GTA V trailer setback reveals patience

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 5, 2012

We can pretty much count on the fact that Rockstar had been planning for the new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer to go live on the one-year anniversary of the first video, which we predicted last month. This meant GTA V trailer 2 should have released 2 days ago, and conveniently we saw an official Rockstar comment explaining their plans had been derailed just a few hours before the anniversary of the first trailer, which only adds weight to this prediction.

Since the delay has officially been confirmed it seems the majority of GTA V fans are not only desperate to see trailer 2, but are also very understanding about the circumstances. It’s fair to say a few people will feel that the hurricane has delayed something they really wanted to see, but the majority of gamers understand this is nothing compared to the devastation caused.

We’ve also noticed a lot of patience from those people waiting for the second GTA V trailer, and it is common to find comments along the lines of “we’ve waited a year, so what does a few more days matter“. There has been hope that those behind the next GTA V video would upload the new trailer this weekend, although it will more than likely arrive on Monday when they get back to work.

How often have you been looking for GTA 5 trailer 2 this weekend? Over this weekend you might be looking on the official Rockstar blog for new details, especially when it comes to a new video that has been publicly confirmed to be almost here and delayed thanks to bad weather. It is worth pointing our readers to the official GTA 5 YouTube channel as well, which currently features one video for the first trailer with over 25m views, so it’s worth bookmarking this page on YouTube and you’ll see a second video appear the moment it goes live.

Considering it has been over a year since the first GTA 5 trailer, do you feel patient right now? We’d also love to know what you want to see, and considering the game is up for pre-order we should learn a lot more about the protagonist. This should finally confirm or deny rumors of more than one character to choose from. Feel free to read about Los Santos collectibles in our earlier article.

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  • Gta man

    GTA V Trailer 2 11:14:2012

  • Rockstar dont f*ck about with things like this. GTA V will be ready when its ready. If they rushed anything, it really wouldnt be worth it! If they delayed another 5 years, it’d still be amazing.

  • Ash

    Where is the PC version goddammit?!

  • LOL at using a hurricane as excuse, only reason they delay it is cos they want everyone to see it and those without power would not be able too. There are many Rockstar Studios worldwide not to mention the game is being made in Scotland. Evey one in Rockstar team has the trailer on there computers. Not exactly hard to upload a file to a website, it can be done anywhere. Pathetic Rockstar, over a year for a trailer. Completely ridiculous.

  • Kevin

    Why the GTA V 2nd trailer delayed? I guess it was the weather.

    • KJ Kwiet Storm

      Lol I see what you did there.

  • Rish Lumbaugh

    This is ridiculous. I’ve been googling GTA V two, three times every hour like a flipping crack addict. I was better off before R* began their stupid tease.

    • Me too. I have searched Google for GTA V 4 to 5 times a day just fill my daily intake of GTA V info.

  • ThatOneGuyAtTheBusStop

    Hurricane Sandy caused devastation…
    list of devastation:
    -2nd trailer delayed

    never forget, we will reconstruct

  • It’s been a year?! Damn…I didn’t realise it. Anyway, even though it ain’t 80s Vice City I’d still wait for an eternity for any GTA game, including V.

  • Doherty

    I to be honest didn’t even realise it had been nearly a year but fair play to r* they manage to keep such a large fan base even though they release so little information I’m looking forward to the trailer but I can wait

  • sketch519

    The wait will probably be well worth it, Rock-star has never disappointed me, been a huge fan of RDR and I know GTAV will have tons of surprises and cool stuff to do. God bless the people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

  • neilq5

    It’s quite sad people saying they’ve lost interest when everyone knows you’re still gonna buy the game and the fact you’re here tells me you searched gta 5 looking for new info

  • Tommy

    More than happy to wait an extra day or two 🙂

  • GTAfan

    Definitely a game series that can reinvent its self and keep its followers, cod is dead and I’m looking forward to this game even if it takes another couple of months ill buy the game on the day of release.

    • Paul

      What are on about? COD is not dead… not even close, and it will still out sell GTAV.

      • HA! Outsell GTAV?! Nope.

  • ThroatChoker

    Don’t realy care as much as I did last year now it’s just when its out it’s out but I’ll still preorder it when more details come out.

  • GTAfan

    All you people losing interest in this game: Fine, more fun for everyone else then. I don’t want your sour attitude online cussing at me. I’ve been playing the GTA games since number 1, so for me this is the only long time franchise I grew up with and still play. I’ll be there on day 1, no doubt.

  • CBI ka Kutta


  • G

    EA don’t make this game, so i’ll buy it anyway.

  • A lucky guy

    I just got confirmation from a buddy at R* that th new trailer is coming Monday because that’s the day pre-orders are available, although he is in the dev dept of R* and I’m not going to say which dept specifically, he has confirmed it, it’s me and my wife’s anniversary on Monday and he saw this as a nice little gift haha, what a guy, he said to be prepared because its going to be mind exploding!!! See ya tomorrow gta v



    • Really?

      You’re an idiot.

    • wowza

      Computers run on electricity. So do servers and other technology used for gaming and internet purposes. The NY rockstar office, where the trailer is being developed, was without this vital form of energy. Did you want them to draw a sketch of the trailer by candle light and mail us all a hand drawn copy? If your boat sank would you swim to catch your fish or would you wait until you could procure another vessel?

    • OG

      Yes lets disregard the fact that people are trapped in buildings and starving just because a fisherman wants to see the trailer….some peoples kids

    • Dan

      agree 100%

    • sketch519

      I’m assuming this is a 10 year old fisherman, cause your so whiny.

    • Tom

      Stop embarrassing my country.

  • Skippy

    Screw waiting, it’s been way too long for this crap. Get on the freaking ball, R*

  • J

    The fact that we know its actually coming this week (Monday) is good enough.

  • Jeph

    it has been a year…. thats why my patience and interest is declining

    • General Butts

      whatever man as if the trailer being late is going to make you lose interest in the game

    • redeyedrobby

      And as soon as u see the second trailer u will be just as excited as when u first saw the first trailer

  • Callum Gunn

    As much as I’d love to see a Trailer 2, I’m not to bothered about when it arrives so much now. This is of course because of the GI’s December issue arriving this Thursday

  • Susan

    I did think the trailer would land on the anniversary, and this had to be their plan before the storm.

  • Rick

    I been waiting years for GTA 5 and still play IV, so considering it has been over a year now for the second video it is no big deal and I’m happy to wait. We also know it is coming in days, not weeks, so this is great news.