GTA V PC alienation claims tests loyalty

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2012

The debate on whether the recent GTA V leaked posters were real or not is still very much up in the air. What we didn’t go into detail on at the time though was the revelation that GTA 5 may only be coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 at launch, meaning that PC users could be set to miss out once again.

To recap for those that haven’t seen the poster yet – take a another look here. These posters look like official promotional material for GTA 5 and despite the fact that they haven’t been confirmed by Rockstar yet, various gaming publications are already treating the posters as official information, leaked before Rockstar had the chance to.

The two key pieces of information are the fact that only Xbox 360 and PS3 are mentioned, but also the now-strong possibility that Grand Theft Auto 5 is going to be a Spring 2013 release as well, ruling out any slim chance that fans had of the game coming out before Christmas in 2012.

Back to the platform debate though, should PC owners be angry at Rockstar if the game doesn’t make it out on PC at launch? The Wii U has also been whispered as one of the reasons why the game is taking so long to come out, but based on the poster – there will be no Wii U simultaneous launch either.

We’ve seen on various message boards that a lot of you are upset about this, but let’s not forget that GTA IV only arrived on the PC more than half a year later than when it first arrived on PS3 and Xbox 360. Rockstar may have decided internally that Xbox 360 and PS3 should take priority once again and it could mean that PC owners will not get their hands on GTA V until the 2013 Christmas period, which obviously seems like a long time from now.

Only Rockstar can change the moods of millions of PC gamers right now, by making an official statement on the leaked posters and whether they are real or not. For the moment, everyone assumes they are and the game is launching on Xbox 360 and PS3 only. Has Rockstar, who can usually do no wrong, made a big mistake by once again alienating PC gamers? Let us know how you are feeling on the possibility of seeing another AAA game slip away from a launch title.

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  • Flux

    This is BS. Along with getting it 6 months late, if we even care at that point, we still will probably have to deal with G0WL and Rockstar Social Club < both of which are total crap. So thanks rockstar, its been a fun ride down this hill, this is where I decide to jump onto a new train.

  • SOHara

    Regardless of piracy, going the extra bit for graphics, etc. That’s just making a poor excuses for Rockstar games :(. If you own a PC, x-box or PS3, 3 main platforms for gamers. Therefore you should release the games fairly, what kinda gaming company treat’s customers like this? Customers will still buy GTA5 for PC, but we’re very bitter, critical, picky, angry, looking for faults in the game. That attitude towards ROCKSTAR GAMES is completely justified. You treat us bad, and in turn we treat your products the same. For people who play on consoles, try and understand. We had those graphics a long time ago… for us it’s a big step backwards in graphics. What you payed for your system, well…thats about the cost of a high end sound car, barely!!
    we enjoy our gaming in higher graphics quality, sound, etc.
    Our choice… 🙂

  • I played Bethesda’s Skyrim on my PS3. Being ignored and shunned with the DLCs that has yet to come. Asking, tweeting, and emailing, I got no answers from anybody. Xbox and PC people got all the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn, but PS3 got the F U. So I just want to say My time has come, in Spring 2013 that is, to bash all those who got to wait and wait and wait… F U Bethesdsa, go to hell.

  • W

    If Rockstar screws over the PC gamers once again as they did with GTA IV delay I will be really p… off.
    Gaming started on the PC long before consoles became main stream and now all the gaming companies that got their start of the backs of PC gamers and disregarding the PC platform.
    If they delay the PC version I will boycott it for a few months and not give Rockstar the satisfaction of getting a pre-order from me.

  • Reece Jackson

    Rockstar are just lazy now, no doubt they will put less focus into the visuals until the PC release, it will surprise me if the game is that much an improvement on GTA 4.

  • Ninjaclaptrap

    It’s a good thing that there delaying it for pc. This means you get a higher quality game then consoles. Just like they did with max Payne.

    • um

      GTA IV says hi

  • divad

    Seriously do your research before you post an article rockstar confirmed the release date two days sgo

  • GTA+succesfull=PC

  • RanJ

    Sad that I have to play my GTA on shitty graphics. Thanks to god, I don’t own a 360, I would have felt like sh*t to play my GTA on that weak arse 2006 console. PS3 is better to play at least, but I will wait for the beast to come out on PC.

