Black Ops 2 game disc two weeks early

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2012

Just like all over Call of Duty games released over the years, it looks like Black Ops 2 has fallen victim to leaked street dates, with evidence that some lucky gamers have managed to pick up the Hardened Edition of the game a full two weeks before it officially goes on sale on November 13.

Activision has been known to take a particular disliking to their games leaking early in the past, and they are going to be very unhappy when they hear that a European retailer in Slovakia appears to be privately shifting copies of the Hardened Edition. Images have popped up online showing the retail boxing for the premium edition, including a separate image of the bonus Black Ops 2 medallions that will come inside the box when you open it up.

Although the images looked legit, some still questioned the authenticity of the pictures since there wasn’t an initial image showing the Black Ops 2 game disc. However, we’ve since discovered via a German website that new pictures are available showing the game disc in question, confirming that the game is indeed selling significantly earlier than its intended ship date.

It means that some gamers will be able to play through the entire single player campaign before November 13 and of course, sample the Green Run zombie map in offline mode. We’ve already seen some gameplay videos of Black Ops 2 zombies in action and we’ll be talking about that in detail later on today.

Is it irritating to see that some people are already playing Black Ops 2 via shady retailers, when you have pre-ordered at a reputable seller like everyone else and have to wait until November 13 to play the game? This looks like the first instance where the game has leaked early, but we doubt it will be the last.

Are these kind of problems unavoidable, as some retailers will always sell the game early, regardless of the fact that they are breaking the law? Who is really going to track down a private seller in Slovakia over this matter, nobody we expect. Let us know your thoughts on the game leaking early and if you have seen any evidence of the game releasing before November 13 where you live.

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  • pez

    obviouse answer is to have a intsant update needed as soon as you put the disc in the xbox playstation as they have to be downloaded you would know straight away if they were bing used early

  • jj

    this is bs and im really unhappy i preorder this shhit and now ppl have it before ppl who already payed it off. they better now get a start on ranking up and leaderboards and if they did and not reset i will no play this game and i will get my money back….

  • jungle flasher

    Torrent site’s are going mad as we speak!!!

    • Hahaha yeah they are 😉 Uploaded and Downloaded

  • john smith

    I’m gettin it on the 11th. I mean no comment.

  • Leon72

    They need to release the game to us earlier. That would be an easy solution. So when these people get leaked games they would have done it for nothing.

  • KillerChris

    There is an easy solution to this. Activision should work together with PlayStation and Xbox and anyone caught playing Black Ops II before the official release date, whether that being multiplayer online or the campaign mode, should be banned from the network! This way people will be discouraged to go out and get games before release dates.

    • I agree!

    • Optic

      If you play offline they cant find you

      • NgTurbo

        Bobby Kotick will find a way to get you.

      • Profane XX

        Ive played every game since mw2 early at least by 5 days and do not plan on it being different for this one im sorry you guys arent resourceful enough to go to craigslist and post an add….

    • kutkillah

      hey kill get some brains and dont be hater just because u dont have it already(jealous?)… what is the problem on hands on before release? just because u are at home waiting for your package doesnt mean it has to be like that.. every single call of cuty i had it before release .. why?? because i search for it …

    • Gamer_JCZac

      If you paid for the game and the retailer has sold it earlier than release date why should the user be banned.