iOS 6 jailbreak waiters consider iPhone 5, 4S update

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 3, 2012

Those of our readers that have been waiting for the iOS 6 jailbreak to land for iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S, might not want to upgrade to iOS 6.0.1 right away considering their hope for something after the first software update. We looked at the possibility of an untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak coming after iOS 6.1, or iOS 6.0.1, and that some people believed certain hackers had been holding out until the first update.

We noticed most people desperately wanted the iOS 6 jailbreak as soon as possible, but also don’t want an iPhone 5 / 4S jailbreak patched too quickly. It is worth reminding these users that they don’t have to update to the latest software, although now that the iOS 6.0.1 update is live we could see a jailbreak within a matter of days.

Pod2g’s Twitter account shows no activity today and it hasn’t changed in a while with nothing but silence since Oct 24, so this has started to worry some users that think, “there could be no jailbreak ever for A5 devices“. We’ve heard from a number of PR readers that explain they “didn’t realize the implications of updating to iOS 6“, and while some people wished they hadn’t others had no choice. This is thanks to the latest software being installed on the iPhone 5 already, which makes the wait for an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak even more frustrating considering no downgrade is available.

Most users understand they’d be undertaking an iOS 6 jailbreak at their own risk when it becomes available, although these same people couldn’t imagine keeping a device locked forever and find it “very boring“. The majority of iPhone 5 and 4S owners would never jailbreak and don’t like the risks, although it’s fair to say that jailbreakers would claim the risks are small.

Should I update my iPhone 5 to iOS 6.0.1, or could this make a jailbreak more difficult? This is the question we’ve seen a number of jailbreakers ask in the PR comments, although there are a number of possibilities for these people. First up is the fact that we’ve seen a growing number of PR readers complaining about problems with the iOS 6.0.1 update, which you can read about here. Then you have to consider the length of time it could take for the iOS 6 jailbreak to arrive, although do you really feel the need to grab the latest software?

Do you expect the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S to see an iOS 6 jailbreak? Personally we believe it will happen for A5 devices at some point, and a number of well-known iOS researchers are claiming to be close, so it might be a matter of when and not if we’ll see a jailbreak. If you’re desperate and own an iPhone 5/4S, then you will just have to wait until the people giving up their time have cracked it. Owners of older devices will find the latest software has already been jailbroken.

If you’re waiting for an iPhone 5 or 4S jailbreak, will you update to iOS 6.0.1?

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  • Matt

    I’m sorry iPad users, but we probably wont see a jailbreak for iOS 6, since they’re announcing that in January 2013, jailbreaking iPads will be illegal. What’s the point of banning one category of iDevices from jailbreaking? Unless of course the dream-team manage to get a jailbreak for iPad out before then. Honestly, at the moment I don’t care if it would be a Tethered Jailhbreak, I just want to jailbreak my iPad again, dammit.

    Even though the jailbreak on the iPad Mini was considered a ‘failbreak’, I guess it could sort of be a glimmer of hope.

    • Rick

      I have an iPad as well but have given up on the jailbreak. Planning to get ms surface pro instead.

  • desperate

    I have ihpone 4s and ios 6.0 Can I jailbreak my iPhone?? I´ve tried couple times but it keeps on saying “not supported on 4s 6.0 yet.” Is it coming soon or is available somewhere?? :D:D

    • Nik

      No jb for ios6 on iPhone 4S and up. You are out of luck.

  • Nik

    It appears jb for ios6 on A5 devices and higher is dead. There has been a lot of scammers out there claiming they have the jb, but don’t have proves.

  • at this point im looking at the samsung galaxy s III
    sorry apple

  • tharshnth


  • tharshnth


  • tharshnth


  • John

    Dev team will not come through if apple closes all exploits.

  • L

    We want jailbreak come on dev team

  • If the jailbreak dies, so will the product. Apple are pushing too far and losing their customers. They’ve never put customers first, but now everyone is starting to realise that.

