Skyrim PS3 Dawnguard DLC fate answered in days

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2012

As we enter the start of November and the upcoming busy Holiday season, there is still no official word from Bethesda on the status regarding the missing PS3 Dawnguard DLC content for Skyrim. Thankfully though, the developer has released a brand new DLC screenshot possibly related to Dragonborn, meaning that we may finally get an answer on whether Dawnguard will be releasing on PS3 in a matter of days.

Bethesda has posted the fantastic-looking image to their Twitter account, along with the message informing fans to expect a full trailer on Monday November 5th. If you have been keeping a close eye on developments regarding the next DLC expansion, you’ll know that the Dragonborn name has already been revealed in trademark listings, and has been hidden inside some PC files, also containing some juicy information regarding the PS3.

In the recent Skyrim 1.8 beta update for PC users, this following line of code was found in one of the files – ‘$DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT_PS3 DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT’. Now this message also appeared in the same group of text referencing the Dragonborn name, which means that there could be two possible outcomes over this.

The first is that the Dragonborn DLC could be making its way to the PS3, meaning that users finally have some add-on content to play after missing out on Dawnguard and Hearthfire. While this would obviously be a pleasing outcome for fans, we would prefer to assume that the line of text relates to the fact that they have now fixed the well documented PS3 hardware problems and will be releasing all three expansion packs on the PS3, including the new Dragonborn content.

This trailer coming on November 5th will give us the answer to this question, as Bethesda will announce the chosen platforms at the end of the trailer. Another important thing to bear in mind is that Microsoft’s Skyrim DLC exclusivity agreement is up, meaning that Xbox 360 users won’t get this content first before anyone else. It’s either going to be just Xbox 360 and PC, or all platforms this time around.

Let’s pray that the company has sorted out all of their issues with the PS3 version and all platform owners can finally unite as one and enjoy the game in its fullest potential. Have a good look at the image above and let us know your thoughts on it – it has to be Dragonborn right?

Are you optimistic that we are going to get an announcement on Monday, stating that all the DLC content is finally on the way to PS3 users?

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  • MasterBrief

    dont see any reason microsoft or sony cant get a limited exclusive window for dlc but when you cut out dlc entirely its something else they had the same issue with Fallout 3 if I remember right.

  • Dhop

    If Dawnguard and Hearthfire are ever released for PS3, it should make it really cheap since we’ve had to wait so long.

  • Kyber30

    I hope ps3 users do get all 3 dlcs, hopefully at a reduced price, to compensate for the long wait

  • psn gaara1193

    had a few tankards of ale and still i seem to be amazed by skyrim, literally i love the game, maybe not love bethesda at the moment due to lack of dlc but i pray that they release it to us, not to mention that i would adore bethesda again if they are to release all three dlc’s at once to us =) ps, idk how the hell i was able to type, just thought fellow ps3 gamers like myself would like a funny/honest comment

  • troooool

    i think ps3 owners should get a small discount from the dlc not much for example dawnguard from 20 to 16 or 15 or hearth fire to 3 bucks maybe

  • BenAger

    All Bethesda has to do is to release all PS3 DLC in one expansion pack for the cost of one or something…..Everyone’s happy ?

  • z’del

    I hope all 3 dlc get released together so we can enjoy it all


    DLC for PS3? That is bound to tingle your titties with Tobasco sauce

  • cody

    i think bethesda needs to pull their heads out of their asses and release all the dlcs to all platforms and make dawnguard free for ps3 because we have waited almost a year for new dlcs to come our way and im pretty fed up with the fact that they didnt start platforming the new dlcs till now

  • cody

    i think that they should release the dlcs to all platforms otherwise more conflict will arise and they will possibly start losing money if they dont pull their heads out of their asses

  • solleyam

    I hope that Bethesda has fixed whatever issues they’ve had with the PS3 DLC. Maybe Monday will be a nice surprise…

