GTA V character variety likely

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2012

We are just days away from the highly anticipated reveal for GTA V, which is going to be featured on the front cover of Game Informer, with the issue going live online on November 8. To get you warmed up for the main event, new details on the game have apparently leaked, confirming that players may be able to take the role of multiple characters in the main story mode.

As you can imagine, this month’s issue of Game Informer is very hot property indeed and one user is claiming to have already seen the GTA 5 feature already, four days early. The user has wasted no time in revealing the key details from GI’s issue and we again hear the mention of a certain Albert De Silva being the main character.

You may not remember, but the first time we actually heard of the main character being named Albert De Silva was back in March, after some of the first ‘alleged’ details slipped out. At the time, a lot of you were saying the information was completely fake, but now that we’ve again heard the De Silva name – does it mean that the details from an supposed ex Rockstar employee was right all along?

Additional details from this week’s leak also suggest that players will also assume the role of a second main character, identified as Dougie Vejo, who is thought to be a younger criminal living in Los Santos. As for De Silva, we’re now hearing that he is a 42 year old half-American, half-Puerto Rican US citizen, who has an ex-wife and two children to look after.

De Silva is apparently aggrieved after losing his money in a scam and we’re guessing that part of the central storyline will evolve around him doing whatever it takes to line his pockets once again. There are also some further details from the GameFaq user who hints that ‘one or two’ characters from GTA IV may make an appearance – if this part is true, who would you like to see return?

It is exciting stuff indeed and we have a feeling the details are legit, seeing as the Albert De Silva name lines up with the March information from the ex-Rockstar employee. Either way, we don’t have long to go until Thursday’s reveal. Let us know what you think about the idea of playing as multiple characters and whether you are happy that Albert De Silva now appears to be the main character in the game.

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  • Quit-your-crying

    Wow, some of these comments are pathetic. Why does it matter what age or race the main character is?

    I would prefer to play as one character, personally. I won’t get attached to the character enough otherwise.

  • Ty

    wow u people are stressing over the freakin character? obviously the have been working on the game and have the story line, so there’s a character in place. If you have a problem with the character being black or white go make your own video game that sells better than this one…..all a character is, is a prop that gives you the point of view

  • gabriel

    i love creating my own character it’s going to be awesome if going to happen in gta because im so sick of playing either a white black or latino man or just men in general it’s time for chicks to become main characters in gta

    • bullen

      i think you should be able to pick what character to be

  • Curious George

    Italian not Pureto-Rican………..

    • Bruno

      De Silva is a Portugese name

  • gtr

    Multiple characters? It just wont work.

  • gtr

    no one black

  • yela

    I dont want to buff up a 42 year old man

  • Egotisti_Cal

    One of the returning cast will definitely be Packie McCreary. At the end of TBoGT, he left Liberty City on a West-bound flight. What’s west of NY?

    LA baby 😀

    I’m not sure on the others. Lazlow will have to be on the radio again. I wouldn’t say he counts as a guest though.

    Roman would be a good appearance but then that would conflict with some players endings of GTA IV.

    Someone said it above and I think they’re right. Brucie owning the car mod garages sounds just about right.

  • Dymez

    Having a hard time believing this is real.

    -“Grove St. makes a return; CJ and Sweet not in the game.” Ok, listen. Just like the way it happened from GTA III and GTA IV, GTA V locations will have different names than San Andreas. It’s already been proven with the pre-order slides and the trailer. The real life Santa Monica Pier was named Pleasure Pier in San Andreas — In GTA V, it will be named “Del Perro Pier.” Yet Grove Street is still Grove Street? But those characters will no longer be in the game? Sounds sketchy.

    -“Only character customization are clothes and hair. No tats, no gym.” Ok, but Rockstar purposely made it a point to show off the gym and the girl walking by with 2 sleeves full of tattoos. They know that people wanted these things in the game, they showed it off. Who really thinks they would do that for no reason? Sounds sketchy as well.

    -“Love Fist is back as the Jezzies.” The girl in the artwork had on a Love Fist shirt. Legendary bands never change their name, they would change band members, however, but never their name. All these things point to Love Fist still being Love Fist if they are actually in the game. My guess is the “leaker” figured since Love Fist is technically a GTA III era band, they can’t exist in this world. But, since there is artwork of the girl wearing a Love Fist shirt, he’ll bring them back under another name. Little did he know that Love Fist was a radio personality more than an actual character in the III era, so they actually can crossover to different eras, like Lazlow and James Pedeaston.

