GTA V release date for opposing seasons

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 31, 2012

By now anyone that can call himself or herself a fan of Grand Theft Auto 5 will know about the spring release date, which hasn’t been announced exactly but rather as a launch window for gamers. This had been expected for some time, which started after looking at Take-Two’s financial year and of course certain retailers moving their GTA V release date markers.

The image you can see below went live on Rockstar’s official website within the last 24 hours, and clearly explained that GTA V will release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in Spring. The statement also made it clear this would be a “worldwide launch” for that time of the year, which the word “spring” has also been included on the GTA V landing page as well since this announcement.

This news obviously made some gamers extremely enthusiastic and that meant a few console owners rubbing PC users faces in the lack of GTA V details for their platform, which is something Rockstar won’t stand for and they issued a message after the latest image had been revealed. Rockstar told these gamers and PC users to stop asking about the PC version of GTA V, which you can see the exact message below.

It is worth noting that most PC gamers knew that GTA 5 would land on the PC after the PS3 and Xbox 360, which is something to be expected with Rockstar, so this won’t be a big surprise for the more seasoned PC gamer. At the time of writing there has been no GTA 5 release window set for PC users, although you can expect it to land at some time in the future.

GTA 5 will be a worldwide release – Rockstar confirmed the next Grand Theft Auto will launch in spring worldwide, but this confused a number of gamers that have opposing seasons. The South Temperate Zone means spring runs from September to November, although in the North it runs from March to May. It is worth pointing out to these gamers that Rockstar North is developing GTA 5, and they are based in the UK, so you can expect the release date to be between March and May.

What month do you think GTA 5 will launch? Will it be March, April, or May in your opinion? You can read about the game receiving an award already in this article, and how some PC gamers feel about this news here.

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  • Dharoks77

    But surely all these 2nd hand copies will have to come from somewhere. I mean bought first hand to be able to be sold as 2nd hand copies?

  • the dude

    the longer it takes them to release the game the better it should be. though i would like to see it out as soon as possible like everyone else. i don’t want them to rush anything.

  • why does gamestop have a set date for 12/31/2012 ? i know that gta5 will be on the cover of gameinformer’s december issue, this mixes things up a bit dont you think ?

  • Pissed off GTA/Rockstar fan

    November 2011 – November couple of screenshots one trailer if you ask me that’s a flop

  • bigballs

    susan your a moron

  • Scott

    All I see bellow is ‘I’m not going to get it now.’ Hahaha, everyone in here will be buying this game no matter what you all say, just the same as games like FIFA to be honest; everyone gets annoyed with the previous version and everyone all of a sudden isn’t going to buy the next, or better still, when people buy the game and start winging how bad it is and all that, no shut up you are clearly going to sit there and play it for the following twelve months so just get on with it. But after reading the comments it is good to see Rockstar fans would sacrifice the last touches of the game and have a glitch ridden first eight months for the sake of a couple of months lol, jokers…

    • Smiffy

      It seems older fans who have been with GTA since it began in 1997 are the ones boycotting Rockstar and Take Two. These fans are not kids and are in their late 20’s to early 30’s now,these are not kids who will still rush out and buy the game anyway. They boycotted Max Payne 3 to make that a huge sales flop! Ever since Rockstar and Take Two started to anger fans over the last couple of years their sales have been pretty poor. So obviously the people do fight back!

      I can see kids who say “im not buying it now” will still buy it,but definetely not the adults, and most of GTA’s fan base are mostly adults now! It will still sell well but i think sales are deffinetely going to be hurt just like all Rockstar and Take Two games over the last few years.

