iOS 6 untethered jailbreak controversy for iPhone 5

By Alan Ng - Nov 1, 2012

As the wait continues for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5, there is a word of warning for those of you actively searching for a download, as two recent sources claiming to offer iPhone 5 jailbreak software have now been exposed as fakes.

It goes without saying that the dangers of installing unofficial software on your phone can be lethal, but especially more so if the software has come from an unknown source. It has become apparent that two individuals were previously claiming to offer an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, but thanks to the intervention of iPhone Dev Team member Musclenerd, one of the said individuals has now owned up and admitted that his jailbreak was a fake.

However, there is still a problem at hand as the user in question, JHerthop had previously been asking for donations to contribute towards the jailbreak and as you can imagine, some rather silly consumers have already thrown their money at him thinking that it would magically speed up the process in getting a working jailbreak out to the public.

He has since said on his Twitter account that the donations will be refunded, but we’re yet to see proof of this. While he appears to be quite remorseful in his actions, the same cannot be said for the other exposed ‘hacker’, who goes by the name of Defiant6 on Twitter.

He too claims to have an untethered jailbreak in his possession and has said that he aims to charge $500 for it. He has attempted to upload a screenshot showing the jailbreak in action on his iPod Touch, but Musclenerd quickly noticed that it had actually been a very poor photoshop, with some editing errors visible on the screenshot. As a result of having been caught out, Defiant6 has took to Twitter to go on the offensive with all kinds of abuse directed at users who are calling him out as a fake.

It just gives you a little idea of the whole operation at hand here and the desperation and lengths that people will go to, to be the first person to provide an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6. We only hope that none of you have been fooled by these elaborate scams and it is always a good idea to sit back and wait until a release from either the Chronic Dev Team or the iPhone Dev Team.

What are your thoughts on unknown developers trying to dupe consumers into giving donations towards a jailbreak that is never going to release?

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  • Arman

    those ass clowns tryin to dupe us!?!? well we will wait for a FREE UNTETHERED JAILBREAK coming from the dev teams

  • Shakur

    Jeff the real people

  • Shakur

    Waiting for jeff for the jailbreak soon we hope

  • Luke

    Defiant6 sounds like a psycopath!! Get a life buddy.. Clearly you have no idea what you are doing..

  • Poosy

    Looks like there will be no jb for ios6 on A5 devices. Good luck waiting.

  • Just got my iOS 6.0.1 update………….Jailbreak please 🙂

    • Ben

      There is a warning not to update to 6.01 yet if you want jb.

  • Dnyank1

    Wow you couldn’t be more wrong. Musclenerd’s jailbreak isn’t a fake – it’s a developer-only jailbreak that the dev team isn’t going to release because they can use the exploit to find a better jailbreak in the future. Bad journalism my friend.


      They never said musclenerd even had a jailbreak perhaps you should read through the article a little better they said musclenerd exposed the fakes….


        “but thanks to the intervention of iPhone Dev Team member Musclenerd, one of the said individuals has now owned up and admitted that his jailbreak was a fake.”

    • John

      Read the article. They said he intervened and outed the fake.

  • Gangster

    Watch out faker’s about

  • Gangster

    Waiting for best pod2 g and de team the real people

  • Michelle

    Scam are all over so please we may all we be warned too.. They take advantage of us, longing for faster release of the untethered jailbreak, they’re making money, the’re fooling us as dumb if we get to it. I am much pretty sure to wait for the chronic or iphone dev team release and hoping to be there soon.. Btw, is there untethered jb for iphone 4 now, really?