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Remove SingStar icon from XMB say PS3 users

The moment most PlayStation 3 users received the new firmware update, 4.30, it seems that something stood out right away and that had been the new icon that appeared in XMB. This led to people looking for ways to remove the SingStar icon from XMB, which might not be an easy task for a number of weeks according to an Online Support Coordinator on the official PlayStation forums.

Most icons on the PS3 XMB can be deleted easily, which is done simply by clicking on the icon and choosing the option to delete. In fact you can see this option after clicking the SingStar icon in XMB, which provides a number of options including one that states, “delete“, and you can see this in the image below.

You will then be given a warning message like you get when deleting most games on the PS3, and this confirms that the SingStar icon/app will be deleted and asks if you’re sure you want to continue? This will then delete the 113MB app you downloaded after clicking it first time, which appeared after PS3 update 4.30.

The problem here is that this process only deletes the SingStar game you downloaded after clicking the icon first time, but the fact that this icon had been there right after PS3 firmware 4.30 is what will stop you from removing it. After you click delete you will still see the icon, and clicking it will ask you to download the SingStar software again.

It seems that users looking how to remove the SingStar icon from XMB after PS3 update 4.30 will be disappointed, and the words of the PlayStation Support Coordinator can be seen below. We’ll update you when there is a way to do it, although you can expect that to come with PS3 update 4.31.

Would you like the SingStar icon removed from XMB, or are you not bothered?



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