  • Brandon

    Im from UK, i hope it releases in march 🙂 looks like a totally amazing game, cant wait to play it 🙂

  • Mclovin

    I knew Rockstar was created in England a few months back they dont need to tell us that

  • It’s stupid how all these other people “think” the game won’t make it past the 2013 fiscal year.. dumba$$es GTA V has been in development since 2008. I’m pretty sure it’s coming out next year… that is all

  • Feeling the vibes

    Ha ha ha ha, on reading the comments about cancelling pre-orders etc, I had to laugh! I did the same, also cancelled my pre-order a couple of weeks ago, and will also buy it second hand. They shouldnt have announced it and released a trailer causing hype over a year ago. They should have announced it now, closer to the time of release. I agree, this was a market stunt to max out sales on launch and I also will not follow now due to deception! Bad tactics! Looks awesome though, but happy to wait a little longer for the second hand copies.

  • Grand Theft Auto 5

    I am Grand Theft Auto 5 and I can confirm I will be out next year and will be awesome!

  • Jordan

    GCSE Exams on March and May (UK) it doesn’t look like I’m going to buy it 🙁

  • Deepak

    I hope rockstar is gonna release one more trailer in nov..

  • Lachie

    Im not going to buy the game now because i love playing it over the cold christman nights

  • Watchdogsmurdersgtav

    Have u ppl forgotten about Watchdogs?!? Ubisoft promised a 2013 release. There is a 50% chance that R* will delay it till xmas 13.

    • Sleepingdogsisboring

      highly doubt it. there’s a chance that R* will realese it in around May.

    • Hatton101

      either take-two or R* (I cant remember who’s) anual sales forecast for fiscal year q1 , that ends in April/may, without the release of GTA would be billions down, this has been common knowledge for 6 months now, so its almost guaranteed it will be out by the end of q1

  • jizz

  • BuggszyBooBoo

    OMG!!! like I CANT WAIT! OMG!

  • jackoffrabbit

    man iwas waitin for this game so i cant stop being soo dman lonley in my apt .


    No it’s going to release April 28, 2013 it will be the 5th anniversary of gta IV get it the 5th V V V V V V fifth game on fifth anniversary!

  • Wonkee

    I wished it would have come earlier, but I’ll still be buying a copy on the release date.

  • GTA V will sell hundreds of copies… while I agree spring is not the best time to release the game, it will not stop players from getting the game. they will get it no matter what….

    and will bioshock, metal gear or god war trouble sales? damn, no….

    • Mark

      Correction: It will sell thousands

  • Rockstar_has_turned_UNCOOL

    Spring…SPRING!!! No..just no! Playing GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas over Christmas are my most loved gaming memorys. Spring sucks donkey balls! =(

  • Super Hans

    I think PC gamers should stop complaining.

    It’s them who mainly torrent the game straight to the internet as soon as it comes out, it’s aways been the same.

    PC gamers can’t be trusted.

  • big o

    April like the past gta games

    • james

      All GTA games have launched in October apart from GTAIV, then GTAIV was originally ment to come out October 2007. since 1997 there have been 8 GTA games all released in October, only 1 released in April then that was mne to launch October aswell.

  • Who care for rockstar we can wait a year for it This game is a legend

  • Gumby65

    I Have GTA IV on both 360 AND PC, and glad PC will once again be delayed for one reason, and one reason only—Modding. I love modding on the PC—basically what it was made for. But when a bunch on bungholes introduce modding onto XBL or PSN, it’s bullshiite. At least 5 or 6 months of no monkey business will be cool.

  • Jaytee

    “At the time of writing there has been no GTA 5 release window set for PC users, although you can expect it to land at some time in the future.” – Daniel Chubb
    Brilliant speculation Daniel, do you have any evidence to back this up? Are you sure it might not be released some time in the past?

    • Atomic

      He states that it may be released sometime in the future because previous R* games haven’t even been ported to the PC yet (ie. Red Dead Redemption). A game as big as GTA 5 means that Rockstar HAS to release it for the PC eventually or else the PC gamer’s heads will implode.

  • Callum Gunn

    I hope it releases in Easter, therefore, I can get some time off to play this epic masterpiece!


