Skyrim Dawnguard recognition mystifies PS3 owners

By Alan Ng - Oct 29, 2012

As we told you in our earlier article, the Golden Joystick Award winners have been announced and aside from GTA V being named as the ‘One to Watch’ winner, there’s no surprise to see that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim also took home a few awards, including arguably the biggest award of them all.

To fill you in, Bethesda scooped the most awards for a single game, winning three awards in the categories for Game of the Year, Best Gaming Moment and also Best RPG. The developer will obviously be pleased with yet another GOTY title after their success at the 2012 VGAs, but there may also be a bit of disbelief in the air from PS3 owners, who are surprised that the game is still picking up awards despite being dragged through the mud, with regards to the still missing infamous Dawnguard DLC expansion on the PS3.

As you can imagine, Pete Hines has been on Twitter again, expressing the company’s pleasure at picking up the new awards, but still found time to reply to yet another user query, asking him for any updates. Again unsurprisingly, there is still no official word or status update on the official PS3 release date for Dawnguard, leaving users still pondering whether Bethesda has truly given up on the missing content, or if they are taking a page out of Rockstar’s books and just deciding not to say anything at all.

The trouble there is that Rockstar can afford to do that, as they have the assurances of millions of gamers. Does Bethesda have the same luxury after all of the negative feedback towards Skyrim though? At the end of the day, PS3 gamers have put hundreds of hours into the game, under the assumption that their adventure would be continuing through official DLC support after release. It hasn’t happened though and there’s no excuse at the moment why it shouldn’t be available on two platforms and not the other.

Congratulations on the awards Bethesda, but would a tiny update on how things are progressing be too hard too ask we wonder? Let us know your thoughts on the agonizing wait for Dawnguard and whether there’s an element of frustration there on hearing that the game is still picking up awards.

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  • Elz

    I gave up on Skyrim and found Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I will encourage any one that likes open world rpgs to get it. The best part of this game is the combat its so much better then the hack and slash combat from skyrim.

  • mithrandir

    News like this just makes me glad I bought my copy of Skyrim used.
    With the great job Bethesda’s doing of alienating their PS3 fans, I’ll be sure to buy my copy of Dishonored used as well. hey won’t get a dime from me.

  • DragonSlayer

    well they cant have my money without giving me my dlc. ive moved on to dragons dogma and its dlc (what little there is of it), DARK ARISEN will be coming later on. Also waiting on Hitman absolution

  • mike

    how many articles do we need on this one topic??

  • Colin

    Yes! F&%K bethesda all to ubisoft. Bethesda has no excuse soim not wasting my cash on them anymore. AC3!

  • Thefallingleaf

    Anyone still wondering about this just move on, there is no point anymore, such patheticness does not deserve acknowledgment.
    Gaming with besthesda has ended for me.

  • I personally am on complete agreement with most of the PS3 players on here. Skyrim PS3 Dawnguard shouldn’t actually be taking this long I mean it’s been over 4 months.

  • Rohan y.


  • Will

    Honestly stopped caring the wait for this dlc isn’t even worth it anymore when we’ve been getting the same answer for months now Bethesda sucks plain and simple

  • HellYEAH

    I don’t care anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love Skyrim but XBOX can have their exclusive Skyrim DLC. All that matters now is that PS3 gets Exclusive Content for Assassin’s Creed III.

  • Yet another pointless article to chuck into the hypothetical incinerator.

  • Evilution

    I give up now, going to trade in skyrim when I get Assassins creed 3. Loved the game, spent hundreds of hours on it. Will still buy other elder scrolls games and Fallout when released, just hope next time they have learned from their mistakes. But will get AC3, black ops 2 and hopefully they will tie me over until the Final Fantasy mmorpg comes out for ps3 in January 🙂

  • Don

    Done with skyrim, done with Bugthesda.

  • that awarded is full of crap just like bethesda is they can take that award and shove it. they gave up it does NOT take this long to put a DLC out for PS3 now how come the other companies can get it out of ps3 quick like and yet bethesda has a thump up there butt how about ask for help! duh! i donbt even know why i read thses any more bc i know we (ps3 users) are not gonna set the DLC for a year i bet just bc they did so bad with fallout.

  • NotSoHiddenBlade

    I think they should add the Lilmothiit as a playable race. It is never actually confirmed that they are extinct. Plus you have three man races, four mer races, and one man/mer mix, why not add another beast race in? Also I know this has nothing to do with Dawnguard, but i think it would be a good idea for a future dlc or update.

  • Phoenix919

    I’m frankly disappointed in Bethesda. This isn’t the first time Ma*crosoft has strong-armed it’s way into their decisions. Frankly It’s enough to make me reconsider whether or not I will be joining the Elder Scrolls Online community on principle alone.

    • Phoenix919

      Yes I said Frankly Twice.

