Apple iOS 6 vs. Google maps, button importance

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 30, 2013

The battle of Google vs. Apple will likely continue to the end of time thanks to the loyalty shown by fans on both sides, although one topic that is not so straight forward is Apple’s iOS 6 maps vs. Google maps. The latter application is well established and when we first heard about Apple launching their own maps within iOS 6, we knew it would be a major challenge although the launch Apple wanted certainly failed to happen.

We looked at the differences between Google maps and Apple’s iOS 6 maps towards the end of last month, which had been supported by a few videos showing how good both of their services looked in the 3D views, how good the driving directions were, and also what service performs better when you have an emergency. You can see that article here and watch the 3 videos as well.

The screenshots below were taken on an iPhone 5 running the latest iOS 6.0.1 update, which reveal some nice detail when in the 3D map mode although we still noticed a few of the glitches remaining for other parts of the world. The latest iOS 6.0.1 update or iOS 6.1 beta hasn’t fixed these map issues, and it seems that Apple has clearly shown how they will tackle problems with their maps.

In iOS 6 the Apple maps “report a problem” link can be seen in the image below, which we’ve highlighted thanks to this link being very small. While it had been there since the initial iOS 6 software update, it seems that Apple want to direct users to this link a little more clearly considering all the problems still remaining and the fact that user feedback is key to getting these issues fixed.

We might have wished for some major updates to Apple maps in iOS 6.1 beta 1, but this isn’t the case as we reported in the full release notes although there are a few changes and one prominent change to Apple’s iOS 6 maps. The link to report problems in Apple maps has gone and been replaced with a big button, which can be seen in the image below and clearly shows how Apple want to make it much easier for users to report any problems they find in iOS 6.1 maps.

Have you reported a problem you found in Apple’s iOS 6 maps? It is worth pointing out that Google also ask for users to report problems, which could be a much quicker way to get an issue fixed as soon as possible. You can see a video below that shows how to report an issue with Google maps.

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  • Olli Toukolehto

    Apple Maps cant find anything. The Goodle Maps would find so many options if I searched i.e. “mall” for shopping. Apple Maps just says that nothing is found. Since upgrading to iOS6, my iPhone became less useful. No I use Yelp etc., but Google Maps used to be the best IMHO. I wish I could get it back on my phone..

  • Sharon.

    Why are people so upset about a 3d view!!?? I have just rolled over laughing having looked at the UK map. How difficult would it be for whoever has designed this version of maps to have got a map out of each of the countries to ensure they got their facts and cities in the correct place. When did Blackpool get moved to the South East of the country. Looks like I will be resorting to checking my routes before travelling on google maps. Get it sorted Apple, this has to be your biggest flaw since you nearly went bankrupt a number of years ago.

  • UnluckyJim

    Well I seem to be having greater problems with ios 6 because I can no longer download photos from facebook, the screen locks up and it can take about 20 sec to boot.
    I have tried for two days to make contact with apple support without success.
    How can I reset the ipad to go back to where I was before this download?

  • Guy

    I live in Austria and I’m comparing Apple Maps with Google maps, Google maps is also inaccurate, showing streets that do not exist. However I preferred Google maps for the search feature attached to it.

  • Ryan

    I am so dissatisfied with the removal of the most usefull app on the iPhone that, after years of loyal following of apple, I am beginning to look at alternative devices across the board. BRING BACK GOOGLE MAPS!!!

  • Lynne

    Fearing losing Google maps on my iPhone, but wanting to see if the Apple maps were as bad as people say, I upgraded to iOS6 on my iPad, but not on on my iPhone. Having reported various problems with the Apple maps, none of which have been resolved, I have to say that until Apple fix their maps, I for one will not upgrade my iPhone if I can possibly avoid it. This is Apple at their arrogant worst.

  • Diterditer

    Apple maps sucks. Just expended 2h lost in downtown due to the apple maps. This never happened with google maps.

  • Mink

    I agree, I don’t care who makes my maps. I just want them to be accurate, clear and include street view. My iPad and phone don’t do this properly any more so its time to move on from apple I think. If google were back on my device I’d be happy to give apple time to get their act together but they did something unforgivable. The took something away from me and replaced it with trash

  • Robin

    Apple REALLY need to fix this very fast. Perhaps they should revert to Google Maps for iOS 6, and re-issue their Maps in a later release. I am an Apple fan with both an iPhone and an iPad – both on iOS 5. I am being constantly encouraged to “upgrade” to 6 on both devices but will not do so if it means losing Google Maps – which I use all the time. I never thought I would say this, but it has made me think about moving to Android when I am ready for a technology refresh.

    • galagoindigo

      I agree completely with everything said above, am in same position and feel exactly the same

    • Michael

      Totally agree with the above comment and will seriously consider the Galaxy III now!!!