $1000+ after tax.

You can see the retailer listings in question, over at German website Pay attention to the included specification sheet, which again backs up reports that the Pro models are going to be shipping with an iCore i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1080p display.

One area of disappointment will obviously reside in the fact that Microsoft are going to be putting Intel integrated graphics on the Pro models only – so none of your fancy mobile NVIDIA or ATI graphics unfortunately. Then again, the Surface Pro isn’t designed for hardcore gaming, so perhaps this isn’t really an issue since Intel HD 4000 Graphics should be able to handle the most basic of gaming tasks still.

For those that really want to experience the full potential of Windows 8 on a tablet, a $900 price point as an estimation shouldn’t actually be too much of a surprise to you. Some Windows 8 ultrabooks sell well over the $1000 mark at the moment, so really some of you may actually be very satisfied if the Surface Pro retails for under $1000.

Bear in mind that these prices have come from a German-based retailer. The final price for US consumers may very well change as we get closer to a release in January. For now, tell us what price you would deem reasonable for the Surface Pro and if you are even tempted to pre-order one now from this German seller.

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  • derpblahderp

    $1000 for what is basically a Macbook Air with better specs and digital inking via active digitizer? That is an excellent price! You can’t buy an Ultrabook for that little (at that spec) so why is this high for something like an Ultrabook with better specs? I’d probably pay up to $1200 to be honest. It will replace my laptop AND my iPad so I can sell those off to help fund it as well.

  • Daniel Reid

    After all the bloggers went posting totally inaccurate prices for Surface RT – all based on factless, guesswork pricing stuck up on random online retailers – you’d think people would have learned not to trust these sources as accurate.

    Newsflash! Surface Pro is only retailing through Microsoft Stores (both online and physical) and won’t be being sold on this German website. Consequently, their pricing is a load of old codswallop. It could be accurate – but if it is, it will be by blind luck and not because this source has any inside knowledge.

    • libtarded

      Steve Balmer was quoted elsewhere as saying they will be around the $1000 range.

  • Bear

    One question: Fanless?

  • $1000 isn’t very expensive considering that the machine is a full-powered PC in tablet form. If the pen digitizer is a Wacom, $1000 can be considered a steal seeing as how the Wacom 24HD Touch Cintiq retails at $3700 and has the same 1080p resolution as the Surface Pro (but the Cintiq doesn’t come with the computer). I’m looking forward to this machine, but I wish it had a i7 flavor with 8GB of RAM.

    • it will at some point, it’s only the first series 🙂 Surely they’ll also add a 3d screen, touch sensitivity, etc

    • Tim

      The Surface Pro is an amazing piece of gear. The pen isn’t Wacom, rather Microsofts own recipe, but actually may improve on their tech, or at least that’s what I think after reading their patent. So, an i5 ivy bridge tablet, with a “retina” display, great (really great) stylus, touch cover, vapormg case… kickstand… yeah I’ll be getting this for sure.