LG Nexus 4 on O2 UK with consequences

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2012

Everybody wants to get their hands on Google’s prized Nexus 4 handset and if you live in the UK, you’ll be pleased to hear that we have some important release info for you. O2 has announced that they have a 30 day exclusive on the Android 4.2 handset, but there is some bad news for those planning to take out a contract with the network.

O2 has detailed a lengthy blog post on their website, celebrating the fact that they’ll be the first network in the UK to offer the device on contract, albeit for a 30 day period which will then make the Nexus 4 available on other carriers such as Vodafone.

To coincide with the launch, O2 has said that they will be handing out free 32-inch LG televisions, to the first 100 customers who are first in line to buy the new device. Even better, the first 20 of those 100 will have the opportunity to purchase their device on top of the O2 area in London for an added bonus.

While this is obviously nice, there is already a fierce backlash beginning to take shape, as consumers are not happy over the fact that O2 will only offer the Nexus 4 for free on a £36+ a month contract only, over two years. This will included unlimited calls and texts, but that amounts to a whopping £864 in total, with many consumers arguing that it is better to just buy the handset SIM-free from the Google Play store for £239.

This would then free you up from any 2 year contracts with the handset and allow you to purchase a cheaper SIM-only deal, such as O2’s text and web tariff, which costs £10-14 a month (contract free) and offers 300 texts and 500MB of data – ideal for consumers who prefer to communicate using apps such as Whatsapp.

Just head to the comments underneath O2’s news post to see how consumers really feel about O2’s £36 a month contract deal. It seems like there are a lot of other SIM-free deals that will save you a lot of money in the long run, as nobody wants to commit to paying over £800 over two years do they?

If you are a current O2 customer, what are your thoughts on their Nexus 4 announcement? Is the free TV just a ploy to bait you into one of their expensive contracts over two years?

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  • Tom Skailes

    I noticed it’s available on O2 as a PAYG phone at £399.99 for the handset – nice £161 mark-up O2 – daylight robbery. The answer I guess is to just be patient and wait for new stock to arrive at Google Play. Either Google are losing an arm and leg on it or high end mobiles have huge margins, or perhaps it’s a bit of both. SIM only is definitely the cheapest way to run a mobile – I just get a handset on the cheapest PAYG deal from CPW (usually they’re not locked to network) and shove my SIM in it

  • Beast

    iMessage on an Android phone? Who researches these articles?

  • Yeah don’t touch O2! Buy the handset sim free and go with £10 sim fro. Giffgaff not a bad deal at all you average users and those who want more cc an also do that!

  • Constantine

    I agree this is a rip off by O2 and immediately proves the point that Google have made by undercutting everyone with a superb handset ie to break the monopoly that the network providers have and to give customers some value. This example of ripping customers off is particularly vile as O2 have the gall to price the phone on contract at a similar level to much more expensive phones. This is a real wake up call. We should all boycott O2 and buy from Google and then go for SIM only deals. Spread the word