Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC lifeline for Xbox 360

If you have picked up the Xbox 360 version of Assassin’s Creed 3, you may be feeling slightly hard done by after finding out that exclusive DLC is contained only on the PS3 version. However, new hints have emerged within the Xbox 360 version suggesting that the content may well end up on the Xbox 360 some time in the future.

We ourselves find this very hard to believe, as Ubisoft has specifically stressed that this content is for the PS3 only and won’t be coming to any other platforms. The DLC in question is the Benedict Arnold missions and it provides PS3 users with an hour’s worth of extra content and story, content which seemingly makes the PS3 version the superior out of the three platforms.

While most of you will be under the impression that the content is staying locked to the PS3, take a look at the image below courtesy of pixelrelated, taken from the Xbox 360 map legend in-game, which clearly shows a marker with the text ‘Benedict Arnold mission’.

If the content is supposedly ‘never’ coming to Xbox 360, then why has this icon made it into the Xbox 360 version of the game? Surely Ubisoft would have removed all Benedict Arnold related content from the game if it was due for PS3 only. Has the developer actually fooled us all, by making the Benedict Arnold missions a timed exclusive, rather than a platform exclusive?

We saw some similar patterns with the two GTA IV DLC episodes, which were originally thought to be Xbox 360 only, but then found their way over to the PS3 many months after. Ubisoft has obviously struck a deal with Sony to give this DLC to PS3 users first, but have they given in to temptation by planning to charge a separate fee on Xbox 360 afterwards?

Until Ubisoft comment on this, it is best to take this information with a pinch of salt. If you have the Xbox 360 version though, suddenly it doesn’t look so gloomy any more. Let us know what you think of the image and whether you think the content will actually end up a timed exclusive, meaning that the PS3 version isn’t so special after all.

If the content is confirmed a timed exclusive in weeks to come, how will you feel PS3 users?



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