Black Ops 2 Nuketown zombies after MP trailer

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2012

Treyarch has provided subtle Black Ops 2 zombie hints over the last few weeks, but have so far remained absolutely silent on what Black Ops 2 zombies on Nuketown is going to entail. The company has just released a brilliant trailer for the multiplayer portion of Nuketown though, so are zombie lovers now starting to build some ideas together on how the map is going to be transformed into a zombie playground?

If you haven’t seen the multiplayer trailer yet, it is very good indeed and we’ve added it below so you can take a look. It provides a lot more content that what the previous 5 second teaser did and this time, we actually get some proper gameplay action including a peek at one of the new killstreaks as well.

Most of the Nuketown props have been changed to futuristic style props instead, such as flying cars and the school bus replaced by a much more stylish coach. The centralized trailer camper van is still situated in the middle of the map allowing players to jump in and out, but what we are interested to know is whether all of these props will still be there for the zombies version or not.

We have a feeling that Treyarch is going to set the map up in a way where the Nuketown environment is the same, but events happen on the map after a nuke has taken place, meaning that all of the buildings and items are now broken down and on fire, opening up all new paths in the map for players to explore.

Nuketown is generally a small map, so Treyarch has to find a way to open it up so that zombie fans can resume their usual duties in travelling to different parts of the map depending on where the weapon box is situated. The way the current Nuketown map is built, it sets it up really nicely for Treyarch to allow players to go underground Nuketown into a whole new section of the map – for zombies only.

Treyarch are staying silent on Nuketown zombie reveals for the moment, probably because it is going to end up as the best zombie map ever and the first time that players can switch between zombies and multiplayer on the same map. Do you already have some initial ideas on how Nuketown zombies is going to play out? Let us know how the map should change for zombies and if they should keep the map similar to the multiplayer version.

Should the pack a punch machine be situated in the greenhouse?

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  • if you get the hardened edition do you still have to download on to your system

  • Even if including it only in special editions is a money ploy, its still a good deal! In the hardened edition you get Nuketown zombies, Nuketown 2025 doesn’t count, and the soundtrack, among other things. A twelve dollar soundtrack and map that will probably be sold with some other stuff for 15 dollars, you are already saving money. So, in conclusion, if you would ever but the soundtrack, or Nuketown zombies; get the hardened edition. You will be saving money and get some more cool stuff like the steelbook!

  • Captinbill

    If u cannot afford or want to spend the extra money for the hardened edition for nuketown zombies. Treyarch said they may never release nuketown zombies as a dlc. As its just for the hardcore zombie cod fans. Nuketown zombies was made just because fans asked for it, and it will be the nuketown black ops 1 nuketown version not the 2025 version. For those of u who don’t want to pay extra there’s a way around it, if you know a friend who does have it, if he lets you, you can sign into his account and download it for free to your ps3 and you can play it using your psn account. You are allowed to download to different ps3’s, if you have two ps3’s Sony has allowed it that you can download what you pay for onto all your consoles. The hardened addition has a special metal case, cd soundtrack, poster, two coins, and extra camo and nuketown 2025 and nuketown zombies so they are not really robbing people u do get extra stuff for the special addition

  • Epic Troll

    nah in the nuke shelter or a basement

  • anon93

    Welcome to the internet everyone; where arguments start on everything that exists.

    Want the hardened? Obviously willing to pay, so do.

    Don’t want to pay? Don’t.

    Whatever they are saying, it’ll come out in DLC form sooner or later, bundled with something else, so either save the money for then, or if you have the cash, get the hardened.

  • me

    it going to be really good and the extra 20 is not just for nuketown zombies its for other
    things aswell.

  • Xinsanityxx

    I swear to god if you no life idiots keep crying about a game your still going to buy Nd pay for all it’s add on content. It’s hilarious that your so cheap y don’t you save then money and don’t buy the game then you’ll have the 64.00 dollars or euros left to go buy yourselves a push up bra because your acting like 12 year old girls your still going to buy the game and purchase everything that comes out for it so why in the hell are you guys complaining; it’s as if you have nothing better to do but to talk about how corporate takes your money but honestly how are we handing over money it’s 20 dollars more bro not 100 not 50, but 20. Also it isn’t just the map it’s call hardens edition for a reason you receive other things from it for just 20 dollars I understand your argument if it was for some like the care package which is priced at 179.99 but it isn’t your arguing because you want the extra zombie map but your bad with your money and finically challenged so you can put 20 extra dollars. I bet your the same guys who buy the game every two years holding to what ever hoping that someday you’ll be good At the game but in all actual reality you suck and you rage quit like all the other losers in the world therefore I end my argument with a cry me river see you on BO2

  • Lets just hope the gameplay is going to be sick without stupid little errors like in BO’s I know already that Zombies will be A 4x4xZombies and there will be a zombie campaign

  • in the uk, they’re charging £15 more for the hardened edition. so basically 1/3 of the price of the game for one map… hm.. it doesnt make people bitter – it makes us wonder 2 things – how people like you are so stupid

    – how on earth that possibly made sense to sell at such an extortionate price.

    not to mention the fact that we paid, was it £12 for 4 MP maps and 1 zombie map last year (each season) its people like you who are rich & stupid, keep handing over your money like a blithering idiot that keep them going. anyway this year its all about GAMESHARE! PS3 FTW & treyarch, im not making you as rich as i did last time. sorry, but most your games are fails. no matter how hard you say you try.

