Nexus 4 Vs iPhone 5 specs visual

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2012

Now that the LG Nexus 4 has been officially outed by Google, many consumers will inevitably be making the decision in their heads on which handset is better between Google’s new effort and the iPhone 5, which is still considered to be the benchmark in the smartphone market.

As with previous Nexus devices, there is plenty of interest in the upcoming handset, not only because it will ship with the latest version of Android Jelly Bean (4.2), but also because the hardware specifications on paper appear to be very promising indeed and arguably better than what Apple can currently offer consumers with the iPhone 5.

For starters, the processor is a essential factor in any decision making over a new smartphone and you’ll be pleased to hear that the Nexus 4 has been equipped with a brand spanking new quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip, offering 1.5Ghz per core. In comparison, the iPhone 5 still only ships with a dual-core based A6 processor although the company has made consumers aware that the A6 offers ‘double the speed’ than what was offered in the A5 chip with the iPhone 4S.

Elsewhere, the debate over screen quality is going to be a big talking point as well. The Nexus 4 may even eclipse the infamous Apple Retina Display as well, as LG has fitted a 4.7-inch HD IPS+ LCD display screen on the Nexus 4 with a resolution of 1280×768 and 320ppi, compared to the iPhone 5’s 4-inch Retina Display which boasts a resolution of 1136×640 with 326ppi. Basically both display screens are right up there with the best available on the market.

Looking down the useful visual chart supplied by Droid-Life, we see that the Nexus 4 edges the iPhone 5 in RAM (2GB compared to 1GB), battery life (2100mah compared to 1440mah) and has two features that are not available on the iPhone 5, those being NFC and wireless charging support.

Having said that, there is no running away from the fact that the Nexus 4 is not an LTE device and the iPhone 5 is. This is going to be a massive deal breaker for many already, so it will be interesting to see just how many consumers will be satisfied with just HSPA+, after previously using LTE on an older Nexus handset with the Galaxy Nexus – if that makes sense.

Take a look at the visual for yourself and let us know what you have decided to buy. Is the Nexus 4 the clear winner here, regardless of a lack of LTE support?

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  • LTE in the UK sucks under EE and probably wont be worthwhile for the next few years as the other networks catch up and it takes that long for EE to get acceptable speeds and coverage. Right now their test speeds are classed as 3G on paper. I mean they averaged at 3MBps but DCHSPA+ can do 4-5MBps on paper.

    I just think EE are trying to capitalized on “trendy” people who just want the next thing to say they have a lot of money but no brains. When you pay like £40 a month for 500mb and like £56 for 8GB then you have to be an idiot. If the speeds are meant to be that much faster you hit the limit within 5 mins and you’re screwed at £3 for 50mb. What is the point in having LTE if you cannot use with when it costs much more than unlimited data on 3G which atm isn’t much slower? Besides my current 3G on Three can stream BBCiPlayer and download fast enough.

    I just cannot justify LTE at all in the UK.

    So £230-279 for the most powerful smart phone out there but it’s downfall is only DCHSPA+ 42mbps or £529 for the iPhone 5 with the same 16GB and the nearest upgrade to 32GB is £600? I think it is a no brainer, especially as Android is superior for advanced users and the hardware is superior and it’s basically half the price.

    How can any one want the iPhone 5? If Google keep releasing phones like this then surely it’ll be a sign of phone prices declining? I mean these phones only cost a total of £100-200 to produce each anyways and that includes salary and shipping and R&D. Apple don’t have like 50+ billion in pure cash because they are selling these things cheaply, they’re making like £300 per unit in profit.

    You could buy this Nexus 4 for cheap, if you want sell it next year, you’ll lose hardly any money at all when you come to sell it because that price is only offered on the Google Store and lots of people will be clueless to it. Then buy a 4G phone next year if you really want one badly. I just don’t see how you can lose at that price.

    I was going to buy a Nokia Lumia 920 just because I fancy something different and I’m tired of IOS which is so restrictive. However Nokia have buggered up their launch, barely any information and it seems it’ll be EE only anyways. So let Nokia just continue to go downhill, they clearly deserve it if they cannot sell a device to a person who wanted one lol. Knowing Android in the past when I had a HD2, I really liked it and using my friends GS3 using a custom no TouchWiz rom, it’s come so far since and I’m impressed.

    I think the Nexus 4 has indicated to me it is time to switch over.

  • Tim

    I have T-Mobile so LTE isn’t going to be a part of my vocabulary until roughly the end of 2013. I do feel Google and LG have missed an opportunity to beat Apple on all grounds. That being said I don’t think this is going to be an issue for most unless you are on a CDMA network, which in that case maybe its time to switch.

