iOS 6.0.1 update live, problems failed to fix?

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 1, 2012

We’ve just installed the Apple iOS 6.0.1 update after the download going live within the last couple of hours, which had been on our iPhone 5 model used to review certain cases, apps, etc. The iOS 6.0.1 software update is also available for other devices such as the iPad touch 5G, although we haven’t noticed any major changes to Apple maps and expect reported problems to still be there at the time of writing.

If you are installing the iOS 6.0.1 update on iPhone 5 then you’ll notice an “updater for iPhone 5” needing a download first, which as seen in the image above is sized at 69.7MB. This updater will fix a bug that has prevented the new iPhone 5 from installing OTA, so we installed it and everything worked great after as expected.

After downloading the new iOS update enabler the application notices there’s some new software, and asks if you want to install the iOS 6.0.1 update. It is worth pointing out that you will need a certain amount of battery life, which might mean you need to plug your iPhone/iOS device into a power outlet.

We have included the iOS 6.0.1 update notes below that show the bug fixes and other changes, so take a look at the full list to see if any problem you have has now been fixed. The fixes include an issue solved that caused the camera flash to fail sometimes, the horizontal lines seen sometimes on the keyboard should be gone, and a few cellular network issues have also been resolved.

Do you still have problems after installing the iOS 6.0.1 update, or has your device experienced issues since installing this new software? See the full list of fixes above and share a comment below if you’re experiencing any problems. It is worth noting that the iPhone 5 jailbreak will be demanded even more now this update has landed, which is due to some people believing that certain hackers were waiting for the first iOS 6 update before a jailbreak would arrive.

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  • adamsaxo

    hi ive just up dated my 3gs to ios 6.0.1 and all i get now is no service and it searching all the time anyone know wot to do its a tmobile sim card it was jailbroken with cydia when i had phone im stuck now need help thanks all

  • desai4

    updated to ios 6.0.1 call failed and phone unstable and does not work in the same place where it worked flawlessly… i have restored the phone and have same problems call failed all the time.. phone service not working on phone nor cellular date.. only wifi working.. iphone is like ipod since phone down.. very dissappointed in apple… first time such a bad experience since the first iphone purchase several years ago..

  • Ira

    Not sure what I’m doing differently than everyone else here, but I updated to IOS 6.0.1, and all is well.
    Maybe it’s karma.

  • GiorgioArmani

    My Phone went completely Mute even though I have all volumes to max…

  • SadGuy

    I have all the problems mentioned here below ….apple sucks big time ..crappy software update …i always have in valid sim ..and when i restart stuck in apple logo and i am not able to restore as its always giving me error -1 and update fails ….all these happend after i fcuuking upgraded to 6.0.1 …..having a bad day .. screw apple …and enjoying my money and i am suffering …..$&^$%&^$%&^$

  • kmsridhar

    iOS 6.1 drains the battery fast on my iPhone 4s. Drain is 3 times faster 😉

  • Steve

    I can no longer connect to new wifi networks after the 6.01 update. C’mon Apple.

    • Iphone 5 update with installer…noticed it also installed about 20 apps i didnt have on there before. Problems with wifi and Sirius drops every time i run with wifi. Anyone else?

  • ovin

    i am facing serious problem after installing IOS 6.1. when talking with cellular network. Suddenly caller do not hear my sound and then line cut. What is the solution.?

  • Jon

    Since updated my iPhone to iOS 6.0.1 I have lost the ability to connect to cellular towers. No Service to Searching. I went by my AT&T Store this morning and received a new SIM card, however that did not fix the issue. This update has bricked my iPhone on the Cellular Side. Apple needs to fix this asap…

  • I am now having a bad connection when I call someone. Good connection for a minute or two then all I hear is static and garbled voices………How can I revert back to iOS 6?

  • Grover

    Yep iPad also drops connection following this update. Thanks Apple.

