Sony PS4 system intelligence to beat rivals

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2012

It has been a long while since we last heard any ‘concrete’ details on the Sony PS4, but we’re pleased to bring you some very strong rumors indeed. Referred to as the Sony ‘Orbis’ once again, we’re now hearing that new versions of the PS4 developer kit are now reaching certain individuals, with an apparent confirmation on what optical media will be used for the next generation system.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Sony could opt to stick with Blu-Ray for the PS4, rather than introduce a brand new storage format like they did with the PS3. An exclusive report by VG247 has confirmations from ‘multiple sources’, who inform them that the PS4 will now be powered by an AMD A10 APU series – combining both a CPU and GPU in a single unit.

Sony apparently has a direct aim to make all PS4 games compatible with 1080p, 60 frames per second and 3D support as well. On the PS3 at the moment, it is often very frustrating to see just a bare minimum of games which tick all three boxes, so how amazing would it be if Sony made this a compulsory requirement for all developers making games for the PS4?

At the moment, developers in possession of the new kits either have 8GB or 16GB of RAM to play around with, but it’s worth noting that this isn’t a final confirmation of actual RAM allocation yet. As for a few clues on the PS4 software, we hear that there is a brand new UI on board, one which will allow gamers to press the home button at any point during a game and access any part of the system without restriction.


This alone is one of the biggest issues of the current XMB setup, so we definitely welcome this change if you can quickly pop into the PlayStation Store and download a demo while your game is paused – all in a smooth and quick experience, without having to close down anything like you would on the PS3 at the moment.

Another major feature of the PS4 could be the ability to install firmware and game updates automatically, with the press of a setting. Sony apparently wants to make the PS4 a ‘stand by’ console, in the way that users can log on to find that a new game update (Battlefield for example) has already been applied by the system intelligence, meaning users can just head straight into the game with the lengthy x.xxGB install already in effect.

It all sounds really exciting and we could see an announcement just before E3 next year, according to VG247. It sounds promising doesn’t it for the next gen PS4? Let us know what you think about an AMD A10 APU setup and Sony’s apparent decision to stick with the Blu-Ray format.

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  • sounds like the ps4 is going to be a glorified Xbox 360. The Xbox can do most of that already minus the new and improve graphics. I hope someone does something really different than what we already have. I’ve should have expected this from Sony since they stole the Wii sticks. I am disappointed where’s the creativity. Please someone do something mind-blowing.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      “sounds like the ps4 is going to be a glorified Xbox 360″…..

      How exactly? please elaborate..

      “The Xbox can do most of that already minus the new and improve graphics. Please someone do something mind-blowing”

      Right? what exactly are you expecting it to do next-gen, both consoles are the same (in some respect) barring Blu-Ray and other features the PS3 has; Are you expecting the PS4 to do some thing mind-blowing like launching a rocket to space?

      Man oh man I’ve read some weird stuff in my time, you my friend have just upped the game there O_o?

    • zdrfeelgoodz

      Lol.. Glorified Xbox 360 xD does my xbox download system updates automatically for me? No it doesnt. Does it play games in true 1080p and most of them at 60 fps? Not even close. Does it play movies in Blu Ray? Nope. Does it have free online play? Geez.ez.. its nothing like an Xblx, besides the whole GAMS CONSOLE thing. Dissapointing

  • Hmmmm.. If Sony are getting there butts in gear and using the most powerful hardware, wonder what Microsoft will bring, hhmmmmm

  • Having Blu-Ray on the ps3 is a major feature, would be a bad move to scrap it for ps4

  • NgTurbo

    Juicy melons!

  • Candy !!!

  • ashley