  • Nexus 4 or Other smart phone

    How can it come without SD slot? That’s the only drawback it seems since i don’t care for LTE. 32 Gb missing it

  • zWsA

    In terms of price-performance, the Nexus 4 is easily the most groundbreaking smartphone ever produced. Quad-core 1.5GHz, 2GB RAM, HD IPS+, pure Android 4.2 for $299? Is this an April fool’s joke, or did Google just rock the world of smartphones?

  • I have the iPhone 5. It is too small to be compared to other phone’s. The resolution is odd and the screen size is for me too small. Apple are adamant they don’t want to change it.iPhone’s market share will begin to drop as Apple are running out of ideas. The Nexus 4 will spank the iPhone and I know I have one!

  • You just dont need LTE, its the biggest emperors new clothes ive ever heard. HSPDA+ is fast enough, I mean what on earth are you going to be doing on your phone thant requires faster bandwidth than the star ship enterprise?!?! and the fact is that most people are still on iphone 3gs/4’s and samsung galaxys 1&3 or htc desires and cant even utilise lte. The thing is that only city centres will get it the rest of us will be lucky to get full hspda+ speeds

    Just makes me laugh really. Im and iphone 4 user by the way and I do love ios (I jailbreak to increase functionality) but if the networks (are you listening o2 you thieving so and so’s) pass on the savings – we could get some rock bottom tariffs. Im hoping threes one plan can put this phone on there at the same price as sim only, if that happens Im moving away from apple, despite all of the fantastic features such as Imessage, Icloud, Facetime, music match etc.

    Build quality, price, seamless easy to use software all reasons I got my i4, and google look like they are starting to match that user experience. Come on samsung, build the s4 out of decent materials please netxt time.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    LTE is more hype than anything. T-Mobile’s HSPA+42 means speeds up to 42 Mb/second, so half that speed or less is still screaming to me.

  • billyJ

    Man google actually did it !!! They built their own phone !!! Now this just proves the fact that those $700 dollar phones really didnt cost that much to build because if it did the nexus 4 would not be price for $300 !!

    Im with verizon and have a G. Nexus.. Iam grandfather in with unlimited data 4G LTE but its not everywhere like 3g or 2g. Verizon is going to strip away my unlimited data with my next upgrade any ways.

    Ima buy this Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 any try it on tmobile $30 data plan..

    • marvin nubwaxer

      maybe they are only barely covering costs. i’m all for it if it means android gets more market share.

      • Julian

        They may be selling at a loss (at least for the cheaper 8gb model). When you have as much money as Google and you are looking to win advertising money, developers and market share, you can do things like that.

  • Ross Leon

    Meh, still prefer iPhone. Really don’t like the feel of android software still just doesn’t feel natural to me, always felt like its still trying to adapt to working on a phone for some reason.

    People bang on about price and how its cheaper you pay for what you get! build quality on cheaper phones never feels as good. Plus you pay for a brand of quality. Its like buying a Porsche you can buy a car that is faster, better round corners that is cheaper but its still not a Porsche and build quality will not be as good plus you do not have the badge and look like a wannabe.

    P.S I’m not an Apple fanboy! Do not like Mac or iPad PC or windows laptops for me.

    • Ad

      This is quite the misconception and is an actual fault of Android that pains me. To experience android as its meant to be you need a nexus device, one comes out each year similar to iPhone. Its Googles flagship device.The problem is they allow many manufactures to add their own take and twist to it. At various price points to catter for all. The problem here is if you use one of these you will be probably preffer the iPhone. I’ve used Android phones that are none nexus and its terrible and i hate the experience. But i promise you if you were to get or use this nexus device with the latest version of vanilla android OS 4.2 you would be blown away and it would be a fair comparison to make. Im an Android Nexus fan and if it was up to me thats all Google would release, a new nexus each year.

  • Dan

    Just did a speed test on my phone with a full HSPA signal and got a downspeed of 8.09mbps. You simply don’t need anything more on a mobile device.

  • Skrjruaoaowjdjcna

    No LTE? What a step back

  • Quad Core CPU

    IPhone 5 just came out and is already obsolete LOL….

