iOS 6.1 features needed beyond Siri

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2012

Apple has now pushed out an official update to iOS 6.0.1 for supported devices, but already consumers are looking forward to the next major update with iOS 6.1. We’ve just heard that Apple plans to add even more functionality to their Siri personal assistant, but should the company be focusing on improving other areas first?

Siri seems to one of the first areas that Apple looks at when providing new iOS 6 updates for iPhone and now iPad users. We saw during Apple’s iPhone 5 event that consumers will soon be able to use the Passbook app to seamlessly book and store boarding pass information when travelling through busy airports.

Now, Apple is again following on from this functionality, by bringing full support for purchasing movie tickets within Siri on the forthcoming iOS 6.1 update. When the update is out, you will then have the ability to ask Siri to buy movie tickets for a particular movie, with Siri understanding commands for relevant movie times as well.

Information uncovered in the iOS 6.1 beta has revealed that the new movie service will make use of the Fandango application to purchase tickets. If you don’t have the app installed, Siri will prompt you to do so before moving on to the payment process. Unsurprisingly though, not everyone is going to be happy with the new features, especially those outside of the US as this is another feature that will be exclusive to US residents for the time being.

Not every theater is supported by Fandango service either, with Siri displaying a movie tickets icon next to theaters that are supported for instant payments on an iOS device. Considering that this is yet another US only feature, we would hope that Apple are planning some other major improvements to iOS 6.1, features that will work universally across all iOS 6.1 devices in all countries.

Opentable is a great feature for US residents, but Apple really should be trying hard to make the same features available in other countries. OpenRice is a great application for Hong Kong residents, which basically provides the same services as OpenTable – so what is the hold up Apple?

On a more pleasing note, we’re also hearing that improvements to Apple maps are coming in iOS 6.1 as well, which are badly needed as anyone who has used the current app will agree. Even Tim Cook has recently admitted that the Maps app needs some work, with many consumers probably wishing that the Google Maps app still remained as an alternative option.

What are your thoughts on the US-only movie ticket features within iOS 6.1? Do you agree that Apple needs to start providing features that work across all countries? After having spent a good deal of time with iOS 6.0.1, what would you like to see in iOS 6.1?

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  • Wendy

    I have a red 1on my settings icon after getting iOS 6.0.1. I cannot clear it no matter what I try…

  • Apple user

    How about instead of trying to run before they can walk they fix the WIFI connection issue ie 3gs with ios 6.0.1 connects to all WIFI no problem yet iphone 5 with ios 6.0.1 doesn’t connect to all!! were in the 20th century yet simple stubling blocks seem to occur to a company as large as APPLE!! reinvest some money that has been made in making the people happy by resolving there issues seeing as they made them the money in the first place!!

  • I’d love to see some Itunes/Match improvements – the abilty to better manage downloads for offline use like delete downloaded content, manage cache limits, easily see content available for offline consumption, even when online etc. I think Itunes match could be one of those services that make it very hard for people to move away from Apple, if they show continued investment.

  • SORourke

    I would just be glad if it fixes the Wifi performance. 6.0.1 did not fix my issues with iPad 2 and iPhone 5, Wifi is very slow and often disconnects. Very disappointed with Apple for the first time.

  • Rayjay

    I live in Canada. Since the iOS 6.0.1 update on my 4S, Siri is speaking gibberish. She no longer understands what I am saying and responds with actions unrelated to my commands. I had been quite pleased with the functionality of Siri, unlike some other people whose comments I had read, and used this feature frequently. Now it is totally unusable

  • Taylor

    seriously need them to fix the battery drain problem! my phone dies within five hours or so without an use! that’s ridiculous and it didn’t start until i updated to the iOS 6.0.1 ! also having the same battery draining issue with my iPod. i don’t use my iPod as much as i used to and it’s been able to hold a charge for two or three days with minimal use. but now that i’ve updated it with the iOS 6.0.1 it dies in a day without any use what so ever! it’s so hard to function with a phone that can’t hold a charge!

  • What about seriously fixing the battery drain issues… This issue seems to pop up again after every update we get…

  • Mick, Tokyo

    How about the WiFi issues ?

  • Marilyn

    Apple has been a nightmare for thousands of users ever since Steve Jobs died. It seems there is no one in control df updates content, they have been very careless. When you look at what can be done under the influence of a jail brake I wonder why some of the simpler things cannot be done with the approval of Apple. For example, a touch button to close all open apps, a button in safari to close down open web pages, a quick access button to bluetooth and wifi on/off functionality. A clock widget that works in real time so the actual time is on the icon! There are hundreds of others. Is it that Apple are being stubborn or just bloody minded.

  • Marilyn

    Close all open apps at the same time,

  • Bob

    The US should be the starting point because Apple is in the US. Other countries leave the US behind so why can’t we?

    • Coolem

      I live in the UK and we got 4GLTE On 4GEE less than a month ago. US gets everything first and no company brings something to the US last

  • Chriscross

    am FURIOUS. at lack of functionality after “upgrading” to iOs 6