    Without Steve Jobs to tell people what to think, who will lead us hapless followers of the church of apple?! haha.. Yeah it’s dead, 2-3 years from now Android will totally dominate.

    Why? Because it’s cheap, open and unrestrictive. It’s a community rather than a following (new versus old, take your pick)..

  • Eagerly waiting for iphone 4s jailbreak ios 6.0.1
    any lucks dude

  • Pod2g

    There will be no jb for A5 devices on ios 6. No need to wait for it. The titanic is sinking. Time to jump ship.

  • The jailbreak king of kings!

    Well well well, am I the only person that has an iOS 6 jailbreak?

  • John

    The dev team has been very quiet. Maybe jb for A5 devices is dead. Good luck waiting guys.

  • mughal

    can anybody help. how can i update iphone 4 (non-factory unlocked) to ios 6.0 with reserved baseband as redsnow 9.15b1/b2/b3 dont make NO_BB custom ipsw and give error when use redsnow’s restore option.
    any help would be appreciated.

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    I’m on the verge of putting my iPhone 5 on Craigslist and going Android. It is not until you are forced to live with stock iOS that you remember how horribly crippled this device is. Trying to be patient but if no jailbreak is released soon then im gonna jump ship

    • lolwhat

      I honestly don’t see the point in giving them more pressure than they are already under. Furthermore, iPhone itself is a great device, great camera good texting applications, I personally like the iOS texting UI than the android. Android OS tends to lag in the long run for me whereas the iOS does not.

  • N8NOE

    I Got the iPhone 5 after my 4s cracked. At Radio Shack they have the trade in Program and I got lucky in the fact they just got a iPhone 5 in. NOW, I have it and iOS6 I’m stuck. Not a choice of OS, more a need for the Phone.. HOPE iPhone 5 get a Jailbreak fast, I miss iFile and MyWi, BAD!……

  • Liz

    This will be my first and last apple device (iPad 3). Without jb these devices are boring. By the time there is a jb I will already be enjoying ms surface pro. Bye bye apple. Enjoy the wait everyone. By the time you have a jb the 5s might be out. Apple has made it harder and harder to jb.

    • Phil

      Yeah, I just find it inconsiderate how companies make it so hard to screw with and modify their devices! You should get your money back!
      Oh, wait. You’re a dumbass.

      • Liz

        If you buy it is yours. Apple imposes too many restrictions on their users. The users are treated like sheeps. You cannot do this and you cannot do that. Every bloody little task require requires an application. So what the App Store has more applications than any other systems, but most of them are garbage. You are a dumb ass. I hope jb is dead for good. Have fun with your devices.

        • Adam

          You realize that the surface will have literally the exact same thing, right?

        • Liz

          The pro version will kick ass. It will not be released until jan 2013. You guys should look into it. The iPad is a toy where as the surface is a tool.

        • Liz sucks fat cocks

          Your the tool

        • Both the ipad and the surface are toys and tools, depending on how they are setup and used.. Don’t assume just because Apple make things for idiots that all their users are idiots.

        • It’s true that the users are treated like idiots. The Appstore does have a lot of junk, but it’s got more great stuff than the rest plus they did it first and everyone else is playing catchup.

          The reason they protect the device from access is to stop piracy. The reason they restrict users is because they are a religious tech company – The reason we’re mad is because when you jailbreak you can use the hardware you own properly, the way you want.

          If there was a way to combat piracy without restricting those of us who like portable unix machines, that would be great. Piracy hurts the developers more than it hurts them, and if they didn’t protect against it the developers would stop using IOS for their hard work.

          Worth adding that the Jailbreak (Cydia) apps community are the real developers of IOS – Apple needs them for all the great ideas they come out with. If it weren’t for them, IOS would be half as good (not that it’s great mind you)..

