Samsung Galaxy S4 specs to blow you away

By Alan Ng - Oct 29, 2012

How are you enjoying your Galaxy S3 at the moment? Is it everything you could possibly want from a smartphone, or do you expect slightly more? The handset may have only just put its foot down in the market, but we’re already hearing of a potential successor in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it may have one or two features that will simply blow you away.

At the moment, most of the Android discussion going on right now centers around the Galaxy Note 2 which is just launching in the US, and rightly so with some really impressive hardware specs out of the box backed up by the fact that it ships with the very latest version of Android Jelly Bean – a crucial factor in decision making these days.

Interest in the current Galaxy S3 handset seems to have died down significantly as a direct result of the Note 2 hype and even those who own one are not too happy at the moment since Samsung continues to delay on the global rollout of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that still isn’t available in many countries at the moment.

With this in mind, you can bet that a lot of consumers are already starting to think about the Galaxy S4 and early rumors suggest that it is going to be one beast of a smartphone, with mouth-watering specs such as a 4.8-inch OLED screen, Android 4.2 Key Pie Lime and edge to edge display technology, which may end up looking something like the mock up below.

Other specs that are being whispered down the grapevine include a 13 megapixel camera, 2Ghz quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, a ‘Skype supported’ 1.9MP front camera and wait for it, a potential mammoth of a battery in the region of 3200 mAh. Most of you will agree with us that these are truly next generation specifications and definitely those that fall in line with the caliber of a new Galaxy S smartphone launch.

Whether these are legit though remains to be seen but it’s no secret that Samsung now favors OLED materials as their preference when manufacturing displays. You only need to pick up a PS Vita to see just what a difference OLED technology makes compared to the rest, so even if the other specifications do not turn out to be true, let’s hope that the OLED part remains as smartphones now need to make the transition into OLED.

How do these initial specifications sound to you – would it be an instant purchase or not? Let us if you would like to see OLED on the next Galaxy S4 smartphone, bearing in mind that it would most likely mean an increase in consumer price as well.

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  • Arun

    I would love it!

  • mastagt

    glad i haven’t upgraded lolol, i guess ill be waiting on the s4, for sure 😀

  • is it 3-D..

    i see 2 camera lens..:P

  • Tham

    I am definitely buying it if it came in the design displayed in the picture. If you asked me, the larger the screen, the better. Specs is fine too, although this is not the primary reason why I’d buy it or not. I agree with Apple here that the looks is what counts the most.

  • salmanulfars

    3D camra 3D opshans

  • dan

    The battery life of the iPhone is the only thing apple has over Android. sold my iPhone for a Droid and couldn’t be happier. Better in every way. OLED would be awesome if it has Gorilla Glass.

  • ChuckN007

    It looks like a copy of an iPhone. It’s rectangular and has a screen. It also makes phone calls. It must have gotten those features from Apple.

    • Jeff

      The photo is a mock-up by a random person. Its not like that is what Samsung is actually going to do.

      • gamechanger

        haha… yeah… S4 will again be a cheap plastic phone …

    • miguel martinez

      Wow! That’s not the phone no one knows how its going to look like. That’s only a render someone did to eemphasize the point of there being an S4 coming soon.

  • adam smith

    Just made up stuff, not backed by any facts. Like supply chain info etc; Total waste of time.

  • Christian

    Apple Rocks …Samsung is crap!

  • 3GB of RAM is more than my old computer!

  • This looks too much like a iPhone. I can’t stand it anymore, every year they come out with a new and little different phone and then they call it the Flag Ship untill it is replaced by the newer version. I have the S3 and will probably sell it, can’t afford having it anymore and well I don’t like it that much anymore.

  • The oled price increase is obviously worth it, we (or at least I) spend untold hours with our phones and if there’s one luxury worth having it should be the things we spend most time with.

    I’m disappointed more isn’t being made of the gimmicks. They are being made fun of gimmicks are important, I didnt even know my note 2 did slow motion video capture till I stumbled across it. A pile of clever tricks and gimmicks wouldn’t go astray, otherwise you just end up with what looks like a beefier “turbo” version of the last phone litkeep the gs2 to gs3 upgrade (partly due to 13mp camera unavailability and lack of lte from launch).

    I just feel that it has to be more than a faster processor and more ram…I remember when every year meant new things you could do on your phone, going from lame 640×480 to 720 then full high defence video, screens getting bigger and better or finally getting hdmi out.

    If my old gs2 came in a shiny new plastic form it would do basically everything the gs3 does, just saying.

    I want 3d camera with ir illumination for night vision and digital tv and radio reception. I want optional clip on Pico projector and a screen that can scan my fingerprints for security and to use each finger for a different short cut.

    I was gonna buy the gs4 or note3 anyway, it was akwa6s gonna be good but I really want it to blow me away nit just be a high res gs3 with mire ram so that angry birds loads one 5th if a second faster.

  • Dr. Ba Thein Khin

    i want galaxy s4 exactly like the assuming picture.

  • The Stav

    Apple and Androids icon based U.I. really do not have for me the same appeal as the ‘live tile’ interface of Windows 8, I have owned both.

    Granted the number of apps for the two established systems is mind blowing but how many are usable or useful for the average punter.

    The only difference I’ve read, for example between Android smartphones is the hardware offerings. The beauty of Android is that because the software is open sourced and can be modified by the user if the person has skill set and a need.

    The other question I pose is ‘ why do you need a quadcore processor on a device that is less than 5″, when a dual core is just as fast or faster’.

    Futhermore, how many of the current apps out there are optimised for more than 2 cores?

    Very few.

    The Nokia Lumia 920 ( Windows 8 ) when released early next month will be the game changer. I’m running Windows 8 Pro on my desktop now, simply brillant.

    You suggest in the article that Galaxy 3 sales have slowed because of the increased interest in the Note 2. I would suggest that many potential consumers are waiting to see and trial the Windows phones.

    To Apples’ credit with the numerous problems they have had with iPhone 5, their instant, basically no questions asked replacement policy is second to none.

    If I were new to smartphone use it would be difficult to choose.

    • Getalife

      Uhhhhhhh no. The sales have actually not slowed down and if they did, I can guarantee you it would have nothing to do with a windows phone that is only being released in one provider

    • boboson

      LOL Windows phone. Gtfoh.

  • Vijay

    I have a S3 and I will never go for another galaxy unless it is a nexus.. What is the use of a top end phone knowing the newer version of the os when it releases comes to your phone late!!

    • That’s why you root…

      • He doesn’t even need to root… he can flash the latest firmware via download mode, simple as that, some people are serious nooblords

        • Getalife

          And you are the reason most people make fun of android owners.

        • get swift covered.

        • i don’t know what nooblord means, but i do know what “complete nerd” does. and anyone that gets caught up in passionate arguments over phones is seriously entrenched in that domain. my guess is that you guys wear it like a badge of honor. all phones out there now do everything a normal person needs them to do. get over yourselves. and stop giving your lunch money to the bully on the playground 🙂

        • Light

          Yup.. nooblord confirmed.

    • jason

      so are u saying htc, lg or even moto can do better? samsung updates is not that bad compared to other manufacturers

      • Guillermo Perez-Arguello

        Samsung updates are way better and way sooner than any other android manufacturer. My Galaxy S3 has seen more updates than any other phone out. I have jelly bean already, the Optimus G is shipping with ICS, LOL PLEASE!

  • Sean

    Yes i would love a oled screen and the specs, it will be a awesome upgrade for me:)))