Samsung Galaxy S4 display size is critical

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 4, 2012

The past couple of weeks have seen some solid rumors arrive for the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is pegged to be the only Android device likely to beat the S3 success, but we’re not liking some of the Galaxy S4 display size suggestions that seem to be in direct conflict with what the majority of users want. It is fair to say that the Note 2 has carved out its own niche of becoming both your tablet and smartphone, although there is no need for Samsung to send the screen size of the Galaxy S4 in this direction as well.

Samsung Galaxy S4 display size is critical – there have been a few rumors pointing to a screen size of around 5-inches for the Galaxy S4, which resulted in forums and blog comments being filled with users stating they’d “never buy the Galaxy S IV with a display size at or above 5-inches“. It is understandable why the majority of users seem to have these feelings, which is due to each Samsung Galaxy device needing to fit in and also keep the gap between display sizes.

Insight into the Galaxy S4 horse power can be read in our article here, which looks at a number of signs pointing to the EXYNOS 5250/5450 chip being used in the next Galaxy smartphone, although it is worth pointing out these rumors started back in January and look pretty solid. The link to the article above includes a video showing how long ago the EXYNOS chip rumors started.

Towards the end of last month we also looked at other Galaxy S4 specs that could happen, and after dissecting a number of sources claiming insider information it seemed that the most likely screen could be a 4.8-inch OLED with edge-to-edge technology. Take a look at that article here, although we’d love to hear what your ideal screen size would be for the Samsung Galaxy S4? Do you have a maximum display size, and anything after this would be a no-go for you?

At the time of writing there has been no confirmation of a release date for the Samsung Galaxy S4, although numerous reports are claiming that February next year is looking likely. Considering Mobile World Congress 2013 runs Feb 25-28, we’d expect a March/April launch for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to be on the cards.

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  • Kevin Bond

    S3 size is good enough. Just dont make it look cheap plasticy. And would be great if the keyboard letters are little bigger.

  • Mr Uli

    If you can fit the 5” screen and retain the same overall size while increasing resolution and replacing plastic then I’m all in

  • Archknight

    I have a feeling the screen size will increase to 5″ considering HTC just released the J Butterfly (HTC DNA/DLX). They may due away with physical buttons and move to all virtual ones to increase the size of the screen without making the phone bigger. With edge to edge that would also increase screen size without adding additional mass to it. I have an S3 and pretty average size hands, the phone feels more than comfortable to hold. So if they contain the S4 to it’s current size or slightly smaller while increasing screen size I’m all for it.

  • Brian

    4.5-4.8. Same thickness. Non pentile screen. Get rid of the home button and do what google wants. No physical buttons on face at all. Love my galaxy nexus BC of it. If they could just shrink the top and bottom bezel it would make one handed navigation so much easier and more Attractive to those who don’t want larger phones or fear it would be uncomfortable to use. And the cherry on top??? Allow consumers to easily uninstall the skin without rooting so the average person could do it and reap the benefits and experience of a pure Google OS.

  • carlosmigueli

    I agree with Anne and Dalbir… The s3 is already a great phone… If u want to improved the phone there is no need to make it bigger… Better would be perfect.

  • Ash

    Bigger than the S3 and samsung will loose out, The Galaxy S range should focus now on quality like better screen resolution even full 1080p HD display will do, better battery, less plastic and so on, low light camera capturing would be a big bonus. Weight also plays a big role, not too heavy and not too light.

  • Octavian

    For me the sweet spot is 4.5″-4.8″. More than this is a NO-GO and bye-bye Galaxy.

  • John Trollinski

    Screen size should be 6 inches.

  • adamsmith

    I like 4.3″. 5″ is tooooooooo big.

  • Sérgio

    I own a gs3 and after played around with a note 2 i dont feel gs3 too big..i think 5 inch with a massive battery is the right way to go, has long as it fits in the pocket.. Note 2 unfortunely doesn’t..:(

  • My 2 cents

    1. Do away with Pentile display
    2. Increase the resolution
    3. Increase the screen size if you can fit it in existing phone dimensions
    4. Pureview? 😛
    5. Don’t release a version with more RAM after 4 months of launching a flagship (i9305 was so not cool!)

    6. No cheap plastic!

  • semaja

    i agree with joshua iv said it before to people samsung needs to make something that phones dont already have for example make it flexable so that it will curve to your face or flex aroud your wrist or be clear or float somthing that will change acually change how we think about phones

  • if it will be bigger im not gonna buy it

  • dont make it bigger omg!!

  • jimmy

    the screen size will incease but not the phone

  • Insaneoctane

    I don’t want a larger screen, print but rather thinner and lighter. I’d love the S-pen because the note is too big for me.

  • Harpreet Singh Bal

    Samsung need to keep the screen size between 4.3″ – 4.8″. They also need to stop trying the make the phone slimmer and concentrate on making a battery that lasts longer. Personally I wouldn’t mind having a phone that is fatter than the S3 if the battery can last a longer duration.

  • matikal

    I would rather have a smaller phone. 4.5″ screen is more than sufficient, use edge-to-edge screen to maintain a large screen but small form factor for the phone

  • jake s

    Itd be nice is they utilized all the available extra space where there is no screen on the galaxy s3, this way they could achieve a 5inch display but keep the phone the same size. Because really if the physical phone is any bigger itd be to much to handle. It may actually be best if they can make the phone smaller but keep the display at 4.8inchs, again by making use of the extra space.(Like from the home button up to the display there is a good .2 inchs of unused space).

  • Gassan Almusawi

    5″ is too big unless they manage to keep the same demensions of the S3.

  • SA

    4.7 or 4.8 is big enough I don’t think I would carry it around if it gets any bigger, every thing else seems like is in the right direction

  • make the screen last more than 2 minutes without cracking and ill consider it

    • Dalbir_Singh

      I can’t recall any phone that did that.

  • Ok even supposing the S4 comes wth a 5” screen! Wat next?? If Samsung n other companies keep pushing this bigger screen is better nonsense trend, we might b seeing screens with d size of 6”+ in d likes Galaxy S5 n subsequent flagships! This is jst plain stupid n outrageous! Instead of pushing this weird n crappy screen size trend, y not focus on other nuances of d phone including d most important 1 of battery life! At present, most top range phones do injustice 2 their grand specs cos of pathetic battery life! Also, there r many many other things 2 improve n software optimization has 2 rank as 1 of them! Increasing screen size is soo boring n inconvenient!

  • Anne Williamson

    I agree the screen should stay about the same size as the GS 3, but increase the “wow” factor!!!

    • Dalbir_Singh

      I wouldn’t mind if the screen size increases as long as the overall dimensions aren’t larger than the GS3.

  • mustafa raad

    The SIII’s 4.7 screen is already too big for my liking (this is probably going to change though with the release of nexus 4) ,but making it larger is just plain stupid, a smartphone should be comfortable to hold, and i can’t see that happening with a 5″ “phablet”

  • They already have a big phone in the Note series. What Samsung needs to concentrate on is delivering a Wow Factor with something along the lines of a revolutionary screen resolution, or the addition of wireless charging, or something new they don’t have in the phone yet. Just turning it into a Note seems kind of ignorant to me.

    • Anomomus

      Wireless charging sounds AMAZING!

    • Tiffany

      GS3 already has wireless charging available.

  • Mav

    Great size and with OLED screen WOW!

  • randu

    I think 5 inch is too big as well, that arena belongs to the Note series. I like the idea of the same size but better resolution such as 1080p full HD!

  • man

    5 inch is ok . . Even very good

  • homes

    too big!