Wii U praised over hardcore adoption

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2012

We have seen plenty of criticism directed at the Wii U in recent weeks, some of it fair but probably most of unjustified. This week, it’s nice to bring you a positive spin on Nintendo’s upcoming console, with one source praising the system and Nintendo’s efforts in attempting to win back some of their hardcore audience that they perhaps lost with the first Wii.

You may remember a recent backlash against the Wii U over the GamePad’s lack of support for voice chat using the built in microphone. Consumers who want to play FPS games on the Wii U with voice chat will instead have to plug a third-party headset into the GamePad’s included jack, even if you opt to play using the Pro Controller accessory.

While that is a debatable decision from Nintendo, Gearbox Software boss Randy Pitchford has actually praised Nintendo’s touchscreen GamePad by stating in a recent interview that the GamePad is ”the best controller Nintendo has ever given us for playing hardcore games.”

He was speaking to Joystiq when he made his comments and added that the GamePad is ‘perfect’ when playing Aliens, in reference to the upcoming Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines, which will include some unique GamePad features exclusive to Nintendo’s console. Just one example that Wii U gamers will get is the ability to use the GamePad as an Aliens motion tracker, or an in-game map as well – a classic bit of multitasking.

It’s also worth pointing out that Gearbox seems to have put a lot of effort into making Colonial Marines the prioritized version. You may not be aware, but the Wii U version is out this year alongside the console’s launch, but the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 versions are not going to be available until February next year.

We’ve spoke about the change in developers mindset when deciding to embrace the Wii U with the likes of Bayonetta 2, now it looks like Aliens Colonial Marines is another game that may be worth getting on the Wii U ahead of other platforms. Aliens Vs Predator was a disappointing game, we just pray that this game has been done right as it’s an awesome franchise to work on.

Are you starting to see signs as well, that Nintendo are on the right track in terms of hardcore gaming on the Wii U? Or do you think that despite the praise, the console will suffer the same fate as the first Wii?

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  • I really want the Wii U to fail. The Wii didn’t offer me anything for my gaming needs, and now that I see the Wii U, I’m very disappointed.

    1. Same lame name.
    2. Outdated hardware.

    3. Same lame games.

    4. Crappy OS interface.

    And the list goes on. Wii U is a flop. Simple as that. It’s too bad there are millions of blind fools out there burning their money on garbage products like this. I pity and spit on you.

  • pjurextra

    Being criticized as a “gimmick” is so old now with Nintendo, it’s almost cliche’d. Nowadays I can’t even take any criticisms seriously when the sentence includes the term “gimmick”.

  • Paul Phillips

    As I have previously mentioned in one of the negative stories on this site for me the Wii U was justified when they seemed to be getting their digital distribution in order. I find a lot more value in games on XBLA than at full price point in store. As I live in the middle of nowhere and it costs £10 extra to drive anywhere with a decent games shop and then most games only last about 10 hours single player so an £8 game on XBLA is often the preferred choice of media for my gaming. With unity on board and the recent confirmation of the reward scheme, not only will I be happy to plug in my turtle beaches to my gamepad to chat but it looks like between AAA titles I’m actually interested in (Aliens being one of them) that Nintendo have my back and I can purchase digital games (looking to have great 3rd party support so far) till the cows come home. I’m even going to buy Trine 2 again as this version looks better and with extra levels the XBOX couldn’t deliver due to limited grunt my purchase is even more validated. Now if only someone would announce Torchlight 2 🙂

  • ashley

    I would say no its not quit hardcore if it was hardcore it would not have the mii univers games and wii u ssports and other cheesy games like worio wii u game than the graphics is not nexy gen enough to be hardcore like ps4 can play 2k res games and can handel 4k res tvs.

    • Paul Phillips

      Was the PS4 resolution stuff verified yet? I thought it was all rumor at this point, though it wouldn’t surprise me sony has the tech know-how though as the next playstation wont be designed by crazy Ken it might be easy to code for (a first for the brand) and lose some of it’s nutty charm. The graphics VS gameplay thing is probably the most mute point in gaming nowadays, the answer was mincraft won. I may be tempted by a new Playstation but I think it’ll be too far out of my price range to consider now I have a family to provide for. It’s sad but Wii U might be my last home console 🙁 Until of course the kids get old enough and ask for one for christmas and never want to play it again after I whoop their butts on Halo14

  • devilkhan

    im gonna sell my PS vita for this 😀

  • synderblock

    A lot of the criticism is not justified at all.

    Many people dismiss the gamepad as a gimmick. While not revolutionary, it is a natural evolution of the gamepad.

    Misconception: Gamepad is something Nintendo just whipped up to draw attention.

    Truth: Actually it is an evolution of what was already done before with the GBA and GC. Most people do not know that some GC games could use the GBA as a controller. Most 3rd party is not willing to support combos like that because they do not want to lose sales on people who do not own both. Just ask PS3/Vita.

    Misconception: Gamepad is directed at tablets.
    Truth: Not really, using a tablet as a controller is horrible. When MMOs took off, there was talk of placing Keyboards in the center of the controller, a touch screen is along the same thought process with the added benefit of being more dynamic.

    Misconception: Gamepad will distract you from game play.

    Truth: People always whine about too much info on the screen blocking their view. This eliminates that. Some people will have to get use to looking back and forth but alot of “Gamers” already use multi-monitor setups on PC, so it should not be much of an adjustment.

    Misconception: All the games are ports or look like games for PS3/360 so WiiU is only that powerful.
    Truth: Most games will be ports because the WiiU is easy to port to. Devs are reluctant to support difficult hardware to program for, just ask PS3. This is both good and bad. Good as it will increase 3rd party support, bad because devs will be in no hurry to step up graphics quality so games will be made at lowest possible graphic quality, ie 360. Also remember 1st gen 360 games are far inferior to current 360 games.

    The whole headset thing is also a weak argument. Yea, it is a little strange but really, the gamepad seems way better for hard core games then the pro controller. I think the pro controler is for lazy devs to port games they don’t want to spend time and money adding gamepad support.

  • Paul Hughes

    I think they are on the right track also, and am eager to get all my favourite games on one console, as well as the Nintendo franchise games. I can’t wait to play with the new touchscreen gamepad, it looks like it will be a lot of fun, plus bringing up maps, inventory screens etc on it will be great!

  • i think they may be on the right track and i definitely hope so, now while i love nintendo i hope the wii u makes money and is successful but nintendo better go EXTREMELY BIG or go home the next time around reguardless.