Black Ops 2 zombies jingle available for fans

There is not long to go at all until the highly anticipated Black Ops 2 zombies hype train comes to an end, with the release of Black Ops 2 fast approaching on November 13. To get you in the mood for the new horror spin-off, Treyarch has delighted fans with the release of some Halloween themed ringtones, based on one of the main characters from zombies.

It’s not often we see developers accomodate fans in this way, especially considering their time constraints in ensuring that a game is perfect before release. There is less than two weeks to go before Black Ops 2 is out, but they have spared some time to upload some free, yes free ringtones for fans to download from their website in celebration of Halloween.

The wicked sound bites feature the voice of Richtofen, who Black Ops zombies veterans should instantly recognize if they have played through any of the maps in the last two Treyarch games. The ringtone basically tells you to pick up your phone in an amusing way and you can download the theme in a variety of different formats if you are worried that it won’t be compatible with your current device.

We think it is great that Treyarch are not charging for it, when actually they probably could have commanded a little fee for their efforts and fans still would have bought it – perhaps they intentionally didn’t run this idea past Activision for approval first.

As for zombies itself, Activision is still busy removing gameplay videos from YouTube, from those lucky individuals who have already managed to buy Black Ops 2 two weeks early and have been playing the new Green Run map for the last few days. If you have got the game early due to a retailer fault, we see no problem why you shouldn’t be able to play online early. Activision clearly doesn’t advocate this though, so it may be worth just spending your time to learn Green Run offline first, ready for launch when you can blitz it.

For now, enjoy the ringtones and let us know if you have seen anyone with a copy of Black Ops 2 already.



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