  • Xinsanityxx

    Thank you CT and beeves and claymore your crying about the game but guess what your going to buy the map packs and pay the extra money and I’m not a kid I work for my money and I’m not going to be cheap here’s a idea go to college and get a better job so when things you want comes out you can buy it I’m not stupid to buy the zombies for a extra 20 you know why? At the end of the day that map isn’t going to come out for a year just like the others and I can bet that both you and claymore will be in the lobby’s begging people to game share or trying to get it free from your friends when you can shut up grow a pair and buy it yourself the World isn’t free and I feel sorry for you if you have not figure that out yet

  • CTz

    yolo, buy the damn hardened edition…

  • XInsanityxx

    Stop crying because you do not want to put 20 extra dollars and why can’t they make their own content exclusive to ppl who are willing to pay the extra money that’s the way the world works get over it and it doesn’t matter if the majority of the population is gnna get the standard because a selected few will have the harden and by the time you decide it’s actually worth the extra 20 it’ll be too late and your out of luck

  • XInsanityxx

    Your cheap

    • beevis

      and you’re an idiot – willing to pay 20 dollars for 1 map???

      • you do know you get more than 1 map for ordering the hardened and care package edition? You do know that the hardened and care package are limited in number making a mockery of your statement in another post above, when you say that more people will buy the standard edition over the other editions……Have a good day now.

        • beevis

          gary, you DO realize the rest of the stuff is CRAP. and yes, i do realize that – which is why i said it was a mistake for treyarch to put a map in there – because the majority of people won’t have access to it until it’s thrown in dlc at some point.
          you need to brush up on organizing your thoughts and reading comprehension skills…….and i will be having a good day -hope you will too.

        • it is only “crap” on your mind – not in others. It is a “mistake” in your eyes, but last time I looked you do not work for the marketing department of treyarch. I think you are just mad as you didn’t pre-order the hardened edition – just saying….

        • beevis

          no – it’s crap……tell me exactly which part you think is as noteworthy as the the NT zombies map?
          and why would i be mad? i could have preordered the hardened edition – i was aware of the NT zombies situation……….i just don’t think NT zombies is worth 20 dollars – especially when WHOLE map packs are 14.99.
          and what does me working for treyarch have anything to do with ANYTHING?

  • Rigo Leal

    They didn’t include it on the normal package to get money out of it. They know that hardcore zombie players are going to buy hardened/prestige editions. They are probably going to add it to a map pack like they did with the classic zombie maps on Black Ops1. By the way, you do sound bitter…..

  • beevis

    first – you won’t be able to switch from zombies to MP on the same map. nuketown zombies is going to be a different nuketown than the 2025 version (used in MP). second, who cares, really – the majority of sales will be for the standard version -NOT the hardened or care-package versions….so, most people won’t have it anyway thanks to treyarch/activisons shortsightedness. and finally – “the best zombies map”….really? if it was, why wouldn’t it be available to EVERYONE? that makes no sense at all.

    • Somebody sounds a bit bitter.

      • beevis

        how? it’s a fact that more people have preordered or will buy the standard version. it’s also a fact that the only way to get the nuketown zombie map is to pay an extra 20 dollars – which is excessive. it’s also a fact…..oh, hell – everything i wrote was fact – not bitterness. hey, i’m looking forward to BO2 – i just don’t understand treyarch working on a map like NT zombies and then NOT making it available in the standard BO2 package.

        it doesn’t make me bitter to say this in the least – it DOES make you seem kind of ignorant for not understanding.

        • CLAYMORE

          Don’t worry, beevis..there are those of us who know we are being cheated and milked for all we are worth. However, it isn’t always Treyarch or the developer who decides such things, a lot of it is xbox/microsoft, masters of milking maids for their hard earned money as if we had not already shelled out enough cash, they have the power to decide many of these things..for example; having to buy so many DLC mappacks to get maps released later..most maps are already designed but held back for DLC and profit. The demand is there, so they know they can do it. While I agree, it does sound just a little bitter, I know how you feel and why should you not feel bitter?? It isn’t like we have not been loyal dogs, shelling out all our cash for the last 20 years for xbox stuff. I also agree, we should be rewarded with availability to the same maps for all. But no matter what, as long as they can mae more millions off of us, they will. That’s ok though, there is a special place in hell for those made of greed and selfishness. Xinsanityxx must have his parents pay for everything, instead of caring how he spent his hard earned cash. Maybe we are not cheap, but want our dollars to go a little further in this time of “not a lot of cash just falling from trees”. I do not feel $20 is worth one altered map. I already paid you $64.20 for the game and now you ask for more. And it isn’t out of non-appreciation for all their hard work that they brought us this game, but it is ridiculous.

        • beevis

          i agree with what you said….EXCEPT – how is my being an informed consumer who isn’t willing to pay 20 dollars for 1 map come off as “bitter”? i’m not bitter at all – i’m looking forward to playing the game on the 13th!