iOS 6.0.1 update causes numerous problems

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 6, 2012

We’ve been hands-on with the iPhone 5 since launch and also the iOS 6.0.1 update, which has plagued some users with problems in a number of forms. Our time with both the hardware and iOS 6.0.1 update has been free of issues, but this is not the case for a growing number of our readers. We reported the new software went live right at the start of this month, and while Apple hasn’t commented on any of the problems being experienced with iOS 6.0.1, our readers are certainly making some noise.

Apple’s iOS 6.0.1 update causes numerous problems – the list is growing and it’s fair to say that some of these issues are for select users, and certain problems are being complained about more than others, which shows a pattern that could affect thousands of iPhone and iPad users.

Problems experienced since the iOS 6.0.1 update, and before for some people, include the iPhone 4S battery draining really fast, issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks that were easy to connect to before iOS 6, and also a number of people are claiming that cellular networks are harder to connect to after this latest software update.

The battery life problems with iOS 6.0.1 and the iPhone 4S are likely to affect a lot of users, and considering we’ve heard about this before the previous update it could be an ongoing problem needing a fix. The Wi-Fi problems are also known to be an ongoing issue that Apple has attempted to fix, but it seems things are still bad for certain people and in some cases a lot worse since the iOS 6.0.1 update.

It is fair to say the majority of people don’t experience call problems, our calls have been perfect on the iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0.1, but this doesn’t mean users are not having major call quantity issues. We’ve heard from PR readers stating, “I keep getting a bad connection when calling people“, and “the calls include static and garbled voices“. Our advice to these people would be to try and install iOS 6 from fresh, so reset everything after backing up and if this doesn’t fix it then contact Apple as it could be a hardware issue.

What problems are you finding after the iOS 6.0.1 update? You can read about new features being needed with iOS 6.1 in this article, although we’d love to hear from our readers about their problems needing a fix with iOS 6.0.2.

Seasoned iPhone owners might remember the battery life problems found on the 4S model shortly after it released, and Apple later confirmed these issues and it took a few software updates before the majority of people experienced a lot better battery life. We were one of the initial group of users with battery problems, and after two updates all had been fixed, but it is worth pointing out that millions of iPhone 4S owners had no battery problems, so there is a good chance the current iOS 6.0.1 problems are not experienced by the majority of people. We can confirm on our iPhone 5, and two 4S models in the office, there are no problems after installing the iOS 6.0.1 update. How about you?

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  • Momin Agha

    i just updated to latest ios and now i cant recieve any message

  • Anna

    i just updated my iphone to ios 6.0.1 and lost everthing, restored, but it blanked now it has to be set up as a new phone!! pissed off!

  • Alex

    loved the 4s on 5.0.1 been hesitating to do the update. When i finally updated i lost everything my contacts my music my settings all of it. icloud nor itunes will allow me to use my restore point which i set up before the upgrade. I am extremely upset and will not advise apple products to anyone again. Screw you apple and youve succesfully screwed several customers by causing bugs as to force users to upgrade. I have no idea how to fix this hopefully one of you guys do. Oh yeah got battery issues as well with no background apps or anything running. Very pissed off 4s owner right now.

  • Scott1527

    My cellular service is almost non existant with this software. If I dont have at least 4 bars I have no data and cannot make calls. None of my apps will load unless im on WIFI or have full signal. Going to Apple tonight to see if they can downgrade my software…

  • Yosa

    After updating iOS6.0.1my ipad3 is not working properly im so sad, the home screen keeps freezing and goes blank for 2 minutes, how do i fix this

  • SCH

    battery life a big problem, if this continues will not be able to call it a mobile phone

  • dave

    Since updating to ios 6.0.1 I have been unable to receive oictures via MMS. I had this problem previously, but 6.0 fixed it. I was very unhappy when 6.0.1 brought the problem back!

  • Teacher

    After updating to 6.0.1, sound no longer works on my 4s. My phone is still under warranty, so I will be making a trip to the nearest Apple Store 126 miles away. I had no problems with my 3 gs, but if this is any indication of Apple’s updates, I think my choice to delay the purchase of a computer and an iphone 5 is wise. If these issues aren’t resolved soon, Apple will lose me as a customer.

  • Heli

    I updated to ios 6.0.1 and since then I have noticed some issues..
    1) not able to switch off iphone. It would restart automatically on its own. While this doesnt sound such a big problem, i panicked a bit when I was flying and had to switch off while taking off/landing.
    2) once, my music app didnt show the volume slider button. I cleaned all the pin docks and headphone holes. Also I did all typer of reboot and restores. I could hear ringtones and alerts and also it played nicely when attached with headphones. The volume slider plainly disappers and it plays mute when I remove the headphones.

  • updated 6.0.1 but BATTERY LIFE still the same. full charged 100% at 8pm, played facebook 20min, play some online game 30min, reach home 12am and I left 40% battery only. another issue is the SOUND problem, sometime out of sudden, can’t play any music, video and even incoming calls, SMS, testing ringtone on the settings, ALL NO SOUND! so disappointed with ios 6 now.

  • Nuno Silva

    Just updated on 3GS… Basically with the Phone plugged in, if I use it, battery goes down!!!! 🙁

  • janet

    battery life is short…. plus i cant use any aplication, messages propreply… because they shout down with black screen… i think about sale Iphone and get any adroid

  • MassiveMos

    Hi, since i updated my iPhone 4S to IOS 6.0.1, I had a wifi ship failure. It was changed on warranty. I’m Also disapointed Wotherspoon the battery life. I bearly manage to use it one day (18h)

  • WesHarrell

    6.0.1 really is doing a number on my iPad 2. I updated from 5-something to 6.0.0. I actually had a real great network speed+stability improvement… 2.5x faster than before. Now 6.0.1-Dead stalls with browser, literal stalls in operation… (Keyboard/sysstalled for 3-4 secs typing this…) and very atrocious batt life. While plugged into 2.1a supply (10w) my iPad 2 cannot even positively charge when doing something wi-if intensive (streaming,etc) and that’s with even all other apps off/shutdown, screen brightness minimized to the max, etc. it’s ridiculous. Only way to get iPad to charge up in normal time/speed anymore is to shut data off with airplane mode. Sure wish I could get back to 6.0.0. 🙁

  • joe.ricolli

    battery, wifi and very very bad connection, here from portugal

  • Ny chao

    After i updated my iphone to ios 6.0.1 as well with 6.0.0 it was very slowly to read the khmer font, that doesn’t has in it.