  • Beaslay

    24.05.13 perhaps? In the trailer next the guy knocking the foreclosure sign on his house is ‘24.05’ on the curb. Could be a hint?

    • Nick

      that isnt a tuesday and all big games come out on tuesdays. so chances are unlikely. but hopefully we see it before then.

      • max

        but rockstar north is uk based and games release in the uk on a friday

        • max

          which happens to be the 24th

  • dmo-time

    It will more than likely release in may. May is the 5th month in the year.

  • Karl

    I’m not fussed now really as i don’t buy or play games in the spring or summer. If it was October – December id of bought it day one. Now i’ll do what i did with GTAIV and thats wait untill October-December (2013) and get a second hand copy or get it as an Christmas gift the following Christmas. Just means a few more months wait but i’m ok with that. =)

  • Howie

    hey you attention whore, how about you just shut the fck up. It comes out when it needs to come out alright?

  • H8Marketingbullies!

    This may sound childish, but I just cancelled my pre-order. This is a marketing stunt they are playing to maximise sales on launch, but I promise you I wont be buying it until it’s second hand, platinum, or downloadable for free now! R* take note: NOT ALL OF THE POPULATION ARE SHEEP, just the Apple and Fashion fans!

  • boosh

    must admit im gutted about the spring release. i was hoping for it eariler than that but hey finally we got word about it so thanks R*.

    • Cheesie_Wotists

      Yeah me too! I’m too busy to play games in the spring and summer. Only time i buy games is October to December time to keep me busy over the long nights. I was hoping it would release in time for Xmas so i could buy it but now i’ll spend this years game funds on other games like Hitman, Fary Cry 3 and Forza Horizon. I’ll give this one a miss or maybe pick it up later in the year.

    • YRD

      have to admit im gutted about the spring release date. I hope when they mean spring, they mean the latest possible spring as in may 31st. I got uni. i dont want to be playing this 24/7 whilst i should be revising. rather do it after

  • 99dufjmnsdns

    why should we wait until spring next spring?
    it’s starting to make me not want to buy it anymore.

    • Disco

      Wait a few weeks after launch and get a 2cnd hand copy off Ebay to get your own back. New releases always appear on Ebay 2cnd hand even a day or two after release,give it 2 weeks after launch and there will be quite a few up for sale on there.(always is people,been using Ebay for years to buy EA games 2cnd hand on purpose, now using it to buy Take Two Interactive and Rockstar Games 2cnd hand) Hey Rockstar have made us wait over 4yrs….so whats a few more weeks wait to get a 2cnd hand copy cheaper! 😉

      I bought Max Payne 3 2cnd hand off Ebay 9 days after release and Spec Ops The Line 3 days after release,got sweet revenge,still got to play the games andddd saved a lot of money.

      • James

        They’ve “made” us wait over 4 years? That’s because it’s how long it’s taken for the game to be made you moron. What you’re actually doing then, is refusing to support the video game industry by buying all your games used. Also, by denying the video game companies sales, your making it appear to them as though you’re not interested, and if a sizeable proportion of people took the same attitude as you then they would stop making quality games.

        You have two choices; pay for a brand new copy of GTA5 and support the company that has been developing the game (and franchise) for years, aswell as the industry itself, or; buy it second hand from eBay and give eBay a bit more money. I heard they were a bit skint.

