Nexus 7 frustration with Jelly Bean Android 4.2 update

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2012

Earlier on we informed you about an early Jelly Bean update for happy Galaxy Note owners, but unfortunately we have some disappointing news for Google Nexus 7 users, who were also waiting for their official update to Android 4.2.

As most of you are well aware, the device already ships with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. But with Google preparing to unleash the Nexus 4 smartphone with Android 4.2 out of the box, many consumers had assumed that the Nexus 7 would also be getting the latest version of Android around the same time, especially being a Nexus branded device from Google.

That doesn’t look like it is going to be the case though, as we’re hearing that the update has been delayed, after originally being scheduled for an October 29 release. ASUS has apparently gone on record to say that it is down to Google why the update isn’t available yet, but also reminded consumers that the update is definitely happening and should be rolling out ‘soon’.

At the moment, there is no definitive release date for when the Nexus 7 will be getting the Android 4.2 update and consumers may be starting to panic that the Nexus 7 will now play second best to the Nexus 10. Google’s larger tablet also ships with Android 4.2 out of the box and will be available on the same day as the Nexus 4, with both devices launching on November 13.

Considering that this isn’t really a major update to existing features of Jelly Bean though, perhaps consumers are willing to be a bit more lenient with ASUS and Google this time, regardless of who is to blame for the delay. There is still a great deal of interest in the Nexus 7 though thanks to its value for money at $199, so let’s hope that Google continue to show some love for a device that is definitely going to give the iPad Mini a run for its money.

Do you have a Nexus 7? If so, let us know your thoughts on the wait for Android 4.2. Are you willing to stick it out longer, or are you still a bit disappointed that you don’t have Android 4.2 already, due to the device being part of the ‘Nexus’ update program’?

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  • Adam Weeks

    Got my update today. 2 days after the launch date. I’d say that is perfectly reasonable. Again, your article is crap.

  • OmarF82

    Lol useless article from an apple store. Actually 4.2 started to happen 12/11 for Galaxy Nexus and today for some Nexus 7 you were dead wrong. You don’t know how Nexus updates work. Lol

  • Nexus Updates won’t be delayed on any device (except carrier versions).. where did you get this info?

  • mike

    I want to believe that updates will come to my Nexus 7. I feel that Google will honor its commitment and therefore I will not “panic” at the moment. They, Google, know they have a winner which will challenge the Apple ipad mini and will prove this by support.

  • chris

    I just bought a nexus 7 16gb. And now I could get 32gb for the same price. Google please make this right and make it up to us early buyers.

  • Joshua17096

    The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Update WILL be coming out on the Nexus 7 32gb, Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 on the 13th of November when Google reveals them on the 13th, it was originally going to be the 29th but they cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, but the Nexus 7 users who have an 8gb or 16gb will also receive the Update, so don’t worry, it is just that Google is under sligt pressure with everything that happened, but all Nexus 7, 10 and 4 Devices should get the update by the 13th. (I KNOW THIS BECAUSE….I have been frustrated also, and have been doing research)
    If the devices don’t get the update I am sure to let you know!

  • PIP

    Any update will only enhance an already excellent tablet, the Nexus 7 is streets ahead of any other for the price.

  • beardypete

    Looking at the Google website, the device is advertised as coming direct
    from their Play store with v2 onboard. There’s a bit of ambiguity in
    the info Google are currently posting –
    they mention the 3G version and I think that was always coming with v2,
    although readers won’t find any wording that differentiates the WiFi and
    3G devices.

    I wanted a John Lewis 2yr warranty and so I’ve
    bought the 32Gig Nexus from them – if Google are shipping a different
    version of the OS on their stock, it’s a slap in the face for other
    retailers, although I wouldn’t be surprised, as there doesn’t seem to be
    any regard paid either to resellers or to customers when it comes to
    offering scoops.

    As a consolation, I can confirm that there is an update to Jellybean v4.1.2 waiting for new puchasers.

  • Manoj Nayak

    Folks, for those that say Jelly bean 4.2 is not available till November 13, I’d like to point out that you can currently buy the Nexus 7 16gb/32gb from Google play store that already comes with 4.2. As for it not yet being rolled out on previous nexus 7 models (I own the 8gb version), I don’t think anyone is “panicking”. We aren’t talking Key lime pie here, but just a minor update to jelly bean, albeit, an update with interesting features, ie, multi user support and Swype-style keyboard. Being a nexus, I’m sure we will get the update sooner than other android tablet.

