Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2 home button replaced

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 29, 2012

We’ve just had an email arrive this morning pointing towards a few Samsung Galaxy Note 2 accessories, and while we’ll normally see add-ons that are designed for handsets on all carriers, it isn’t the case for what landed in our inbox. If you’re purchasing the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 then you might know, or not, that the handset comes with the Verizon logo printed on the home button, which might not be your ideal branding.

It is possible to hide the Verizon home button branding on the Galaxy Note 2, which is made possible by a simple metal aluminum home button sticker. You can see how they ship in the image below, although further details can be seen via the sellers’ eBay store here. They state that it is designed for the “Galaxy Note 2 (II) N7100“, and is made of high quality metal.

You will also notice a number of other Samsung Galaxy Note 2 accessories on this store, although the home button sticker might be the first choice for Verizon handset owners. We also see a Carbon leather case for the Galaxy Note 2, which looks ideal for those of you that like some snap-on protection. You can see an image of this accessory below, although again more details can be found on their store.

Did you pre-order the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 handset, and if so are you bothered about replacing the home button branding? It is worth noting that Verizon has a Galaxy Note 2 release date nearly 3 weeks after AT&T, so this might be too long to wait for some people. If you like to play around with the Galaxy Note 2 source code, then you should see our article from yesterday that details its release for certain models.

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  • Where are the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 32GB and 64GB internal memory variants?
    Only Verizon seems to bother with more than 16GB making the S3 available in 32GB but so far not for Note 2

  • Betadroid

    How does it attach – sticky tape? If so, that’s kinda tacky (no pun intended). I can just see it sliding off under heavy use.

  • soopamann

    I really didn’t see the big problem win the branding on the home button at first but u brought up a great point. Once that little Verizon sign starts wearing off, it will make the ront of he phone look very run down. Great point!!! And that hideous phone thy have now is the LG Intuition. It’s awful. It looks like a big square.

  • Win Hickamn

    I think it took some pretty big ones for Verizon to think people would want that logo on the home button.
    I will admit I dont complain about it on the back of the phone, but all thats going to happen is the logo will start to wear off leaving the phone looking sloppy and ugly.
    Plus whats with Verizon being the last carrier to release the Note 2?

    • Eric Murphy

      Verizon has some absolutely hideous HTC that’s nearly the same size as the Samsung Note 2, I think they want to clear the stock out before they bring in the real device.