GTA V theories for DLC after news update

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2012

Now that Rockstar has finally confirmed an important piece of information in revealing that GTA V will be out by Spring 2013, we should expect to see a more frequent influx of GTA 5 news from the developer, right?

While Rockstar hasn’t said anything since that announcement, their publishers Take-Two have, as CEO Strauss Zelnick has teased fans further with a little few words on the game specifically related to what Rockstar are planning to do with regards to GTA V DLC, that will inevitably come out some time after release.

Take-Two will be well aware that they are in good hands after successful GTA IV expansion packs such as The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned, which gamers instantly threw their money at – despite initially being exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Fans will be hoping that this doesn’t happen again for GTA V DLC, as it goes without saying that a universal and simultaneous release will be much more received, rather than Microsoft scoring some under the table agreement again, which would cause millions of PS3 and PC gamers to miss out for a second time.

During a recent investors call, CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed that Rockstar has some ‘interesting stuff’ to show us regarding DLC, adding at the same time that it will solely be down to Rockstar, not Take-Two, on how the DLC pans out and when Rockstar decides to announce something regarding DLC.

He also stated that at the moment, it is ‘far too early’ to be talking about DLC, but suggested that when information does finally come out via Rockstar, it will be well worth waiting for. The question that we want to know is, are Rockstar going to stick to their GTA IV DLC format and just release two massive DLC episodes for GTA V, or will they mix it up this time around with more frequent releases?

The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony worked very well indeed as extra content, but fans may prefer to see smaller waves of content every month, rather than episodes which may release in the space of six months for each piece of content. Rockstar are probably weighing up these thoughts too and have seen how successful the likes of Activision and EA have been with frequent DLC releases and ‘premium’ content.

Will GTA V now follow a different path, so that Rockstar can provide more smaller content, to maximize profits with more frequent releases? Or should they stick to their current formula and just release two massive episodes for GTA V. Let us know your thoughts and ideas on what the developer should do with regards to DLC.

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  • RockstarNorth

    Why, this is what i ask myself when we come on this website. Your talking about DLC before the game has even got a release date! seriously, you need to reconsider what you are doing with this website, it is completely and utterly useless information. i think you will find more people are more intrested in the actual game at the moment, rather than non existent DLC!

  • KJ Kwiet Storm

    They should stick to episodes. I’d like to see an episode similar to San Andreas where you can run your own gang and fight over territory. Not necessarily the early 90’s theme, but a lot more modern day type gangs and activities. Extort businesses for protection money, random drug deals in the street instead of drug dealing missions, and other gangs being able to randomly do drive-bys on you or your gang when just outside walking around. Have more dynamic gang members in your crew and not just the same 3 looking guys you pick up every once in a while. They should be able to do activities with you and not just follow you around. There should be house parties and gang affiliated house parties that you and your crew can drive-by on. There should be good cops and corrupt cops randomly in the city. The corrupt cops might let you go for a small bride or make you do a small mission like take someone out for him. There’s a lot of things R* can do with episodes rather than having small packages of constant DLCs. Yeah smaller, more frequent DLCs might make them more money in the long run, but I think the episodes will expand R* ability to keep the game alive and keep fans loyal. It’ll be like playing a brand new game.

  • blab

    Dlc are to prolong the length of a game not shorten it, and I would like little ways of making my map (city) evolve different with time

  • Bub

    It’d be better if they just used 2 massive DLC’s because there’s more to play with and you don’t get bored easily, it also leaves Rockstar to add more little details

  • Ty

    @ itchy, I would agree with u in thinking , lv n San could well be DLC content but I hope it’s already apart of the disc to start with. I would be a clever move by RS because they know us fans WOULD pay for it. Can we focus on just getting all the info for what we will be getting , it’s well to early to be thinking dlc

  • FaizanAliNaqvi

    DLCs ruin everything.

  • Itchy_Willy

    An interview with Dan Houser over a year ago in a British paper, Dan said this time it will all be about choice like never before, you choose to expand. My guess is because GTAV is only Losantos and some of the surrounding area/wooded farm land from San Andreas that the DLC will be extra areas, i.e Vegas and Sanfransico so the game will end up having all the areas thet San Andreas had.

  • Com’on just No. Bring us the game first and then we will talk about DLC’s. This article is totaly useless.

    • Stando

      This website is totally useless…