Black Ops 2 zombies guns with new wonders

We have a real treat for Black Ops 2 zombie fans now, as it looks like an official update to Call of Duty Elite by Beachhead has inadvertently revealed the majority of new weapons for Black Ops 2 zombies, including a look at some of the new wonder weapons that will come in the new mode.

As you can imagine, there is a huge buzz about zombies right now, as with just days to go until the official release date, fans are eagerly trying to find out what maps are included and more importantly, what type of new guns are going to be introduced compared to zombies in the first Black Ops game.

We can tell you that the popular Ray Gun is definitely returning for Black Ops 2. There doesn’t appear to be any sign of the Wunderwaffe as of yet, but thanks to the list we do have an image of what looks to be the main wonder weapon for Black Ops 2. It looks huge and we may have actually already seen a little gameplay of the weapon in action during one of Treyarch’s previous zombie teasers.

If you watch the official trailer below at 1.50, this could be a little tease of this actual wonder weapon being used, although we don’t see what kind of damage it can do to the zombies sadly. The image list courtesy of Charlie Intel also shows a lot of older guns returning, and possibly three new types of grenades or C4 explosion packs to use.

As shown in a previous trailer, there is also an image of the new zombies shield, which players will be able to use as a battering ram, after collecting various pieces in Tranzit mode. We’re a little disappointed that there isn’t an image for the infamous monkey bombs, but they may still be in the game – hopefully someone who already has the game can confirm this in the comments.

What are your initial ideas on the new wonder weapon coming to the game? Will you be sad if the Wunderwaffe doesn’t make it? We’ve found a useful second video below showing you the new weapons in closer detail. Roll on November 13 everyone!



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