GTA V trailer 2 after continued persistence

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2012

As we informed you earlier this week, GTA V is now officially available to pre-order. We told you about a great pre-order bonus that was available at Target, but now we have the information you have all been waiting for – a solid release date for the GTA V trailer 2!

It has been a long time coming, over a year in fact since we last saw the first GTA 5 footage on November 2 2011. Rockstar has admitted that they had planned to release the trailer on the same date this year, but have since decided to delay the video due to the ongoing events surrounding Hurricane Sandy.

All is good and well though as Rockstar has now announced on their website that the next GTA V gameplay will be going live on Wednesday November 14, so be sure to make a note of that. Rockstar didn’t actually announce this information on November 2nd, but have instead waited a few days longer before dropping an official press release.

Over on their website, there was considerable criticism for Rockstar failing to give out any information on the trailer, prompting the developer to warn commenters that continuous ‘trailer spam’ will be removed along with respective commenting privileges.

Since Rockstar has now revealed a solid release date though for trailer, we wonder if their hand was pushed this time around due to the barrage of comments coming through on their website. Regardless though, we now just have one week to go, so everyone can really start to get excited.

What is going to be the main highlight in the new gameplay? Will Rockstar finally confirm officially that Albert De Silva is the main character, as strongly hinted in a recent GTA V leak? Don’t forget that the Game Informer feature is going live on Thursday as well, so we will probably know a lot more about the game’s story and characters when the issue is released.

It looks like continuous persistence may have forced Rockstar to reveal the date for the trailer. Have you been guilty of writing endless comments on their official website? Let us know what you would like to see in the trailer.

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  • Gtafan#01

    I would like to see gangs and shoot outs car robbing gang hand shakes n gang colors, bike riding,like in gta sanandreas..

  • Reggie

    I dont get why the 14th. If they said they originally ment it to be released on the 2cnd then why another almost 2 week wait? Surley it doesnt take 10 minutes to make a trailer. I make whole Youtube videos and edit them etc in 10-20 minutes. Rockstar have messed up big time in the PR department with this game the whole things been a huge mess. Ive lost respect for them.

    • NiCk14AlPhA

      Sandy. They were in the middle of it in New York. Knocked out their power and put them back.

  • Fuck_You_Rockstar

    November the 14th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make us wait even longer why do’nt you Rockstar,jesus!
    You’ve tested my patients and loyalty to the max! =I

    • Andy

      If you can’t wait 7 days then you aren’t old enough to play the game kid. Rock star never promised a second trailer

      • How about the Pc Version? dedicated fans that have been with the franchise from the start seem to have lost out to the fixed cash cows that are, the shitty consoles.

        • You do know that rockstar always releases a PC version right? like 6 months or so after the consoles.

        • NiCk14AlPhA

          Id say most dedicated fans probably started back with the original GTA which was a Playstation game.

          Just you know, throwing that in there.

        • upsetkiller

          hahahahaha u idiot , the first gta was on pc then it came on ps

    • This can’t be a serious comment. >.>

  • Dymez

    Dude, don’t say Rockstar was forced in any way to release a second trailer due to over zealous fan criticism. They’re releasing it because it is time, now. They’ve consistently stated that, when they were ready, they will give info on the game. Look at the official images being released. Look at the Game Informer 18 page article announcement. They are ready. This is why the trailer is coming, and nothing more.

    You, stating that Rockstar was pushed to release this trailer, is going to make those slightly feeble-minded fans who were causing an uproar, spamming Rockstar’s YouTube page and Newswire, that read this article, feel like they were the reason for this trailer. Which, in result, will make them more demanding and more annoying than they were before. That will be bad for Rockstar, and bad for us fans who understood the entire process Rockstar Games went through to deliver what hopes to be a very incredible game.

    • AJ

      amen brother, finally someone who understands

  • NiCk14AlPhA

    Doubt Rockstar was “pushed” what so ever. If they had planned to release on the 2nd (which we all probably assumed), and had to put it off, then they are just being decent by saying, “Heads up guys, sorry we couldn’t get it out today but its coming.”

    The only thing thats pushed Rockstar is the leaked Pre-order posters. I bet if they wern’t leaked, Rockstar would have announced Spring 2013 on the second trailer. It was obvious they had to officially announce the release date after those posters, they were too good to be true.

    Nah, Rockstar are just assuring people they are still delivering the trailer if a few days behind schedule. Nothing about being pushed, just being honest folk on that.

    To be honest they have played the best marketing campaign you can in the business; Have such a high selling series, announce the new game and shut up and let the community advertise it for you while you quietly work on the game and promotional campaign.

    I bet our wait will be worth it.

    • c

      it betta