Samsung Galaxy Note 2 becoming a real substitute

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 5, 2012

The way smartphones have replaced multiple gadgets we use everyday has been amazing and a progression most of us have welcomed, but it seems a new movement has happened thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which is starting to become a real substitute to popular technology. We heard a few years ago that laptops would replace desktop PCs, and this happened, but then we saw the Apple iPad help to make tablets popular and created a movement away from the laptop and towards the tablet PC. It now seems like there’s a niche being created for people that don’t want a smartphone and tablet, which is being led by the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

In our iPad mini review we explained how this new sized iPad is ideal for iPhone 5 owners, especially considering the size difference between the two devices, although when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owner they opt for a device that becomes both their tablet and smartphone. We’ve also seen early sales figures for the Galaxy Note 2, which point to over 3m units selling without the 5.5-inch device landing on most of the US networks.

We’ve been hearing from people finding the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a substitute for a number of their gadgets, and these new Galaxy Note 2 owners were previously dedicated to a range of brands and smartphones. One PR reader stated that they had a “HTC One X and Nexus 7“, but traded both of these devices in for one Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Another person said they “don’t need to worry about two devices anymore“, and continued that their Galaxy Note 2 now meets both their personal and business needs.

These a just a couple of examples, but we’ve seen hundreds of comments from new Galaxy Note 2 owners that have seen the benefits of the bigger 5.5-inch smartphone. The majority of these people repeat the same words, and that’s the Galaxy Note 2 is a “real substitute” for those people that want “one gadget“, although there are issues with shrinking down from a 7-inch tablet and of course trying to use the Galaxy Note 2 for long phone calls with a 5.5-inch device at your ear.

Are you happy with the balance that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 provides, especially when it comes to finding the middle ground between tablet and phone? If you own the Galaxy Note 2, do you feel you have the best of both worlds and what gadgets has your new smartphone replaced? You can learn more about the Galaxy Note 2 features here, although we’d love to know what US network you prefer for this smartphone. Is it Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or another for you?

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  • günstige brautschuhe

    Now, Samsung’s Galaxy Note the 2 has become synonymous of fashion.I like it,and I think it’s better than iphone 5.

  • I love the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. BUT while the S3 is available in the 32GB version at US carriers, the Note 2 is not. Bloggers have lamented that users are already complaining about running out of app space on the 16GB model. Impediments block transfer of apps to the SD card. I can get the 32GB and 64GB versions from Korea but no LTE there. There is some LTE in the UK but again only 16GB Note 2’s for it. (The iPhone is available in 64GB – no SD card – but is otherwise inferior). The larger screen size suggests users will want to transfer a bunch of laptop and tablet use to the phablet. Thus the 32GB and 64GB internal memory is critical. So I predict the 16GB Note 2 will have a short shelf life. I am already planning my move to a 6″ phablet a year from now. Rumored are Sony and Huawei 6″ phablets. And Oh, Verizon needed the extra month to engrave their logo on the home button…

  • allen

    I was originally looking to get a nexus 7 to go with my s3…I came across a listing on craigslist who’s willing to trade her tmo galaxy note 2 for a tmo galaxy s3 and some cash…so. I went and did the trade and couldnt be happier…the note 2 is big enough to be a mini tablet but also not too big as a phone (well kinda)

  • Dylan

    I traded my Epic 4G for a Note 2 on Sprint’s network and I’m glad I spent the extra $100 to get the N2 as opposed to the SIII. The screen is AWESOME for movies, gaming, and web browsing. I just wish Sprint would hurry up with setting up their 4G LTE coverage.

  • sdroger

    Can someone tell me when the phone Will be available

  • enature

    I’d been using iPhone with 3.5″ screen and iPad with 9.5″ screen for years. But the gap between the screens – a huge 6″ gap – was not filled timely by Apple. Without Steve Jobs the company really lost its way while Samsung & Google have been firing on all cylinders. I got Galaxy Note II a couple of days ago and I’m simply stunned at how good and responsive the device is with Jelly Beans pre-installed.
    It is sad but predictable to see how rapidly the glory of Apple erodes, who thinks that making half-an-inch longer screen is the cutting edge of coolness. What’s next? iPhone 6 with even longer 4.5″ screen? Wake up Apple! Give us a large screen iPhone 6. Meanwhile, I am happy to ditch all iOS devices for my Galaxy Note II.

  • raj

    since i bought this…. all other mobiles (including 4s)seems to be duplicate mobiles or cheap china mobiles.

