GTA V pre-order with rare Los Santos collectibles

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2012

While the disappointment of the GTA V trailer 2 is there for everyone to see, it does look like the floodgates have now opened for more juicy information to slip out, with Rockstar appearing to be less lenient now that a Spring 2013 release date has been established.

Earlier this week, we informed you in more detail about Rockstar’s 2013 announcement, including some user backlash on the company focusing on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions at launch – not the PC version. We then had the terrible news of the delayed trailer 2 due to Hurricane Sandy, but now we do have some positive news for those thinking where to pre-order the game.

A letter written by Rockstar has managed to sneak out, and it details the forthcoming pre-order incentives that gamers will get if they choose to pre-order with Target in the US. Rockstar has revealed that the game will go up for pre-order at Target on Monday November 5th, with every customer eligible to receive a limited edition GTA V Los Santos viewfinder for their pre-order.

There will be five different viewfinders on offer, in a choice of five different colors, with each one providing a different view of the gorgeous Los Santos views. Rockstar has stressed on their letter that these viewfinders are extremely rare and will not be released anywhere else, ever – meaning Target could be the only place to pick them up.

After some digging, we’ve found that photos of the viewfinders are already popping up online, and you can now see all five images in question over at this GTA fan site. We’ve added a photo above, letting you see what the GTA 5 viewfinder box looks like and the actual size of the item when you open up the contents from its box.

Considering that the Target pre-order event is not due to start until Monday November 5th, we’re not entirely sure how so many images of the viewfinders are already appearing online. Then again, it’s always good to bring you some nice information early, so you should definitely consider ordering your game at Target if you haven’t pre-ordered elsewhere already.

Are you interested in picking up one of these rare Los Santos collectibles, or will you miss out because you’ve already ordered from another retailer? We doubt that Target is the only place with GTA V pre-order incentives, so we’ll bring you more details on other goodies as we get it.

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  • One photo in each? At least give us a toy like the View-Master where we can flip through images…

  • I think you mean more lenient.

  • cam

    This is there idea of a preorder incentive come on rockstar you guys could have came up with something better than this I willl definitely not be preordering for this.

  • Jp

    Have them at best buy

  • i’m spending my precious paycheck on this damn game ! i cannot wait for this

  • Kieran, Big GTA Fan.

    I preordered EXCACTLY a year ago (3rd Novemeber 11) and there is still no second trailer/any major announcements! Ive been patient R*, please release some game info NOW!

  • Kieran, Big GTA Fan.

    I preordered EXCACTLY a year ago (3rd Novemeber 11) and there is still no second trailer/any major announcements! Ive been patient R*, please release some game info NOW!

  • AJ

    view finders ? ya call that an incentive. thats something i could pick up for 50p and give it to my two year old bro who would likely bin it after 2 minutes of interest. come on rockstar give us something worth having

    • …like the game ? They don’t have to give you anything. Don’t be so greedy

      • KiNGS209

        Greedy? We’re paying 60$ for a game.. Their a multi-million company. Its Rockstar! They could have done better

    • Tommy

      This is something worth having its a limited edition los santos collectible, which you couldn’t pick up for 50p and Im sure in a few months will be very hard to come by, so in my opinion it is something worth having. Not just some piece of crap you’d give to your 2 year old brother. Im happy with this and would call it an incentive.

  • that guy

    Pre orderEd it at Gamestop this morning. I got one of these incentives so it is not just target. I also got a double sided poster.

  • sketch519

    On the letter, It says that ”We have just released the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V and are looking forward to officially kicking off the pre-order campaign. I’m assuming the trailer should be out before the end of the year or sooner.