Remove SingStar icon from XMB say PS3 users

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 29, 2012

The moment most PlayStation 3 users received the new firmware update, 4.30, it seems that something stood out right away and that had been the new icon that appeared in XMB. This led to people looking for ways to remove the SingStar icon from XMB, which might not be an easy task for a number of weeks according to an Online Support Coordinator on the official PlayStation forums.

Most icons on the PS3 XMB can be deleted easily, which is done simply by clicking on the icon and choosing the option to delete. In fact you can see this option after clicking the SingStar icon in XMB, which provides a number of options including one that states, “delete“, and you can see this in the image below.

You will then be given a warning message like you get when deleting most games on the PS3, and this confirms that the SingStar icon/app will be deleted and asks if you’re sure you want to continue? This will then delete the 113MB app you downloaded after clicking it first time, which appeared after PS3 update 4.30.

The problem here is that this process only deletes the SingStar game you downloaded after clicking the icon first time, but the fact that this icon had been there right after PS3 firmware 4.30 is what will stop you from removing it. After you click delete you will still see the icon, and clicking it will ask you to download the SingStar software again.

It seems that users looking how to remove the SingStar icon from XMB after PS3 update 4.30 will be disappointed, and the words of the PlayStation Support Coordinator can be seen below. We’ll update you when there is a way to do it, although you can expect that to come with PS3 update 4.31.

Would you like the SingStar icon removed from XMB, or are you not bothered?

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  • Jim Real


  • Ex SONY Fan

    F&$# SONY, I had my first walkman, My Trinitron TV, I even had three Mini Disc Players, My XBR TV, ES system stereo and my PS3. But now I hopy SONY would just Die. A company who takes advice from some marketing guru trying to force this S#$* on to me should just do bust.

  • pissed off ps3 user

    remove it i aim no pop star homo

  • just forget it is there i do and i am a true gamer

  • Grivessillus

    Damn right I want that none game crap removed from my PS3! I am a true gamer! I do not want that none game crap stinking up my PS3! I have only real games on my PS3. Not none game garbage. I loathe and despise all none games and casual games so very much! Every freaking time I go to the section I use most, games, it’s stinking it up! If I want a game on my PS3, I WILL PUT IT THERE! The joke is, it’s not even a free game. It’s just a ugly, digusting icon, a empty shell. Anyone stupid enough to want it, STILL HAS TO BUY IT! Sony are pathetic morons.

  • gtrts41

    lets do bad publicities to all our friends for this game editor. don t buy any product from this editor. let breaks them. xbox is a good platform…. after the network issue we have ugly icon issue. Take care M Sony! you are not the only playstation provider!

  • John

    It hasn’t come via email but there is only one word for it,Singstar is PS3 ### SPAM ###

  • tBs_Battousai

    I want to remove it from MY PS3, I paid money for the console, it’s mine, I’ll decide what goes on it….

    • orc_muther

      Unfortunately, no you don’t. You own a license to use the PS3 in any way that Sony will allow you to. Haven’t you read the terms and conditions that you accept every time you update the software?

      That doesn’t mean that this is a good idea. I saw it today, and hated it immediately.

      • tBs_Battousai

        I know I don’t own it, same as I don’t own any of the books i buy from Amazon, really REALLY p*sses me off….

  • i hate sing star with a passion i have never played it and never will play it.
    the whole theme of it is just irritatingly annoying and useless to me and has wasted memory space on my ps3 i could use on game wich are actualy useful to me

  • Osukaru25

    is there a way to at least remove singstar from trophy collection?

  • Bonemachine

    I Hate this. my game menu is filled with top games that I like. I do not use or support the singstar franchise. whats next? Icons for another 10 games that cant be removed?
    Also, my friends will rip on me when they see the singstar icon in my games list.

  • Brad

    I hope they remove it I was like sure update my PS3 to play online now its ugly. If I wanted singstar on my XMB I would download it. But I dont!

    To all the people saying grow the hell up, I own multiple PS3 and am pissed off that sony have started clutter it with useless crap Im not going to use. Atleast put a hide function on it.

  • left4bread3

    Its really annoying when people say things like “grow up” when as soon as you turn the system on your greeted by an ugly icon worser than that your greeted to a full screen crappy background picture and you have to avoid clicking on it when trying to select games and its not even a free game its a demo!

    • MarkG

      It’s not a demo, there is free content.

      It’s no different to Playstation Home or any of the other icons. It seems your only concern is what your mates think if they see a Singstar icon on your XMB. And THIS is why you need to grow up.

      • left4bread3

        No its because its irritating and annoying much like yourself, and it is a demo, you have to purchase full songs.

      • MartinB105

        It is a demo. There are no full songs, so you have to pay money if you want to play the game properly.

  • Which update was this, the one from last week? I haven’t seen a SingStar icon. I don’t think I have anyway.

  • Mark

    Really, some people need to grow up. The PS3 has always been a best of all console, that means best of the shooters, but best of the casual games too.

    The 10 extremely vocal people that are annoyed by this, need to grow up. Nobody else cares.

    • Best at shooters ? What shooters does it best out, that the 360 don’t ?

    • Stefan

      This is possibly the most retarded statement I’ve ever heard. All my other icons are there BY CHOICE. This one was FORCED on me. Also I own about every console ever made and I can tell you FIRMLY that the PS3 is not even close to the best. Mind you that is my own opinion.

      I re-iterate. THIS IS MY CONSOLE. IT SHOULD BE MY DECISION what is in the list. IT SHOULD NOT BE FORCED UPON ME BY SONY BECAUSE THEY WANT TO TRY AND GET ME TO PAY FOR SONGS. I put this in caps in case you had trouble understanding or reading it

    • bazwhite

      I disagree – it’s my ps3 and I don’t want it on my dashboard. It’s not a utility nor a full game. It’s just in the way now as I will never play ‘singing’ games.

      PS3 SPAM