  • raj

    i only used sony ericsson for 3yrs since its release. and then no mobile is not more than 8months. but this time im gonna have this fr atleast 4yrs. Congrats Samsung for Note 2. im first buyer in my area(a province in south India)

  • Christie

    I’ve been wanting “one device” since long before the firat note existed– something that combined a phone and tablet, much as i’d love an actual mobile “desktop replacement”

    My little android with it’s 3″ screen will do half of everything I need to do on my laptop, even remote admin and working with MS Office docs, but it’s *small*…. the note, isn’t.

    While it’s no desktop replacement, it easilly replaces, say, a netbook– especially since you an hook a hub into it and hdmi. O.o

  • Have had this phone from t mobile for 5 days now. still learning new things it does on a daily basis. (upgraded from S3, which my wife loves as a new phone) This is by far the best piece of technology I have ever purchased. faster then pc’s of just 2-3 years ago. great screen, (watching movies on this is phenominal) Having this phone link all my contacts and calender from work make carrying my work laptop, an unecessary chore.

    Google Now puts Siri to shame (as does s voice) Its crazy how much is packed into this also future software upgradable to tmobile’s true LTE coming next year (will be nearly twice as fast as current LTE networks) and having 42HSPA+ in areas without LTE means you get best of both worlds.
    Looking forward to Multi window update soon.

    • Umar

      And I thought I was the only one giving my old phones to my wife… 🙂

      Glad to know I am not alone…

      Agreed Note 2 is the ultimate beast. Waiting till boxing day/black friday to see deals on it.

    • JAMman

      I am a Verizon customer with an unlimited data plan that I must drop when I get the Note 2. You sound happy with T-Mo, but I’m afraid to drop Big Red for its vast LTE coverage. Comments?

      • Ann

        If you can, buy the Note 2 outright from Verizon so you can keep your unlimited data plan. Believe me, when you get this Note2 in your hand, you
        will want to be streaming online because it’s fast and seamless.

        • I’m thinking about getting the thunderbolt just for unlimited data then selling it online and buying this outright. Its not that much more considering its already 300. Hmm decisions decisions. Its either that or get this for sprint. I can’t stand att data plans anymore.

  • wishinguponastar

    no stock from any provider in calgary ab as of 6pm mst nov 5…stupid suppliers…get with the program. everyone is still saying “maybe next week, if you’re lucky”

  • Shieg

    This is the device that has me finally upgrading from an entry level “smartphone”. Think I’m going to love it. Waiting on delivery from Verizon.

  • Brian

    All I need is Galaxy Note 2 and Macbook Pro. I sold everything else and feel great about it. Unlimited 4G plan is essential with this device!

  • marylou

    I had Galaxy S3 and traded it in for Galaxy Note2. Was a bit nervous at first if I had made the right choice and Wow!! I luv it so much 🙂 wouldnt swap has galaxy s3 look and so much more. Jellybean is fast

  • newnote2

    I have the new note 2 with Sprint and I can honestly say it does all things well. I was already in the habit of using my 4.3 inch phone with 2 hands. I never occured to me to use it differently. The only thing you do with one hand is make calls. (who still does that?). The transition was an easy one for me. It fits in my pocket fine surfing the web is awesome. Battery life is nice. I haven’t touched my ipad since!

  • Mike

    Just picked up my Note 2 (Rogers Canada) the other day and my tablet has since started to collect dust. It is the perfect blend of phone and tablet. Thin enough that it easily fits in my front pocket but big enough that I can perform most tasks normally done on my tablet.

    • Notie

      where in canada do you live? I have to wait for 2 weeks for it to come to Rogers..:(

    • Sebastian

      I would also like to know where in Canada do you live in. I live in Vancouver and the Samsung store doesn’t even have the note 2.

      • Sebastian

        Sweet! The Samsung store just called me. They have it in stock now. I’m going to pick mine up. woot woot!

  • Can’t wait for it to get to Verizon. I’ve been following the SN2 for several months as many others have. This is just too good to miss.

    • joseph johnson

      Agreed! I’m getting it from work but I’m angry that Verizon is dragging its feet on this phone. I thought I would have this at the end of October after the Samsung party but all we got was a long pre-order date from Verizon.

    • Bas Siracusa

      me too, can’t freaking wait, verizon u suck but i love your 4g coverage

    • add me to this list. I too am getting it through work and the wait is almost killing me. Right now I have the 4s and the iPad2 (yes yes, tell me later how I stupidly drank the apple kool aid…) and I am very excited to get the Note2. It is just light years ahead of the iPhone 5 tech and spec wise and I think it will replace both devices and leave me one happy geek girl. I use my devices now for work and personal so I believe that the Note2 will be a good fit for me.

  • yarrellray

    I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 on Tmobile November 15th. I own the current Galaxy S3 on Tmobile and that device is the best smartphone on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is on a level totally different than any other device on the market. This is the ultimate overall entertainment device ever made. Nothing will top this device on on the market for the next 180 days period…