    These are just my thoughts. The leak sounds very sketchy. And let’s be honest, if I (and most people) had the Game Informer and am willing to leak the info, I would upload a picture of the article or just the actual magazine itself. Those mags should be on the delivery trucks soon, ready for transport to various Game Stops and Stationery stores around the country. I’m sure that at least one driver will be a gamer and we’ll get real info, WITH A PICTURE, either tomorrow or the day after.

    • Alarbus

      Good point. Never take it for gospel until you see it. Perhaps with the Jezzies is that Love Fist broke up and this is Jezz’s solo career!

  • Jubba

    Brucie should make a return with a car mod garage

    • bullen


  • Ron

    I dont know how I feel about a 42 year old man being the main character. half puerto rican aswell. Dont get me wrong but we already had a dominican character. If you wanted him to be half hispanic there are tons of latin american countries to choose from. Were not all from the caribbean. As for Dougie, he sounds like a cool original unique character. I hope the desilva thing is a rumour but even if it is, the old man in the trailer looks pretty important. I dont wanna play with the old man. An old man parachuting? OKay.

    • 99dufjmnsdns

      we should have sme one black because its always sum 1 white-_-

      • Fluffy_winky

        The main character of San Andreas (the biggest most popular GTA ever) Carl Johnson was black an the game was full of black characters. So was GTAIII and Vice City with 8-Ball and Lance Vance who were both black and part of the main story. GTA Vice City Stories the main character was black Vick Vance.

      • gabriel

        i totally agree it’s always some white guy it’s time day should more variety

        • Abcdefg

          Is cj not black ? Jesus !!!! I can’t believe that’s two people who have said this lol you idiots.

        • how about an aisian?

        • sabman999

          Then it’ll be a copy of Sleeping Dogs.

        • Well i guess, but on here your not a cop.

    • Dominican and Puerto Rican is not the same. -_______-

  • asdfghjkl

    i dont care who it is as long as he isnt black

    • Fish

      So you have a problem with blacks?

    • I dont care who it is as long as he isnt white.

  • Kakarot

    Some rather interesting leaks.
    But i don’t think fans should be too unhappy with the information so far, let’s wait for 8th November for the solid and real information, i still think there will be a gym despite some articles saying there won’t be.

  • Ron Lawson

    More than likely the returning characters from GTA IV will be the celebrities we’ve seen on TV or encountered in TBoGT!

  • Rockstar_is_poo_now

    Rockstar sure are testing fans loyalty thats for sure,so many fans angry with them. I thought trailer 2 was coming today but nothing but more and more rumours. Why are Rockstar letting fans get fished like this!

    • I_SAID_IT

      They also said superstorm sandy is holding them back as their office has no power. The monday deadline was pure speculation. Get of your period.

      • Suck_my_left_nut

        So they cant let the makers of of GTA (Rockstar North in the UK) make and put out a trailer,they didnt get hit by a storm? They cant get someone from their PR department in New York with a laptop to walk down to another part of New York that has electricity and bust out a trailer? Did they have to launch trailer 1 over a year ago and then not give us any information or trailer 2 for over a year? No…instead they let us get constantly trolled by articles like this one day after day!

        • RK

          People who are stuck in this storm have priorities over releasing new info on video games.. Its not there fault there’s a storm that’s had bad affects on there city

  • joe

    lol, jumpin’ on a troll forum post and giving it a “leak” status then posting it as news… weak.

  • garb

    creating your own character sucks how do you make a story around that .this isn’t sainst row

    • Gerard

      Now ur talkin.

  • I want The Lost MC President Johny kleblizt coming back LOVE THE LOST BIKER !

  • Adam

    To be honest, I am not happy that the main character is Albert, I would rather be able to create my own character by choosing a gender, race and personality etc…

    • Gerard

      Get saints row and enjoy

      • john

        3 doesn’t have that much customization compared to 2

        • gabriel

          i disagree i think customization in 3 was a lot better than 2

    • gabriel

      i agree creating characters is more awesome then rather them giving a set character which is typically a old white or middle aged guy

  • ed


    • jerry