Nokia Lumia 920 release date clarification for US, UK

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 4, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 920 release date seemed pretty clear cut this week, which had been marked for a launch in the UK 2 days ago, although phoning UK Orange stores reveals the Nokia Lumia 920 will release on Nov 9 and clearly shows previous rumors pointing to an earlier release seem incorrect. When it comes to the US Nokia Lumia 920 release date it seems that the same day, Nov 9, is being rumored from a number of AT&T insiders.

If you want to know a little more about the Nokia Lumia 920 then we recommend you take a look at our earlier article, which delivers a good visual review of the handset with 7 videos detailing different aspects of the device. It Is also worth pointing out that the weight of the Lumia 920 might not be for everyone, although those that love the handset claim the PureView technology really sells the device and a responsive UI, solid build, and amazing camera just confirm the purchase. If you love taking photos on your smartphone then the blur-free images and low-light abilities of the Nokia Lumia 920 should make buying this handset easy.

Nokia Lumia 920 release date different to shipping times – it looks pretty solid that the Lumia 920 will launch on AT&T in 5 days time, and it looks like the UK will receive the same device at a wide number of locations as well, but if you’re ordering online it might not be that simple. The best bet might be to turn up on the day at a store to try and be one of the first to get hands-on with the Lumia 920, which is shown thanks to delayed shipping times on certain websites.

Everything Everywhere is a UK network gaining popularity and they are also offering the Nokia Lumia 920, but once you head to checkout you can see that the device is on pre-order at this time, which also warns shoppers to “allow 21 days for delivery“. This is something online shoppers need to be careful about, and just because we’re hearing that the Nokia Lumia 920 should release in about 5 days it doesn’t mean it will ship then. You can see this from EE in the image below.

Why do you love or hate the Nokia Lumia 920? Some of the better smartphones have a niche and when it comes to the Lumia 920 it has to be the camera shooting abilities, which deliver pictures that are hard to beat when compared to other mobile phones.

The image above shows a new feature from AT&T’s homepage, which includes a “coming soon” image next to the Nokia Lumia 920 and only helps to confirm the upcoming release date of Nov 9.

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    • Roger

      Uhm, do you even know what Excel is dumdum?

      • Atonnis

        I think he was trying to be funny….I chuckled – but only because it’s 00:22 and I’ve taken two prescription sleeping pills…

  • Usama

    rarely people wait for something with such eagerness

  • Liz

    Anybody know where you can preorder one? I am so excited for this phone! I love windows (:

    • blessyz

      From EE and Phones4U.

  • Question: I bought a Samsung Focus at least two years ago, and I’m on a family plan, but I want out and I want this new phone. I hear Best Buy is offering this phone for 150 with a 2 year ATT plan (I currently have ATT)…can I simply bust out of the family plan and sign up with this 150 plan? Is there anyone who can help me here?

    • MajorRockStar

      Check your ATT account online and see if your phone is eligible for an upgrade. If so, you can upgrade your phone for the $150 price and maintain your same account for 2 more years. Sometime in April ATT switch a lot of people’s upgrade date, from whatever it was then, to November 9, 2012. Now that the Note 2 and 920 are being released that date, I wonder if it was planned all along. Hmmm?

  • San Jose

    A black Lumia 920. Can’t wait to switch to window 8 from Iphone.

    • HN

      I agree. Had a look at the black, white, yellow and red display dummy phone. Black matte looks lovely and the second best was the white glossy for me although probably a bit slippery due to the gloss like finish In my opinion. So far black is looking like a winner to me. Can’t wait. SG3 owner.

      • San Jose

        Looks like you too from San Jose, Do you see people interested in Lumia 920 around you

        • HN

          I’m from the UK mate although I hate to admit people around me are yet to get excited by Windows Phone or for that matter Lumia 920. I’ve seen and read a lot of interest online but that’s about it. I hope i’m wrong though and that Lumia 920 goes on to break the dismal sales record of its predecessor Lumia 900.

          One of the few negatives that I would care to moan about is the way Nokia has gone about launching this device. (1) Network exclusivity deals (2) Availability of the phone – one would have hoped they released this immediately after the Windows Phone announcement on 29 Oct but realistically have been to many retail phone shops over the weekend, its looking like next week or the week after! And that too on selected network EE, Orange and T Mobile.

        • Chris

          What do you know?? Who on earth are you to tell me anything?

        • Ian Witts

          Yes, this has properly annoyed me too. I want the Lumia 920 (against all the advice of friends), but Nokia are making it impossible for me to get hold of it! I’m not going with EE as their 4G contract costs are crazy so it’s nuts.

          It’s now been beaten to market by the 8X and at this rate I suspect that the Nexus 4 will also get there first. The iPhone 5 has obviously been out for ages and the Lumia 920 isn’t the epic move into the smartphone market so against these competitors it’s quite costly (other than the iPhone 5).

          We’ll see. I have it on pre-order, but I’m not sure whether I’m going to stick with it.

        • JackLloyd.

          I’m still holding out too, there’s no way I’m going with EE and getting just 512mb of internet for that price. My contract ends this month though so it better be out on Orange tomorrow (Friday) as suggested, but I’m not holding my breath!

      • Silent_warrior

        Dont the Yellow/Black phones look like the Lumia 820? Rounded edges and everything?

  • Humous

    Can’t believe something as simple as a release date has so much confusion surrounding it. I’ve been trying to purchase this phone for a week now and I’ve been told all manner of things from having just missed out on some 920s on the 31st from phones4u to ee telling me that the official release is the 9th. I don’t see the point of irritating your customers before they get the phone, why can’t it be a simple straightforward release date?

    • ReleaseMEnow

      Yes. This “unknown” will drive away customers. I am begging for a preorder to pop online right now.

    • Blactionman

      i actually bought a contract out with ee and ordered my phone on the premise that it wouldnt be coming out on the 2nd.. i was advised the 12th from EE and then went into a store to make a further inquiry and was told actually it will be the 2nd.. so i canceled my account with EE… then ive tried to get one all weekend and have been told its not out untill the 9th… WTF how hard can this be really to stick to a date…plus the EE rep opened a new account with them as he said i couldnt upgrade from my orange account which was totally wrong… brilliant start EE …amazing

      • Blactionman

        PlusI canceled my account with EE because they wouldnt let me pick up the phone from a shop even though it hadnt yet shipped leaving me waiting 7-10 days for a phone that i could of just walked into a shop and bought…. All in all i havent even transferred to them yet but….EE….EpicFAIL!

        • lumpaywk

          And epic rip-off I say wait a couple weeks then it will be out on normal o2 T-Mobile for half the price. EE is the biggest sham going £31 for 500mb f that I get unlimited 3g on a £25 contract and tbh 4g is only faster if you in an optimal spot and wont be widespread for another year at best. Plus who downloads on the go that is a massive battery drain and anywhere you have charging you will also have wifi.

        • Atonnis

          Interesting, I had a really helpful EE rep who upgraded me from my T-Mobile account with no fuss whatsoever. He even called me back that evening to confirm everything and he said they had down that they were receiving them between the 5th and the 10th. He then advised me they were expecting to get them in on the 6th and start shipping ideally immediately, but the 9th won’t be the end of the world if it goes to then. He even allowed me to upgrade early and when I umm’d and aaah’d a load he offered a slightly higher package for the price of a lower tariff.

          He also said they’ll text me directly when the phone is ready to ship along with the date/time period the phone will arrive, and they offer an option where they send you three alternative date/times and you can text back to change the current one if you have a need. Excellent service all round.