  • Surrounded By Idiots

    Alan Ng is either mentally retarded or he’s assuming all his readers are mentally retarded. “Nexus 7 may not get updated until… the date EVERYONE expected in the first place!”. Kudos to him for getting us to read this garbage. Is he getting paid for this? I’m going to block this site on my firewall so I don’t accidentally come here again.

  • Guest

    Alan Ng is either mentally retarded he’s assuming all his readers are mentally retarded. “Nexus 7 may not get updated until… the date EVERYONE expected in the first place!”. Kudos to him for getting us to read this garbage. Is he getting paid for this? I’m going to block this site on my firewall so I don’t accidentally come here again.

  • nevinconstantin

    This sucks! I’m so anxious to get 4.2 it looks awesome! But sometimes looks can be desciving but not with android (yet)

  • 72monkeys

    article sucks, comments are great.

  • Tito

    JB 4.1.2 it’s fantastic, JB 4.2 will be better,and we are thankful for that. Waiting a few days for an upgrade it’s not a problem, we know what we have, and we know that upgrade its coming soon. Wow it’s so cool to own a Nexus 7!!!.

  • Me Ted

    For the love of God man, 4.2 isn’t even out yet. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • Top

    I just want the new keyboard. I have been a Swype addict for years and dislike tapping each key. Hopfully they don’t wait too long after the inital release date to push the update to us.

  • How on earth is this even considered news. No device has 4.2 yet and I am supposed to be concerned that my awesome tablet wont get it for a couple weeks?

  • jouva

    Wow lolol. Lemme get this straight. You’re saying “oh no, you guys have to wait til the product is released before you can get it”? Or are you saying “sorry guys but you have to wait about 2 weeks before you can get an update on your nexus device that non nexus branded devices won’t get for months anyway”?

    • 72monkeys

      I think they’re imessaging each other about how great the mini is. 😉

  • Phil56

    Silly article. Ill informed. Enid Blyton journalist

  • Alan Peery

    The biggest feature for 4.2 is multi-user support on tablets — and that’s a huge feature in my view.

  • kynos

    Own a nexus 7: check. Give a …. about a minor update that will in no way affect my daily usage of the tablet: nope; seriously, who cares? It works fine the way it is. It’s awesome enough already, I’m currently typing this on it, and thinking: if the update will bring even cooler stuff, perfect, but i really don’t even mind if I even get it at all.

  • TJ110158

    As long as the update is confirmed for the device, I can wait

  • Adam Weeks

    Poor article. No, there is no “Nexus 7 frustration” about an update that’s not even out yet. Shame in you for writing an article just to stir the pot. Either you were put up to it my your superiors or you do not understand how the Nexus program works when it comes to updates. Never has an older device gotten the update before the official release.

  • MaxAnderson

    This is what happens when you get your Android news from the Apple Store.

  • ExynosHD

    I would be upset if the update was scheduled for the 13th and delayed. Android 4.2 has not launched so I am not worried.

  • JNexus

    I own a Nexus 7 and want the Android 4.2 update. If the update isn’t released then that would be a dealbreaker for me. I will be disappointed if it is not released this month. I would expect it to be released near the same time as the Nexus 4.

    • The only deal breaker I feel is, getting shafted on storage, I waited and saved to support Nexus (Google) refusing to purchase other brand tablets. I get 16gb and a few months later price goes down, storage goes up and Google laughing at poor saps who supported their new release.

      • SteveN7

        The $25 Play credit cut the price diff in half and you got it sooner. Enjoy.

        • Will

          That’s a given, ……. /// But I do hope you do come to see the logic in what I expressed above; its about doing the best you can and not getting ahead of yourself or allowing profits in the short term to cloud a companies vision and do something or something’s that are not best. /// (Enjoy)!