  • I trolololed ps3 users mumz

    Hahah ps3 users don’t have it lololol- am ready for the bitching ps3 users

  • lady

    who even cares anymore? assassin’s creed 3 is coming out. this has lasted far too long to really be relevant anymore. i’m sure bethesda is going to realize how many people they’ve lost by dragging their feet like this.

  • jason bradley

    oh yeah no dawnguard for us….yeah that’s…that’s a real shame…..oh look assassins creed 3 is out time to move on

  • AC3 is almost out. So my boycott of Bethesda is permanent

  • ThinkPS3Users

    I’m sick of reading your comments, PS3 users. I, too, have a PS3 and I, too, am a little fed up with being kept in the dark… But are you quite finished beating a dead horse? You received what you paid for- a GOTY-winning game for $60. It would be a different story if you had paid for DLC already (perhaps in the form of a pre-order like Borderlands 2 did) but didn’t receive anything.

    Think about this from their standpoint. The software they’re working with is tremendously different between consoles and computers, and even between Xbox and PS3. It’s not as simple as opening a .doc file in notepad, word and OfficePro. It gets a little complicated when you’re dealing with DVD format on one hand and Blu-Ray format on another. It worked so easily with Xbox because they designed it for PC, and Xbox’s formatting is stupidly similar to it.
    That said, why should they drop all money-making possibilities and grind everything to a halt for us? They could stop working on the next DLC for 2 systems to patch up the release for 1, but why? If you had the choice to be able to release a new product to a larger market or release an old product to a smaller one, you’d be completely daft to choose the latter.

    • gaara1193

      in all honesty i understand your very valid point, but in my opinion to save money they shouldnt JUST focus on our issues, but should still put in the effort to fix our problems, otherwise they can lose a massive percentage of consumers, us ps3 gamers.

      and to fanboys who come here to start console wars, this is how you should respectfully give your rebutle to someones comments.

    • Slayer

      We’re pissed because we paid for the same game and expect the same experience. I know that we haven’t paid for DLC but the game has had problems since day 1 and instead of trying to fix the problems, they’ve released another DLC AND are probably going to release another one in the near future.

      On top of all of that, they haven’t said anything to their community about the progress with PS3-DLC compatibility. The only way we get updates is through Pete Hines on Twitter and he’s turning into a huge douchebag anytime someone asks him a question about it.

    • You do know that the 2 disc formats have almost nothing to do with the game, aside from compression? On top of that, this is DLC. Now IMHO they should’ve stopped making games for PS3 after Fallout 3. It has nothing to do with disc format, or the fact that the 2 systems are vastly different. It’s the FACT that Bethesda has NO kind of game testing team what so ever, and they are too LAZY and CHEAP to have 2 seperate studios for the consoles.

  • cowill101

    At this point you might as well just wait for the GOY Edition to be released. It will have all DLC’s preinstalled, anyway. Bethesda’s done this same thing before to PS3 gamers, I’m not too surprised, but don’t get me wrong, I’m still upset that Bethesda hasn’t fixed this by now. But, when in doubt wait for the Game of the Year Edition to come out.

    • Gaming Loner

      And buy a broken $40+ game that we already own? NO TANK YOU!

  • Screw Bethesda, I won’t be buying their DLC anymore, they can give it to me if they want. They should give it to me to make up for my disapointment. I will however be keeping this epic game; especially now that it runs perfect.

    • Majin_Romulus

      Mine still crashes at loading screens. I have to save before every loading screen still.

  • gaara1193

    up yours pete hines and bethesda shame on you for being awarded anything while a third if not half of your customers remain with no dlc. im fed up with waiting,let alone hearing the same old crap everytime i see a new post. im going back to oblivion and am going to enjoy the DLC that at least that game has on my ps3…utterly shameful

    • gaara1193

      But please dont miss understand me, ive put in over 600+ hours into skyrim and still love the game by far, but since we have been left in the dark with a terrible pr guy who solely uses twitter to give us the same news we had in august you just get sick of it! but as i said, oblivion was and still is an awesome game to go back to and play, and hopefully before or during holiday this year bethesda will compensate us in a fair and reasonable way for our well overdue dlc, or just release it to us,fixed of course.

      • planet eclipse ego11

        i thing we should get it free why should we have to pay for a 4 month old DLC that you made millions off of from your less loyal users

    • Orenen

      “…if not half..” Good one. They don’t have to release the DLC for the PS3, you know…stop acting as if you’re entitled to the DLC on that platform…

      • darkblade

        actually the advertised it in gamerinformer so im sure they dont want to get sued false advertising

        • Koda

          Don’t forget it’s advertised on the game’s actual case.

    • andy

      I get the irritation that ps3 customers have. I would be furious by now, but you must understand that Bethesda has a long standing relationship with Microsoft. They have had trouble coding for ps3 before as well. Remember the lack of certain dlc for Oblivion and the Fallout problems? And just as a point of reference for how they may feel about all this- I personally feel that ps3 probably has the fewest Skyrim players. Pc probably has the most, and Xbox would probably be quite a bit ahead of ps3 because they have had the franchise on their console for a game and a half longer( I’m counting Oblivion as half a game since it didn’t initially come out on ps3).

