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2012 Mac mini thoroughly tested in review

You would certainly expect a speed boost when purchasing the 2012 Mac mini, although some people are wondering how much faster the new hardware is? Thanks to one popular Apple blog getting hands-on we now know that the 2012 Mac mini is roughly a third faster than the last generation, which has been decided after measuring the performance with Speedmark 8. The results were attained after running 15 individual tests, which deliver a single figure at the end of the hands-on

The image below reveals the 2012 Mac mini score for a graphics test and compares this to the mid 2011/2010 models. We’ve included a second table as well that shows the overall 2012 Mac mini review scores, Speedmark number, which also compares the figure to the last couple of generations as well. The full 2012 Mac mini review can be seen in this article, and you’ll be able to see a number of tests for different applications and more insight into the hardware on the latest generation.

We’ve also included a few videos below this article that feature an unboxing of the new 2012 Mac mini with an overview of the main specs, so take a look at the first and second video to see what you can expect inside the box. The third video shows an Ivy Bridge Geekbench test on the 2012 Mac mini, so feel free to take a look at this as well.

What do you think of the new Apple Mac mini, is it something you’d like under the Christmas tree? The 2012 iMac stole the show at the recent Apple event in our opinion, and this had been due to the radical redesign and new storage options. You can see our earlier article here that takes a look at the Fusion drive and other storage options for the new iMac.



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