  • Ferguson

    Fake. You know it Is. Everyone just wants it to be real.

  • Timmy

    You know it’s fake. Everyone just wants it to be real.

  • Jay

    I may need to buy a new ps3 for this game. My old one would definately overheat playing this.

  • Eric

    Has anyone noticed that the posters were released in poland, but where it says, spring 2013, and something else on the poster is in English, not Polish?

  • No I wont be angry..

    I am a PC user and i wont be angry at all…
    Cause they did it with Gta 4 too and play gta 4 on console and then play it on PC.
    You will get the answere..
    Thanx! R*

  • nick

    as soon as i get this im gonna mod it i mod all my games

  • Jake

    PC gamers don’t have a soul. You can do a mod or cheat command for everything because you are all bad. I play GTA straight up with no cheats because I’m a real gamer.

    • sgaas

      your a tard, you only begin modding once you’ve beaten the game without using cheats and run out of things to do.

      • PC=Piracy

        Piracy is the main reason PC is dying. Why focus on PC version when most PC gamers just dl a pirated version? Also, easier to hack and therefore ruin online multiplayer. And the superior spec on some PCs is totally irrelevant as no dev wants to go the extra mile just for the PC Version when, as I said above, the revenue from PC version will always be lower as piracy is too easy. How many of you PC gamers can honestly say you haven’t pirated a game?? I can honestly say I have piratedf on PC, but not on my PS3 coz it’s too hard for me.

        • Flux

          I never have…. I never pirate music either because I have a job and I support people who create things…… Honestly its only slightly harder to mod xbox/ps3.
          and 90% of those mods on xbox/ps3 are used to “win”/ “cheat”. On PC mods can extend the story of a game, make it look better, hell even add new weapons, and yes for the losers, cheat

    • Eric

      Thank GOD someone agrees with me!

      • ERIC

        That was meant for jake. I hate when I play and no one can kill me til I run into a modder who can kill me from the other side of the map

        • Bacon

          Difference between cheats/cracks than mods dumb-arse

  • giggity

    It’s fan art, not genuine R* art. Here’s why (or skip to the bottom line).
    1, Why is the only new image a San Andreas/Max Payne 3 cross style which in simple 3-4 days (by a skilled person) could have been sharpened up to look like the already known about image?
    2, Why does it use images we already know about?
    3, Why does it use characters we already know about?
    4, Why did it come out now and not a few days before the only real GTA 5 image was released?
    5, If it’s a poster, then why is it awkwardly and unequally laid out?
    6, If it’s real, why is there no release date? Posters have to have a release date on them before they could be released for public view, any without are faked.
    7, If it was from any shop employee (rumored “Sony”), then that must mean that the shop in which it is from knows the release date and for them to know the release date, then we should know it. Also, if it is from a shop, why has point “6” not been taken care of?

    8, If it was genuine, R* (everyone knows this) would have done/said something about this already.

    If you believe that it is genuine, why? Is your whole belief that it is real held on the mere fact that it looks good therefore it must be genuine? Because that is a weak thing to hold it on.

    Bottom line: It is fan art NOT real art. There is more evidence to suggest it is fan art than there is to support it is real.

    • Shshah


  • Callum Gunn

    I’ve never been so happy about owning an XBox 360… I was considering selling it around September last year, but when GTA V was announced I thought I’d keep my XBox, mainly because my PC may not be good enough to run GTA V. I’ve been waiting for this game for years and I think about what it’ll be like to play it everyday and I get so excited. My feelings go out to the PC gamers out there right now, fearing that they may either get their hands on the game half a year later, or that maybe they won’t get there hands on it at all.

    • aye


      • notthatsmartareyou,aye?

        calling a man a “wanker” is a compliment because you’re acknowledging the fact that he has a penis big enough to “wank” with

      • Callum Gunn

        Why am I a wanker? I was saying that I feel sorry for the PC player because they may not get a chance to play GTA V, idiot.