  • Eek

    My wifi is still half-fucked… had to disable LTE before on 6.0.0 but now not even that speeds up the wifi connection 🙁

  • Need More Kool Aid



  • Need More Kool Aid

    I am BEYOND pissed off. Apple fans really drink the kool aid don’t they? The last time I updated my Ipod Touch to the Ios 6, it deleted all my apps and god knows what else. This time i updated and my Ipod Touch is now in Recovery Mode and I CANNOT get it out of it. Itunes gets 3/4 way through downloading the software, and then the ipod disconnects and I have to start all over again. This has RUINED my ipod touch.

    How can Apple release updates that destroy their products and GET AWAY WITH IT????

    Geez I don’t suppose this is supposed to encourage me to buy a new ipod or anything?

    I’m mad as hell over this.

  • TUshar

    apple is ruining everything…get me the hell outta 6.0 so buggy…do u guys even test your software before releasing it to the public. This time if there aint no jailbreak. Den im signing off permanently and stitching to android or windows.

  • Moose

    I updated just barely, and then tried to connect via Bluetooth to my wireless keyboard, and it won’t connect. It detects the keyboard but is unable to connect. The keyboard has a flashing green light.

  • I unplugged my ipad and it has let me restore now. Unplug turn device on and off you maybe ok ? Apple must be busy as hell with customer complaints atm.

  • Yep same here, ipad went into retore mode, first time I had this…seems to of happened to lots of ppl, lost about a weeks worth of data…good work Apple :/

  • JR

    Updated and now no cell serve it keeps jumping around from “Searching to No Service”

  • Fido18

    Losing wifi on updated 3GS since 6.1 update. Not amused.

  • Mike

    No problems ere

  • Gwen

    Lost basically all my SIM contacts — tried taking out SIM & putting back in — in text screen, it’s just a list of #’s — no names. I synced up my FB/Yahoo/SIM contacts into one — this update just singlehandedly destroyed all that work. PISSED!

  • Losingfaith

    Updated, now can no longer get a network connection in the car (parrot asteroid)

  • welshy

    updated but still have the same problems, im on o2 with the iphone 5, my 4 and 4s work fine but mobile data and wifi connectivity are still shocking, might cash in on ebay and get an s3

  • Updated to ios 6.0.1 on Friday and could not connect to my home WiFi. In the end to resolve this I plugged my iphone 5 into itunes and did a full restore.
    Then I set up my iphone as a new phone (DO NOT RESTORE BACKUP). So far so good. My WiFi has been connected fine since. Its early days but will keep monitoring it. Will update if I have any issues (Like when I try to connect to my work WiFi tomorrow)!
    Hope this helps someone!

  • Anu

    My iPhone sometimes goes to voice mail without ringing and sometimes it rings. I have checked my phone setting and it is not diverted, please suggest what do I do?

  • TikTik

    Thanks God… worked find on my iphones and my iPad 2… Three of them successfully connected to my office’s wifi. But i haven’t try to connect them to other wifi… And no SIM card problem.

    There’s something weird on my iPad 2. I couldn’t add books (pdf) to iBooks directly from iTunes. But it’s okay when I add books from Dropbox although it took sooooooooo long to open them using iBooks.

    Have a nice weekend…

  • Bretto

    Installed iOS 6.01, phone worked fine, and then i couldnt open any apps or even get into “settings” done a hard reset or whatever, and now seems to be working fine (so far).

  • KellyY

    Did iOS 6.0.1 update and apps were not able to be deleted. So had to do restore and lost over a month’s worth of pics, texts, calendar. Now I can’t play music at all. Even typing this, you type a letter and you don’t see it until you move on to the next letter or word. Strange things going on with phone.

  • bolz

    my update to ios 6.0.1 works fine 🙂

  • GAB

    Downloaded ios 6.01 yesterday on my ipad 4. Since then it either will not connect to wifi or is very very slow in connection. Feel like taking the dam thing back to Apple as since ios 6 I have had nothing but problems

  • gazamataz

    My old iPhone 3GS and iPad before I updated iOS was working great on our Wifi. Massive Wifi issues with my new iPhone 5 and iPad even after this update. All other devices in the house connect okay, just the Apple devices have issues. Seriously losing faith in Apple.

