GTA V trailer 2 not made in Scotland

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 2, 2012

It has only been a couple of days since Rockstar confirmed the Grand Theft Auto 5 release date window, although this hasn’t stopped more clues being left from official Rockstar comments that explain the lack of PC details, and also pre-orders are detailing more images and locations for GTA V. We know there are just a few days until pages of information will land in a magazine exclusive, but it seems that this fact has meant people in the know are being looser lipped when it comes to the finer GTA V details.

It is pretty clear that Rockstar North are the developer behind GTA V, although we’ve heard before that help is being given from Rockstar Games in the US. Thanks to another official comment left on the Rockstar blog, we now know that GTA V trailer 2 is almost upon us and it isn’t Rockstar North creating this next trailer like a lot of gamers previously believed, although they’re behind the games development.

Rockstar North is in Edinburgh, Scotland, and this is many miles away from Hurricane Sandy although one comment on the Rockstar newswire explains that GTA V trailer 2 is delayed slightly thanks to the storm. You can see the comment in the image below that basically explains that GTA 5 trailer 2 will be delayed thanks to Sandy, and this is thanks to no power in their “New York” office. Now we know that the second trailer is coming very soon, has been delayed thanks to the recent hurricane, and is obviously not made in Scotland with Rockstar North.

We touched on retailers leaking images from GTA 5 pre-order bonuses above, although those of our readers that want to see the images in more detail should head over to this page, which details a number of locations and certainly gives away clues.

GTA 5 trailer 2 is almost here, what are your expectations? We’ll post the second trailer when it arrives in the next few days, but for now you might want to see our earlier article that looks at the recent T2 earnings call and some of the clues given during that call. It has been a bumper 7 days for GTA 5 news, so feel free to catch up via our hub here.

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  • joe

    seriously? R* HQ & PR office is affected by a hurricane and because of that you jump to the conclusion the trailer isn’t made in scotland? hard facts… not rumor, pls, or at least remark that its purely rumor/speculation on your part…

  • jordiie

    anyone else think the photo from Zancudo River resembles the scenery seen in the “fake” video in the desert on youtube?

  • jammy

    it is not being made in scotland it is being made at rockstars headquarters which is the take two interactive building on broadway in new york thats why sandy has delayed it

  • darren

    if you look at the screenshot writing its from Vice City

    • carlos

      Rockstar said tht thy were makin vice city hd


    i wonder if the second trailer will reveal the protaginist thoughts ?

    • Penis_Cheese

      Theres more than one protagonist this time. GTAV is all about choice like never before,its looking like you will be able to choose a main character. It looks like theres 3 to choose from.

      • Bruno

        I doubt it! it ‘looks’ like this based on what exactly?

        • Penis_Cheese

          Ummm looks like this based on the trailer and screenshots that were revealed over there year. People noticed it looked like there were more than 1 protagonist (widely reported) + Dan Houser said in an interview last year that GTV is about choice like never before! My guess is instead of GTAIV then the 2 extra episodes Gay Tony and Lost an Damned it will give you a choice of 3 characters to play from the off.

    • Bruno

      I think that the trailer will reveal loads of the info we want. In addition I think they must release a lot of information about the game besides what we see in the trailer. They cannot expect people to pre-order the game without letting us know precisely what it is that we a re pre-ordering.

  • redeyedrobby

    I bet trailer 2 was supposed to come out today since its been 1 year since the first trailer. But with the storm who knows now???

  • we are not gonna be playin it cause it 2012 now and by the end of this year we are all gonna die : (

  • Hodge

    VERY excited! Curious as to what the situation with animals is…It’s clear they will feature as they were in the trailer and in some official artwork, however I haven’t seen many conversations around the subject? Obviously there will be some serious controversy over it all if we can actually kill or harm the animals. Red Dead only got away with it by being a ‘true depiction of a historical period of time’. Any other thoughts on this?

    • Claude

      totally agree mate. it would be awesome if you can have a pet dog(s) and wild animals in the mountains and forest! they neeeeed this in the game.