        • James

          But they didnt have to launch a trailer then give us nothing else for a year! I do support games developers who deserve it. I stopped supporting EA Games after they refused Turn10 the right to put Porsches in Forza 4 (Yes i know Turn 10 and Forza 4 got Porsches months later), it showed EA didnt care about gamers just like the half assed unfinished Medal Of Honour Warfighter and Need for Speed The Run. EA pumps out games and cares very little about us gamers so i boycotted them and buy any EA games i am interested in 2cnd hand. I support Criterion Games, Code Masters and a few others and buy all their games brand new as these developers care about gamers and what gamers want. Many boycotted Max Payne 3 and Spec Ops the line to get revenge on Rockstar and Take Two Interactive, both were sales flops. I also support IO Intercative and have Hitman Absolution on pre-order. I have bought every GTA game brand new on day 1 launch, GTA1,GTA2,GTA3,Vice City,San Andreas etc etc, the only one id didnt buy on day 1 was GTAIV because it launched in the spring instead of winter like usual. I will wait till winter 2013 to get GTAV 2cnd hand. So ive supported them for years but now they have pissed me off so i will get my lil revenge.

      • Ryan

        I think you guys should wait for the second hand copy…that way you idiots will wait for a second hand copy to come to the surface, i’ll be in line at midnight getting ownership of the best gta game ever! The line will be shorter because you’re not in line!!!!! yay

        • Pumpkin_Man

          So what if people wait for a second hand copy,we’ve all waited over 4 years for the game anyway! lol Waiting a few days or couple of weeks after launch to get a second hand copy won’t hurt. And how do you know that it’s ‘the best GTA ever’? It’s not even out yet so you couldn’t possibly know that. Idiots also said GTAIV would be the best ever yet it was criticized after launch for being boring,all the fun had been taken out,annoying phone calls etc etc and it wasn’t as good as San Andreas.

    • DShiznit

      Stfu. You know damn well you’ll be in that long ass line waiting to get your handa on it the night it comes out!!!!

      • Here in Canada they aren’t allowed to make Midnight launches, well for what I know here in Quebec, it sucks, but on the other Hand I don’t need to preorder it, because they always have like 50 copies in spare for each console in each store :P.

  • 99dufjmnsdns

    rockstar are just messing around with peoples mind

  • Susan

    I live in Australia, and I must admit when I first saw spring I thought that meant GTA 5 would land Sept-Nov, of course then I quickly remembered Rockstar isn’t from Australia.

    • susanisacunt

      YOU R STUPID !

      • SusanIsAwesome

        You’re silly.

  • Alan harper

    What makes anyone think that bioshock will trouble gta sales?? Hahahaha

    • James

      I think a spring launch will trouble sales. Of course the game will be a big seller whatever time of year it launches but i think spring is a bad time. Reason i say that is because many older GTA fans who have been with the franchise since 1997 are used to GTA launching in October in time for Christmas. All GTA games launched in October apart from GTAIV (GTAIV was even originaly going to be a October 2007 release but bugs delayed it) October release to them are like a GTA tradition and thaths when they love to play them over the long dark cold nights and over Christmas. I know many older people late 20’s to early 30’s who dont like GTA launching in the spring and will buy it later in the year at a cheaper price or pre-owned off Ebay or Amazon. GTAV will NOT sell more copies than San Andreas and i bet it wont even sell as many as GTAIV did. Rockstar have angered many once loyal fans, these fans boycotted Max Payne 3. Rockstar thought Max Payne 3 was going to sell well but many boycotted and Max Payne 3 was a huge sales flop. GTAV will sell well but sales are going to take a big hit because of the spring release and because Rockstar have angered fans. Wait and see…

      • DShiznit

        Wrong!!!!! Ive been with the series since GTA3, and im about to be 24. If your a true fan of the game than your ass will be buying it the day it comes out

      • Alan harper

        Pre owned lol if u find a pre owned copy of gta v anywhere il give u my missus

        • Simon

          You will be able to get a pre-owned copy just a few days after release. When GTAIV launched in 2008 i picked up a pre-owned copy off of Ebay just 4 days later,there were a few for sale on there. Remember, just because you think something is great doesnt mean everyone else does! You can pick up all the latest releases second hand just a few days to a week after launch. Some people even go to opening events and get given promo launch copies which the flog on Ebay.

      • Dj

        I’m with you on this, playing Grand Theft Auto at Christmas is GTA tradition, best gaming days EVER!