  • mathews chooracken

    i recently updated my 4s to ios6 and my wifi greyed out. i have been assured by the apple customer care in india that all will be well after the v6.0.1 update. unfortunately, the problem persists and i have not got any support from the apple team. how i wish i bought a galaxy s3 instead of apple 4s.

  • I still have no wifi (greyed out). Fine on 5.1.1 why don’t Apple allow signing of the 5.1.1 blobs so we can at least downgrade until they sort their s*** out !

  • Jim

    Seriously, at work we have 29 Apple devices on 6.0.1 now that cannot access our wireless infrastructure and a remaining 15 that were told not to upgrade from 5.01/5.1.1 that have absolutely no problems with our WiFi at all. Please Apple…

  • S s

    I updated bu phone and now you tube won’t work why not I even deleted it and re- downloaded it but it still doesn’t work please help

  • Trel

    still getting a keyboard bug smh

  • I am simply “unable to update” the iPad mini. It says it’s not plugged in…which it is, directly into the MacMini, no hub in between. Frustrating.

  • Fed up with Apple

    Updated two iPhones today (work and personal). I have a dead zone where I work. When I need to make a call, I go outside. I used to wait about 15 to 20 seconds to go from ‘No Service’ to full bars signal. After update I’ve have to reboot to get signal as the ‘No Service’ does not go away (waited over 5 minutes). This happens on both phones now.


      Quick fix, go to settings, switch airplane mode on, then off, should fix it quickly.

      • Fed up with Apple

        Thanks. That does work but I have to do that over and over. Pain in the @55.

  • Guess I just lucky, but 6.0.1 update looks working good for my iPhone 5 and iPad 3 – they still can connect to wi-fi and 3G and no other side effects so far… may be I will discover them tomorrow though =)

  • Lukestersim

    On the ipad, ios 6.0.1 has started making apps jam, safari is extremely slow. It slows thr whole device down. I am reverting back to ios 6.0.0

  • Erwan

    Toujours le même problème de wifi qui se déconnecte et/ou qui ne trouve aucun réseau, alors que tous les autres appareils se connectent normalement à ma box. Attend ios 6.1 !

  • Erwan

    The wifi is still dropping with my iphone 4s, all other devices are working perfectly fine with my router… Problem not solved

  • jinboat

    Updated to ios 6.0.1 last night. I can connect to 3g network on ATT and connect to WIFI networks just fine, however NO data transmits. SMS texts and phone calls work fine, but data has ceased to transmit on my phone. Upgrading from IOS5 was the worst decision.

    I have turned my phone on/off. I have reset all network connections in the settings menu and toggled cellular data on/off but it still fails to send/receive data. I will restore my phone tonight and hopefully that fixes it.

  • E90

    Update failed! Now iphone 5 (updated to ios 6.01 firmware) is asking me to plug in my iphone to iTunes with the USB screen.. wtf do I do now?

  • André

    My iPhone doesn’t work anymore!
    All it does is display that i need to connect on itunes. But my computer is not recognizing it! What should i do?!

  • Lorenzo

    Still wpa2 problems….I have to stay “downgradet” to wpa…

  • Angry iPhone 5 user

    This update made my wi-fi issues even worse!!! I am already on my 3rd 1Phone 5 and I have not been able to consistently use wi-fi on ANY of them. They talked me into waiting for this update, which I did, and now I can’t stay connected for even a minute! Apple, you SUCK!!!

  • Ryan

    My wifi still dropping still have to go into settings to reconnect

    • Paul

      Same here,, complete pain, no wifi on phone but every other device is connected

  • Droid-Ice

    Everything works fine, my Wi-Fi was faster then my 4G. After the update
    My wi-fi Network lag like as it was in 2G. This is not looking too good. I should have not get the update.