      • Will

        *With me, (also a Google Nexus 7, 16GB, owner), it will be about two months, but I don’t think that, Google did the new, (Nexus 7, 32GB), and price changes to hurt us, but that it was just a strategic thing to do, as the circumstances unfolded the way that they have. – – – But any customers, who bought a, Nexus 7 within the last, 90 days, maybe should have been, or should be treated to a, 25 or 50 dollar, Google Play credit, it would have been an extremely classy thing to have done; maybe they still will do something? /// I do now feel that, after the way things have come to happen, {however}, that I now want, this new update, before the end of the month, and I really feel most others with a new, * first tablet from Google, Nexus 7, do as well! – It just feels like the right thing for Google to do, in light of the way things have happened. – – – I really like my Nexus 7, and I like the fact that, keeping things getting better and better, is good for civilization, but, We little end users need to speak up from time to time to help make sure that, We the People are served as well as possible, and that there is no need for greed or corruption, as We move in this paradigm, of making life better, for all good people. ******* .

  • I am disappointed that I have haven’t received the update because I am a Nexus 7 owner, but think about the people who are waiting for Jelly Bean still.

  • Charles

    Its about Miracast lol. I need a way to stream my display to the tv set.

  • Nicholas M

    The *earliest* I’d expect this update is the day the Nexus 4 and 10 are released. Give Google a break. Bleeding-edge updates meant to ship with new Nexus lines have never been rolled to previous Nexus devices before the new ones go on sale. In the 1-4 weeks after is when it usually happens. Let the new Nexus owners feel special for at least a day or two. It’s part of the excitement for those new buyers. Galaxy Nexus and No owners will absolutely get it this month.

  • Kevin Schotts

    It won’t be released until the 4 and 10 are released. It hasn’t even hit aosp yet.

  • Will

    We, (GOOGLE/Nexus 7), (buyers and, *supporters), for the most part I think, bought, Google, its first, {The future starts now, tablet}, so as to join in this endeavor with Google. /// For Google to not show a full and reciprocating loyalty back to the vanguards would and or will, be an unforgettable error! *******

    • 72monkeys

      you’re making no sense I tell ya!

      • Will

        The monkey is loose! – Stop playing and go to school! – *(I tell ya)/// {lol}!

  • I confess that I was waiting on that upgrade, it looks sweet. But I can wait. I’m just glad that they aren’t pricks and that the upgrade is happening.

  • guillermo78201

    it’s no biggie, I love 4.1 in my nexus 7. I can wait

  • resneps

    I was under the impression that 4.2 would begin rolling out to Nexus devices after the official release of new hardware on November 13th. As a Nexus owner myself (Galaxy and 7), I would not have expected it any sooner.

  • Max

    No one is panicking. Stop being a drama queen.

  • vjm05

    Are you kidding me? Obviously you have no idea how android updates work. Android 4.2 hasn’t even been released yet! The day the new devices are officially available for purchase the same day new binaries are released to AOSP and other nexus devices start receiving OTA update. Nobody is frustrated. Useless article.

    • 72monkeys

      could not have said it better! and it’s a tablet. I want the 4 so bad I can taste it. but i can wait for a minor update to my 7. (and I love my 7!)

  • Jyoti Shrestha

    i am pretty disappointed that google is holding to give its update of 4.2 to current Nexus 7 users. :((

    • Jouva

      It’s not even out yet for ANYBODY!

  • mintslice

    I’m looking forwards t the new keyboard, and the clock looks nice, but Photo Sphere isn’t that big of an issue. 🙂

  • I bought the Nexus 7 for a bunch of reasons, one of which was updates. I know I wouldn’t get updates the day of, so I’m ok with this announcement. However, if it is indeed a smaller update I would actually expect it to come faster, as there should be less to update then. I can still sleep easy knowing I will get JB2 sooner than any tablet besides the Nexus 10 😉

  • Fact check

    29th was the announcement date for 4.2 and the new nexii. 4.2 release begins on 13.11.

  • Raza

    Do you mean the 4.1.2 update? As 4.2 has not been released for any current nexus device yet. It will first come out on the 3 new devices and then gradually released to the older nexus devices.

  • PK

    It is not critical to switch from 4.1 to 4.2….with Jelly Bean, it is already very very smooth and using without problem. Important is content! It is the website or tech write who ALWAYS wants latest firmware, and NOT normal consumers. Tech writer like you all always try to create havoc,….nonsense

    • I agree, who wants camera update on a nexus 7 anyway? Not much else new to shout about.

      • Anders Candell

        Multiple user accounts?