  • ItsAboutTime

    All along I have been frustrated with Bethesda for the lack of communication concerning the issues with PS3. However I feel at this point the PR Dept. deserves an apology. At least twice a week I search for updated information with regards to the release of ANY dlc for Skyrim on the PS3. For the most part it is just the same BS over and over. I also read through the comments and this is where I have made my conclusion. You people DON’T listen or for this situation read and comprehend, approximately every third commenter is still under the impression XBOX has a timed exclusive for DLC releases on Skyrim. One more time for the reading impaired “IT WAS ONLY THE FIRST 2 DLC’s”. Also STOP expecting something for FREE. Bethesda could have just as easily said, Sorry the DLC’s will NOT be coming out on the PS3 and left it at that. Instead they are trying to fix the problem which costs $$$, they are in business to make money NOT make your whiney ass happy. If this is the sort of intellect Mr Hines has tweeting him constantly I don’t blame him one bit for his attitude.

  • The Ghost That Never Lies

    i think the new “Dragonborn” DLC should be free, to please the fans for an extremely long wait.

  • A pissed PS3 user

    I cant see how this can take so long and why they keep releasing new DLCs on microsoft’s platform, this message from twitter is a slap in the face of PS3 users.
    And forget about compensation discount or giveaway, at 20$ each DLC you gonna suck it dry

  • Heyworth123

    To be honest, if its a ps3 exclusive (which i really doubt) Xbox users should not be whining, they got Mehrunes Razor DLC for Oblivion AND horse armor (not that it was any good :P) plus all the SI and NOTN DLC, altho with that in mind, i do wish for all the platforms to get it as mentioned before..

  • Heyworth123

    i hope this is on all the platforms, they must have sorted something out because the whole ‘‘$DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT_PS3 DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT’ isnt just gonna be in the coding if there’s NOTHING Ps3 related about it, lets just keep our hopes high and see if bethesda can live up to our expectations.

  • Ben

    I dont normally comment on these sort of articles but the quote “…..they have now fixed the well documented PS3 hardware problems” winds me up, WTF there is nothing wrong with the ps3’s hardware, its Bethesdas engine that is the problem. I bought Oblivion, fallout, Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim and am still having issues playing them ALL on the PS3 yet other titles from different publishers work fine. You should build the engine to work on the hardware, not complain the hardware is at fault when youve had 6 years and plenty of titles to fix the problems with a engine that isnt and as far as im concerned wont ever be completely compatible.

    • Convoy

      While Bethesda’s engine is buggy, it is a problem with the PS3’s hardware. And it’s not that there is anything wrong with it, it’s just not PC based the way the 360 is. It can handle open world games like GTA just fine, but open world games like Skyrim and Fallout, where things are always changing is a bit of a problem for the PS3 to handle. So yes it is a PS3 problem.

      • wolf_white

        wrong, any game can work on a system it matter more about the programing most xbox 360 and pc users are having issues cause the game its expanding itself at a unstable rate, so no not hardware its a game engine issue since they took a cheap way and used a quick throw together engine that was a cheap redo from their other games using a out dated havoc code

      • ConvoyBlows

        first of all, it’s a proven fact that the PS3 can handle much much more than the Xbox can even think about handling. A lot of bigger games have to be on 2 disks for Xbox (people were amazed that Skyrim wasn’t) but that has never and will never be a factor with PS3 because it’s much better at processing. It is a problem with Bethesda’s programming,, they have stated that it’s their fault publicly. You’re ignorant, read some before you try to sound intelligent.

  • RizOne

    We all love skyrim. I loved playing it on the PS3. I cant wait. All three DLCs are coming to the PS3. Yes. Believe me they are coming. O YEAH. Bethesda had problems to begin with but now they have been resolved. Every PS3 owner of skyrim will buy all 3 DLCs. Yes everyone. No matter what they said they will buy all 3. Bethesda are experts at marketing. They have every PS3 skyrim owner by the neck. were like blood hungry dogs. We want them DLCs we wont be able to resist. AAARRR.

  • slender

    honestly let XBOX get dlc first they are just paying to be our beta testers and i personally love hearing pros and cons of the game so XBOX this one is from a PS3 user THANKS for testing the game for us to have a smoother release with less bugs each time

    • z’del

      If they ever get released they might have fewer bugs dude…

  • Either they’ve fixed the problem or they are going to put all the major dlc on the game of the year edition. Not exactly a mystery.