    • tbslim

      What, specifically, about this phone makes the iphone 5 obsolete? The new Nexus looks like a capable device at a good price but it’s not really groundbreaking in any way. The specs and features are different but that would always be the case wouldn’t it? I’ve had multiple iphones and androids and each have plusses and minuses. I prefer the iphone primarily because I find the size easier and more convenient to deal with. The 4.5+ inch androids are not comfortable in my hand. But that is just a statement of preference without the need to bash or belittle. I enjoy reading about new products and technologies and enjoyed this article up until I saw your inane comment. I don’t understand people like you. It’s just a phone. If you don’t want an iphone, don’t buy one. Take the money you save and seek counseling for your personality issues.

      • Ad

        I take it you have the iPhone 5 then 🙂 Spec wise its better, theres no getting away from that. And the changes in the new OS completely overshadow anything IOS6 has produced. I mean Apple made a big deal out of panoramic pictures. This was in Androids line up last year. This year with this device its photo sphere, complete 360 degree photos. wireless charging awesome camera functions All of this will be out next year at best for your iPhone at which point you will all clap like seals at the keynote like its ground breaking.

        • tbslim

          Didn’t really read my comment did you? BTW, yes I do have the iphone 5 and so far I’m quite happy with it. I only asked why the new Nexus makes the iphone 5 obsolete as the previous poster contended with a LOL attached. Specs wise its better, in your opinion, because of the great new camera functions. I use the camera on my phone about once a year so the better camera is not important to me at all. Wireless charging is a cool concept and I may “clap like a seal” if the iphone 6 or whatever has that. That Android is a better or more capable operating system than ios6 is, again, a matter of personal preference. I’ve used ICS and don’t mind it, I just prefer ios. Quad core is better than dual core but I’m not a gamer nor do I use my phone for very complicated applications so the extra processing power doesn’t matter to me. My point is, I am not attempting to convince you or the previous poster that the iphone and ios is better than what you have. It’s not a competition. For the reasons previously stated, I simply prefer the iphone but that’s just me. I only asked why he thinks this phone obsoletes the iphone. It really doesn’t, IMO, but maybe I’m missing something.

        • lol

          I don’t understand people like tbslim. Pay $500 for a phone that doesn’t do as many functions compared to its rivals that typically are cheaper.. Doesn’t matter if you use it personally, if it isn’t able to do it, it shouldn’t be priced and praised as so.

        • tbslim

          One, I’m not seeking your understanding. Two, like the previous poster, you’re focusing on the “functions” that are important to you and criticizing me because those “functions” aren’t as important to me. Why do you care? If you believe, like so many of your little friends here seem to, that the Nexus 4 is the best imaginable device at the best imaginable price, I recommend that you buy it. Actually buy several so you can take advantage of the many “functions” simultaneously. It will still be cheaper for you than my one iphone 5. On that magical day, declare your victory over me and Apple and we will acknowledge you. But it will still just be a phone. There will be another new one announced tomorrow or a week from next Tuesday at the latest.

        • zWsA

          That’s reasonable. We are all entitled to our own opinions. At least you admit that the Nexus 4 is objectively better than the iPhone 5.

        • tbslim

          Actually, I didn’t admit that nor do I think that it is true. But if it makes you feel better about yourself to think that I did, fine.

        • zWsA

          “Quad core is better than dual core” Those are your words, not mine. Anyone who has any knowledge of computing understands that the CPU is the most important part of any computational device, often representing over half of the cost of the entire product. To the extent that you admit–yes, admit–that quad is better than dual (especially when it’s 1.5 vs. 1.2) you have conceded that the Nexus 4 is, by way of superior components, a superior device. You can’t say that each individual component is better, but the sum is worse. Such a conclusion would be illogical. 🙂 If after all this you still insist the iPhone 5 is objectively (technically) a better device, most reasonable people would consider your position delusional.

      • jonny

        the price is groundbreaking for a device of this spec

  • Abdallah

    I’ve already written it in my calender 🙂 The best smartphone for a very cheap price….whats not to like

  • joeyjojo

    Half the price of the Iphone 5 and faster? Not in the same league. Buy an apple device at £239/279 and see what that gets you!

  • Matt Davies

    No LTE in my area anyway.

  • L

    Wow Very Nice Phone(Fastest Phone In The World) At this Cost ? WOW! Surely Will Buy It

  • Now I think google nexus sets standard for rest of devices.

  • Yes that is true, 4G LTE is not a big factor in my country also.

  • Patrick

    In my country we still dont have LTE in our contracts so ? :))

    • marvin nubwaxer

      so by all means get the nexus 4

  • I don’t see how the iPhone is still setting the standard anymore, with websites such as phonedog and technobuffalo praising other phones on the market to be passing the iPhone such as the GS3 or Note 2 on terms of.innovation I think people need to start recognizing this.