      • spiritreaver

        Decent points, i’ll give you that. But they in turn lead to an important question:

        Why release Skyrim to the PS3 at all?

        • To maximise potential profits and sales, that’s truly all they care about and I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft were paying Bethesda behind everybodies backs (including Peter Hines) to accidentally have “Problems” with Skyrim’s DLC for a couple of extra months.

        • Metalhead13

          Exactly my thoughts as a PS3 owner, right on point. If they have such an oh so gran relationship with Microsoft. They should’ve known in the back of they’re brains there would be some kind of precautions regardless. Skyrim is worth every penny most definitely that I will remain enjoying but I will be dead honest as a PS3 player & gamer. I’m never buying another product from Bethesda again even when or if we get this damn DLC.

      • Rob

        The reason why they probably have the fewest Skyrim players is that Bethesda constantly shows their incompetence for the system. Also, Skyrim is truly a Western RPG and XBox dominates that market vs. the PS3 because that’s where most of their consoles are sold by a wide margin. PS3 has about the same amount of consoles sold world wide, and undoubtably more still running without need for repair world wide. They are just more evenly spread out across all markets and have a larger presence in Europe, Australia, Asia (especially in Japan) and Canada.

        Of course, when it comes to market presence, Wii beats both globally and in all markets EXCEPT the USA.

        Skyrim truly focuses on the US market.

      • Rob

        Also it didn’t come out initially for PS3 because it was released before PS3 made it’s debut and 4J was still in the process of porting it when it PS3 went on sale. One thing is for sure though, 4J knows how to develop for the PS3 more competently than Bethesda. Hell, Bethesda’s DLC actually made the wonderfully ported version of Oblivion run worse!

        They should just bring 4J back.

  • Enough with the favoritism

    Bethesda can suck a big fat one, I have no care in the world for them or their “amazing” skyrim anymore, the game is sour since now I know how much love and care went into the xbox version even though their main support is PC gamers. I am done with waiting xbox can get 100 more dlc before PS3 gets Dawnguard I just cant care any longer when dawnguard comes (if it does) I probably wont even buy it.

  • william

    Even if they dont give us the DLC dosnt mean i wont buy them ccouse i will mainly i just like to play there games and yet iam sure there be glitches and lag witch ant no defferant then other games i get DLC is just a DLC iam getting the new assassins creed here shortly plus there is hitman that be coming out next month on the 20th medal of honor and ill give the new black ops a try again and elder scrolls online and cant for get the best one ever in my point of veiw metal gear soild ground zero

    • Lol

      …My good lord, your teachers must have been ants.

    • Grammar Nazi

      i think u might like this:

      Even if they don’t give us the DLC, doesn’t mean I won’t buy
      them, cause I will mainly just like to play their games and yet I’m sure there
      will be glitches and lag which aren’t different then other games. I get DLC, it’s
      just a DLC. I’m getting the new Assassins Creed here shortly plus there is Hitman
      that be coming out next month on the 20th Medal of Honor, I’ll give the new Black
      Ops a try again, Elder Scrolls Online, and can’t for get the best one ever in
      my point of view; Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero.

      Original Author: Bottom line: iam just a redneck, wifh no
      spelig. i failed gramur shool. i aint got no life.

      • FiveFingerSlap

        “Than”! not “then”!…….call yourself a grammer nazi!! pfft

  • MarkG

    As long as the backhanders from Microsoft for Xbox exclusivity continue to land on the doorstep, so does the PS3 DLC get delayed.

    Microsoft’s don’t own studios making exclusive content, so they buy 3rd party exclusivity. Braindead American gamers put them in the position of having enough money to do this.

    • Andy

      It’s Microsoft. They would have the money to do this anyway.

  • Akub

    I don’t think the DLCs matter. The GOTY awards are about the core game, which still runs fine for many.

    One question about this article though. I’m pretty sure Skyrim won GOTY at the VGAs last year. They can’t win it again, can they? Skyrim was a 2011 release, not a 2012 one.

    • ninja

      I believe the Golden Joystick awards are for all games released the previous year. Better that way so all games have a chance to be patched and fixed and have dlc come out.

    • ninja

      And no I don’t believe they can win another vga award but I don’t completely know that

  • ninja

    I honestly don’t care anymore. It was a great game and worth the 60 dollars when they fixed it to a degree. I was pissed about it but with assassins creed 3 coming out within 24 hours, anything skyrim shall soon be forgotten.

    • Yep

      Pretty much my thoughts exactly.

    • i said

      i here you man im getting that i was checking ps store so much but i really didnt care anymore im excited for AC3!!!!!!

    • Shamus547

      Amen! I’m so excited for that game.

  • First comment !!

    • ninja

      Great do you want a cookie? No how about a foot up your ass. That would make me feel better.