          Apple are a copy-cat organisation – they take great ideas and try to make them work for the masses. Don’t like their model? fine, but at least you can’t argue with the success they’ve had. Fact is – most people ARE sheep and love being treated like one (that’s why religion worked, face it)..

        • JR

          I wish someone had made an ad on TV showing all the advantages and the simplicity that JB brings to the Iphone and why the Iphone is NOT cool and super functional AND simple until you JB. Adding many of the features that JB brings to IOS makes it so much simpler and intuitive to use….its really a shame that people have to go through so many steps to accomplish a task that using JB is done with one step!!!

          I would be one that will go to the Android side if JB is not available anymore.

          sad day if this happens, but I will move on.

        • it will never be dead. any software/os can and will be hacked. its just a matter of finding a way to crack it and thats it. go dev team!!

  • john

    pls make it faster to dev a tool to jailbreak iphone 4s ios 6.0.1

  • Boewulf

    This will be my last iPhone. There dosent seem to be any competition in the jailbreak scene and this is why things take so long. I know the do it for free and should be applauded but because cydia has such a monopoly there don’t seem to be any small teams. Add to that comex selling everyone out for an apple internship and the result is now jailbreak.

  • My 4s feels naked without JB, I’m currently @ 6.0, by mistake, I won’t even upgrade to 6.0.1 unless JB is confirmed to work, I hate 6.0!!

    • Colin D

      If it was Jailbroken prior to iOS6 why not just downgrade?

      • Tex

        You can’t downgrade a 4S from 6.0 or 6.0.1 to any iOS 5 version.

    • yes u can. use redsn0w_win_0.9.14b2 and follow instructions on screen. it will automaticly find ur shsh blobs from previous 5.x.x jailbreak and will downgrade to 5.x.x.

      • lazyeejay

        No you cannot!! Please do not give people advice if you do not know what you are talking about! Only the Iphone 4 and lower can be jailbroken. The 4S and iphone 5 cannot be jailbroken or downgraded. Do you think people would be posting on here all the time if you could downgrade a 4S? Most would be satisfied to downgrade rather than JB IOS6. The bottom line is that if you are using 4S or 5 on IOS6 then you (like many) are stuck at the moment. That is fact.

        • ThisGuy

          You don’t know what your talking about! As long as you saved your SHSH blobs from previous jailbreaks, you can downgrade. There is a redsn0w out for that. Google it and you’ll find out.

        • ria

          No u can’t on 4s/5. FACT

        • IPHONE4EVER

          Agreed there is no way to downgrade a5 devices, do your research a little better next time before talking about things you truly don’t understand..

    • Iphone4ever

      Please remember how long it took to jailbreak ios 5.1.1 on iPhone 4s, 8 mos so it will come just be patient

  • Long dong

    It is a matter when. Maybe when 5s comes out. Can you wait that long?

  • Denver

    I will guarantee a JB @ some point. These guys are 2 smart and 2 competitive not 2 JB the new idevices.

  • Don

    Don’t give up hope though Jb is getting harder and harder. Eventually you just need to face reality. You will want to depart from apple. I hope you get your jb soon.

    • Iphone4ever

      Good attitude finally someone who gets it!!!

  • H

    I bet u there will be a jailbreak 4 iphone5

  • Olindamr

    MuscleNerd show today in tweet iPad mini being jailbrake is matter of time for release to public

  • Tammy

    The day of Apple jb is gone. bye bye Apple.

  • L

    I’m not up dateing to 6.1 I want jailbreak

  • L

    Soon jailbreak plz jeff my iphone5 is on 6.0

  • Don

    There will be no jb for A5 devices. The dev team has been very quiet. You guys need to jump ship soon.

    • Jay

      Give me ur dingy & u jump ship.!

  • Pras Anand

    It certainly would be dumb to upgrade now if you’re waiting for a jailbreak on 4s or 5.. sucks!

  • Evlgns

    Planetbeing said NOT to update to 6.0.1 as part of the hacks they had were patched.