  • ldw17

    might be a dwarf or new dragon priest i use ps3 i really hope that all 3 will come ort soon the release od dragon born will probably be on the 11th for 1 year anniversery

  • Over it

    Black Ops 2 comes out within a couple weeks and it’s been a while since I’ve played Skyrim. They are going to have to offer me one hellofa deal to get me to buy the dlc’s if they release them for ps3. Otherwise I’d rather hold on to the money and put it towards COD8 or what ever number this is.

    If the dlc’s do release for ps3, I’ll offer thanks to Bethesda for sticking with the ps3 and notjust giving up on us but like I said they’ll need to offer a great deal, or I’ll just wait until I’ve played out cod, by then skyrim dlc’s should be on sale. Providing I haven’t decided to go with AC3 on sale, that idea actually sounds better already.

  • rebels’ glory

    The mask’s mouth looks like a vagina, quite frank. Though the linen imo would seem to suggest Stormcloak allegiance.

  • tomtom

    god you people are so negative on here -.-

  • Skyrim_Skimatic

    I Think It Might be Ureil Septim, Or A New Or Old Dragonborn, Which Turns Evil Or Something Would Be Bad Ass Though, RIGHT!!

  • lelouch

    I think finally they are go to release the DLC on ps3 because they cant lose any more fans. If they dont release DLC for the ps3 it would be the finally straw because it will be the third DLC for x-box, and pc. Dont forget they are release Skyrim platinum edition in Dec. all consoles without any DLC. Hopefully the DLC will be on all consoles but Bethesda has a long ways to be forgiven for this mess.

  • david

    the mask looks like the falmer mask but with a more advanced look. Maybe we might be seeing the dwemmer vs snow elf dlc. another hint is that the Dragonborn DLC is rumored to be set in that island off the coast of skyrim (morrowind: Bloodmoon) and that is where the snow elves had their last battle before the ran into caves and became the falmer. if you don’t believe me then play the game and read “the snow prince”.

    in response tell me would you go for falmer or dwemmer?

  • I’m wondering if this PS3 patch thing is so that we get some of the basic stuff like armor types, new enemies, and fletching with the third DLC even though we still won’t have the first DLC.

  • isaywhatiwant

    if they announce dawnguard and heatherfire for ps3 we will have to pay for it (normal price) it would be cool if they relased alll ps3 dlcs at once ( like a bundle) with 75% off for it

  • Nathan Butts

    There are numerous people commenting and replying who obviously have not read this article in its entirety… Im calling that PS3 will be getting DLC this go around.. Simply because of the line of code found in the files. I’d say PS3 owners will be getting this new “Dragonborn” DLC for sure.. BUT I think Dawnguard and Hearthfire might still be up for grabs.

  • holigan

    after reading Bethesda’s twitter, this quote struck a cord ” we’re working on skyrim content for all platforms”.My conclusion, bethesda has settled a aggrement to cancle the one month exclusive; likely the dlc will be released along with dawnguard and hearthfire for the PS3 around thanksgiving. This will give PS3 users a big banquet of content to munch on.

    • Majin_Romulus

      Sorry but there will likely be no dlc for ps3 for another year or so at this rate.

      • tito

        Boy you’re just a dumbass

    • spiritreaver

      The deal with MS was concluded with the release of Hearthfire.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s a rogue faction of snow elves… Either that or it’s one of the armours described in the patch.

  • I hope Bethesda go’s bankrupt and Hines kills himself

  • Oinarisama

    Well deep in my heart I hope that PS3 will get all 3 dlc, but my mind is telling me it will not happen. In stead they will release it to both xbox and pc and the PS3 players will get yet another slap in the face.

    We will know on release but I for one am preparing for a new Ragestorm from unhappy PS3 owners and I will probably join in on it.

  • Jack

    Well, if its true than about time. Just hope all 3 are all at once.

  • Larry

    I think that ps3 owners should still get dawnguard and hearth fire as well as dragon born but I also think pc and Xbox owners should receive this to.