  • jrush78

    I am still getting the failed texting message yet it goes through..

  • Db48820

    Can not receive calls, then voice mail comes when ever it what to

  • GuitaristOnWheels

    I’m still having issues with the camera flash not going off. Don’t really want to have to restore my phone but might have to AGAIN. Never had a problem with any of my iPhones before iOS6 🙁 Still an overal fan though.

  • John

    Connection to exchange mail server failed after updated to iOS 6.0.1. I deleted the exchange account and re-setup the account again. Same problem. Worst part, now I lost all my contact because I can’t syn with the exchange server.

  • Purchased an overpriced lightening adapter yesterday to use in my car, worked fine. Did this update and now can’t use phone in the car again…. It charges but does not connect via bluetooth or show my music. WTF

  • Im getting Invalid Sim since i have updated…wtfudge…!!! 🙁

  • Can not connect to Data cellular after the update. I have tried to restart the phone, turn off and turn on the data cellular option, but no luck.

  • Pat

    You still have to flip airplane mode off and back on again when wifi drops out. Very irritating. Apple, your beginning to piss me off.

  • George

    Still having Facetime (and Tango) issues on wife where it drops out after a few seconds and says ‘Reconnecting’ – there were NO issues on iOS 5 and this only became a problem after the iOS 6 update – works fine over 3G but terrible on WiFi – same issues exist with my 4S and iPad 3rd Gen. You would have thought 6.0.1 would have fixed this as it is a problem worldwide, well it didn’t – way to go Apple!

  • farishman

    its work fine on my 3gs

  • PSB

    I get a “unable to connect to network” error when trying to connect to wifi.
    All other devices in the house (non-apple) work fine. I have reset
    router and network settings on the phone, told phone to “forget this
    connection” and set it back up again…nothing. I did not have the
    original wifi issues when 6 came out, now I have them with 6.0.1. *sigh*

  • Dammit Apple

    DO NOT UPDATE Will put phone into recovery mode and you will lose everything

    • Jenn

      This happened to me but now I cant even restore or anything just has an apple logo or the itunes and plug on the screen…. any suggestions please

      • Jenn, me too facing the same. Pls let me know if you got any solution?

        • Angry Customer

          Happened to me yesterday after updating to ios 6.0.1 and showed me the itunes logo and the usb cable. After a bit of research i downloaded this program called RecBoot and voila! It solved that problem but I can’t get my network now. My iphone 4s is basically an ipod and top left corner shows “Searching” and I have not been able to connect to my service which is really frustrating. I’ve looked around the web and it seems a lot of people are having these problems, I thought Apple Inc. was the best and always had best customer service but now I’m very let down. What is going on Apple?! Listen to your faithful customers and do something ASAP!

        • Need More KoolAid

          Same on my ipod touch. I also downloaded and tried both RecBoot & Tiny Umbrella but both simply get the apple logo to show for a few seconds before it returns to the usb screen. Can’t do a thing with it now. Apple denied it was a widespread issue but it quite clearly is. We should all be getting replacement phones/ipods. yet because it’s apple we’ll just get ignored.

      • Andre

        Same problem here! My iPhone is worthless now!

    • Me facing same problem. Did you found any solution? I couldnt able to restore my IOS 🙁

    • Happened to me too. iPhone no more…

    • Brickd

      Ditto. Bricked.

  • Whitefright

    Still getting issues, ios 6 is going downhill

  • Mike

    Cannot connect to wifi anymore! Oh and just found out my ipad mini won’t be arriving until 15th after per ordering a week ago. Sort it out apple!

  • Gwyn

    This put my iPhone into restore mode have lost a lot of stuff becos of this update

    • Jordyn

      It’s doing the same to me right now :o( I am afraid to do the restore because I’m reading I’m going to lose a ton of stuff….

  • Mark

    Wifi keeps dropping

  • Fatima

    I’ve been getting an “invalid sim” notification ever since the software update.