    • aye

      of course it will come out for pc areu that stupid

  • JD

    I disagree that the PC is dead, but i would agree that it makes more sense for R* to prioritize the consoles at launch over the PC. The one thing im confused about is the graphics in the screenshots. I have read many reports that current consoles don’t have the horsepower to produce that high quality of graphics, so I figured the screenshots were from the PC version.

    • fsda

      yeah they probably have a pc build working but they wouldn’t be trying to release it anytime soon because piracy is so easy on PC

      • I doubt that’s the reason. Besides piracy is just as easy on any platform.

      • Piracy is not the reason they did the same with GTA IV they just want to make sure it runs smoothly rather than clunky and buggy

    • W

      I don’t know how it can make more sense to prioritize the consoles. All the PC delay does is create bad press for Rockstar and bad blood between them and the PC gaming community that has been waiting just as long as any other Xbox or PS3 gamer for the new GTA V release.

  • Yeah, yeah suck it PC players! Such stuck up elitists with their super graphics. It all goes to waste when more and more games are being designed on console engines for the console gamers who take priority. PC is dead…

    • daveeee

      pc is hardly dead lol

  • Luke

    R* always brings out games on console first then later on PC…. Everyone has either a PS3 or Xbox, not everyone has a PC capable of such gaming… The point is, the hype surrounding this game means PC owners arent gonna wait months to get their hands on it after its console release, they’ll buy it on console, then as soon as its available they’ll BUY IT AGAIN on PC so they can Mod/upscale the graphics and do the kind of nerdy things they like to do………………. And R* know this!!

    • Mike

      So true man!! Personally I was planning on getting it on a console and also on PC regardless, it is no surprise that it will be Console only release at first.
      Plus it will always be cheaper on PC anyway and most people get it on PC for the graphics/mods, which are normally EPIIICCCC =D

      • Jim

        If GTA5 PC runs like GTA4 PC, it should be free!

      • Reece Jackson

        You say that but GTA4 was a solid £40 for a long time on PC, even a year after initial release.

    • sondun2001

      Right on! That’s what I have done with all GTAs. First experience on the console, then get it cheap on steam in the future, realism mod, and play it again. Gives enough time to forget the details in the missions and feel like a fresh experience 🙂

    • Brian Powers

      I don’t have a console. Please do not make ignorant statements like that.

      • But GTA sells better on consoles. Rockstar knows that, hence their business strategy.

      • I hate how R* did this to us… but they are planning to make record sales.. and if they release on PC, some guy will start to torrent it and then they would start to lose revenue. AND they don’t have to pay for the cost of packaging of the game for PC… so they are aiming at the larger group who would not really be able to pirate their game.

        It does suck a lot since I had been planning to make a PC just for GTA V… now I am gonna have to get it on xbox and play on choppy graphics….

    • Luke what you are saying is completely wrong… not “everyone” has a PS3 or Xbox… ANd if Rockstar aren’t going to release it on PC< I wont get it. I have a xbox 360, but i'd prefer not to play such a title on a console. Simple as. Why would you want to buy it now then buy it again later? Sure GTA is a good series… but not that great.

    • Jim

      I will not go out and buy a PS3 or Xbox because they don’t release GTA 5 on PC at the same time…. Give me a break!

    • LesSteel

      I have an Xbox and a very capable gaming PC. No matter the hype I won’t be buying on xbox at release, I’ll wait for PC version. If they then don’t release it for PC I’ll buy it second hand for xbox so Rockstar see nothing from me.

    • Just Saying

      im another who has no console, what an idiot statment to make

    • W

      wow, dont know where to start with your narrow minded comment.
      NOT everyone has a console, I certainly don’t; and I very much doubt that anyone is going to buy a console just because of one game, I certainly am never gonna buy a console, which can never match the quality of PC gaming on a high end PC gaming desktop or laptop.
      Not to mention a lot of games are very limited on consoles with often having auto aim mechanics and other crap. You can rarely match the Keyboard+mouse combo with a game controller.
      not to mention the graphics are always inferior on the current gen consoles compared to a PC.
      When GTA V comes out I want to enjoy it in its full glory and that can only be achieved on a PC.