  • Tito

    Dont forget that bethesda still have to release the next dlc on xbox early … they wont release the latest dlc on ps3 till atleast a month later … so I think its going to be dawngaurd and hearthfire on ps3

    • NgTurbo

      As far as I’m aware, Microsoft only had exclusive for the first two Skyrim DLC packs. I could be wrong! Let’s wait and see.

    • ya… your totally wrong on that, they will do that but dont becasue of contract obligations but becasue they just dont have the content if they did youd think theyd have a freaking sign saying: We got it, for the amount of you that care please stop bitching we got it

  • Knight34

    I think we as ps3 gamers have the right to have equal dlc as any other platforms. They keep us in the dark long enough.

  • Bethesda released Skyrim for the PS3 with no intentions of ever releasing any DLCs for it. This is why I will not buy another Bethesda products until I know what the deal is on every of their future products. I don’t have the ghetto mentality to buy an Xbox, so Bethesda will not be on my Christmas list at all. Hate to see the gift being returned for a game that is actually playable. GTA 5 is coming out and this is where the PS3 shines.

    • Jimmy

      You’re a bit stupid aren’t you.

      • tom

        Zombie hoards would make good doc, maybe marshland spawn areas kinda like oblivion would be good.

      • fire4life

        how so?

    • Convoy

      What does ghetto mentality have to do with anything? Know what? You just sound bitter because your console of choice can’t handle the open and ever changing environment of Skyrim.

      • Gaming Loner

        Lol you’re a dumbass, you know that?

      • Doc

        Why do so many people, especially xbox 360 owners, starkly refuse to do their homework?

  • Nick


  • geekyoutdoorsman

    I’m calling it. The Snow Prince has become a Dragon Priest.

  • Tony macaroni

    Dang…. Ps3 dlc has to come soon Xbox already on their third dlc

  • Guest

    Yeah. the mask looks like a falmer helmet. And Bloodmoon had a quest dealing with the Snow Prince. And this DLC is supposedly taking place on Solstheim. Very interesting.

  • Bumpyknuckls

    Looks like it maybe snow elf armor, before they were twisted into the Falmer.

    • Majin_Romulus

      Too bad we’ll never see them on the ps3 >:(
      Bethesda-“We are sorry but we are not fully satisfied with the performance with this new dlc on ps3 and will never release it until we are” -.-

      • nickelback

        looks more like a dragon priest

    • Nope, that’s already in Dawnguard.

    • HerbFungus420

      Nah they have that In Dawnguard

  • NaiSai

    That mask looks like what an ultimate Dragon Priest would look like. I wouldn’t surprised if Bugthesda doesn’t release this to the PS3. A lot of PS3 players moved on after 5 months of silence. Ah well, I moved on to Assassin’s Creed 3 anyways.

    • Jared Holloway

      But your still reading Skyrim news…

      • right

        jared, he never said he moved on from skyrim. Just that he was playing dishonored atm. why are you trying to start something out of nothing? dumbass troll.

        • GiveMekISS

          He’s refering to NaiSai explaining his lack of interest for Skyrim when he obviously does by entering this article, look before you type, it may help you one day.

    • tom

      I wanna see my char’s face in it though, head and nose bit look awesome. I’m still hoping for ps3 dlc, dishonored has kept me happy recently, so maybe we can be the ones to ride dragons into vamp central first time!

  • Jay

    That mask looks bad a**. I personally hope that they will release dawnguard and hearthfire before the third dlc will be released to the xbox and pc. Its ridiculous for bethesda to release three dlc to two platforms, while not giving any imformation on the status of the dlc for the ps3. I guess we will find out what happens soon enough though. I wouldnt be surprised if the new dlc wont come out on playstation neither.

    • nickelbackrules

      you aint getting dawnguard

      • spiritreaver

        Well shoot. Where were you months ago when ppl were looking for a definite answer on this issue!?

      • GiveMekISS

        Are you JEVUS?

      • Dhop

        You don’t sound to reliable with a name like nickelbckrules. lol I kid of course