    • Brian Powers

      Being able to kill an animal is a true depiction of ALL time periods. PETA can suck it if they even attempt to put down Rockstar for making their game realistic and within M rated rules.

    • Vartan

      You can kill prostitutes, joggers, and the homeless yet people are making a fuss over killing a dog. GTA is a video game, people need to get over it.

    • Bruno

      Pets? Get a tamagotchi!

  • mike

    God damn that hurricane!

  • Adz1ner

    Can’t wait for Gta 5.
    Also can’t wait for GWOP to get some decent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.

    • Chris

      Actually, to be completely correct, your comment should read:

      “I can’t wait for Grand Theft Auto 5. Also, can’t wait for the below user, GWOP, to get some decent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.”

      And if this post doesn’t receive positive comments, I’m going to go and buy the latest ‘Medal of Honor’ game.

      • Will

        This isn’t a spelling B. And you aren’t his English Teacher. So just for him, kiss my ass.

        • Chris

          Dear Will,

          Firstly, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to comment upon my comment.

          Secondly, I shall decline your request to ‘kiss your ass’ on the assumption that as I am in the United Kingdom and you are in the United States*, your request is fraught with a whole host of logistical problems. For example, by the time I have booked flights, found your address / trailer park on the internet, you may have found someone nearer to you or, heaven forbid, struck up an intimate relationship with Adz1ner on the basis that, you will teach him all he needs to know about punctuation etc, in exchange for his constant kissing of your bottom.

          Maybe there will be an ass-kissing mini-game in Grand Theft Auto 5 for you, Will?

          Warmest wishes,


          *Your terminology would suggest you are in the United States. It may be, of course, that you are in the United Kingdom. If you are, then maybe we could meet for coffee and see how things develop?

  • James

    Who really thought it would even come from Scotland to begin with? Rockstar north develops the ground work but Rockstar NYC is the MAIN HQ, they put all the finishing touches, voice acting, editing, advertising and etc. Rockstar north is just a studio nothing more

    • blab

      Wrong, rockstar north is the driving force wee lad

      • Mikey

        Your just an idiot.

        • blab

          Mikey no one likes a *****

    • In_the_know

      No games get made at Rockstars HQ in New York, it’s just their HQ. The games get made by the developers at Rockstar North,Rockstar London,Rockstar Leeds,Rockstar Vancouver,Rockstar San Diego. Each studio makes a different franchise. Rockstar North make the GTA games and Rockstar San Deigo make Midnight club etc.

      The Art work for GTA games is made in India by an Indian company( many of Rockstars othe rgames also use the same Indian company to do the art work)

      Its more possible that Rockstar North sent over a ton of footage to Newyork to be edited in to a trailer but the storm go there before they could finish the editing. Dan Houser head of Rockstar lives in New York so they send stuff there to be passed by him.

      Voice acting is done in Britain and America. The British voice actors record their parts in Britain and the Americans in America. (British actor Danny Dyer who was in Vice City an San Andreas recorded his in Britain)

      • Mikey

        Your the closest to being 100% right.

    • Suger_lump

      The Developers make the game not the head office! The only thing in New York is the head office, the games are made by the developers. Rockstar North in Britain are the developers of the GTA games and have been since GTA 1 in 1997. Back then there was no Rockstar games and Rockstar North was called ‘DMA Design’. There are videos on Youtube showing you inside Rockstar North showing you the developers there making the game.
      Hand held GTA games get made at Rockstar Leeds in Britain.

      • Mikey

        Your wrong.

        • Brian Powers

          How about no.

    • GTA_fan

      The office in New York handles the PR work only. Rockstars games are made by the developing studios. You can see inside Rockstar North on Youtube, they take you on a tour while they were making a GTA game and show you how its made. They make the whole game there,

      • Mikey

        Your wrong.

    • Bruno

      ‘just a studio, nothing more’ ??? what does that mean? Rockstar North, formerly DMA, are the inventors of GTA


    who thinks where actually gonna be playin it tho aint the world mena end in december 21st….