iOS 6 jailbreak extremities for iPhone 5 after silence

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 29, 2012

One topic that seems to be hitting the headlines this week is the extremities some people will go to for an iOS 6 jailbreak, which runs on iPhone 5 or other devices not yet available for free. It seems that some people are taking the risk to part with cash for an iPhone 5 jailbreak, although in our opinion this wouldn’t be a wise choice considering the feedback we’ve had from PR readers that tried such software.

Over the weekend we looked at the possibility of an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5 being held back for a timed launch, and looking at the reactions it seems that most people agree with our view that it would be better to release an iOS 6 jailbreak now rather than wait until after the next update. It is worth pointing out this had been based on opinions from some people, which feel certain hackers might be holding onto a working iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak until after the next iOS 6 update. This is something that doesn’t make sense to a growing number of people.

An iOS 6 jailbreak out of interest not profit – we know that the Dev Team are helping users for free and don’t even take donations, which is the complete opposite to certain websites asking for money to deliver a claimed working iPhone 5 jailbreak. Considering we’re only at a failbreak at this time, it seems that it will be a while before an untethered option appears, unless something is being held back for the next update, and the fact that an iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6 already installed doesn’t help matters, especially considering you can’t downgrade the iPhone 5 from iOS 6 to enable a jailbreak.

Extremities iPhone 5 users are going to for an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak – the recent failbreak had been achieved thanks to the help of a developer account, which costs just under $100 a year although you couldn’t go and get the same account and hope to obtain this failbreak. Well known iOS security researcher pod2g has been pretty quiet over the last week, and on his Twitter account the last update had been around 5 days ago. This message highlighted the extremities one user had gone to for an iOS 6 jailbreak, which included opening a developer account and looking for a download of the failbreak. You can see this tweet below and the reply from pod2g.

What extremities have you gone to when looking for an iOS 6 jailbreak that runs on the iPhone 5, and what do you think the recent silence means? It had been made clear by pod2g that any code would be shared between “a closed circle“, which will not include anyone that’s not close to these people. We’d love to know how desperate you’ve got for jailbreaking your iOS 6 device, and if in fact you’ve ever gone down the road of parting with money in an attempt to unlock your iPhone 5? This is something we’d never recommend and all jailbreaking should be attempted after understanding the risks.

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    1. Jailbreaking is free
    2. It is not that simple to find a jailbreak it could take years.
    3. the failbreak requires a developer account which costs 100 a year.
    4. they arent gonna release the failbreak because someone could easily send it to apple and get it patched.
    5. the jailbreak is tethered so who would want it?
    6. why the hell would you upgrade ur ios. i’m still on 5.0.1 on my new bootrom 3GS.
    7. old bootrom 3gs already have 6.0 untethered.
    8. SHSH blobs. DUH! if youve got an iphone 3gs or 4 you can downgrade if u have the blobs.
    9.the jailbreaking community has warned every new update that you DON’T UPGRADE UNTILL THE NEW JAILBREAK IS OUT.
    10. you are f***ing stupid if u didnt save your shsh and updated ur 3gs/4 to 6.0
    11. samsung galaxy s 3 beats iphone in every category except software because samsung is stupid and puts their own layout on it to get sued by apple.
    12. Stop looking for ios 6 jailbreaks and go f*** yourself.



  • Al

    Hurry up guys, you only have time till 21.12, would be very sad if it doesnt make it untill then;)

  • iOS 5.1.1 user

    Absolute morons, how many times does this have to happen? Obviously they won’t have a jb as soon as a new os is released. Yet every single time there are these idiots who upgrade straight away, then complain. The amount of time spent complaining they probably could have cracked iOS 6 themselves

  • LilRstar

    I have inuf time i can wait for as long as it takes but does any1 know aprox wen its comming out and is it gana be like the ios 5 jailbreak were we had to wait for ios 5.1.1 to come out for us to jailbreak it

  • Yannos

    Why don’t all the people complaining that they *need* an iOS6 jailbreak do the obvious thing…..

    Make your own !!!!

    So, put up or shut up and wait.

  • jack

    We can wait until 2014. Take you time. Lol.

  • L

    We can wait

  • L

    Keep up the good work dev te

  • James

    The guys who are impatient just don’t understand technology at all, that’s why. They think that in order to hack & jailbreak a phone that there is just a simple jailbreak button you press and PRESTO there it is. This takes time. Apple does NOT want their customers to jailbreak their phones which is why they beef up security on the devices. They hire hackers to help them with it. Why would you buy an iPhone or update immediately without making sure there was a stable jailbreak released anyway? Dumbasses. If they release the failbreak now what do you think will happen? All the retards will be complaining saying that they should’ve waited to get it right before releasing it. At the same time let’s not be naive and think these guys are not getting paid to jailbreak the iPhone, b/c they are…very handsomely too, but we need to be patient and let these guys work. It will come so if you can’t wait any longer just leave Apple or downgrade & jailbreak 5.1.1 or something.

    • EZ-now

      “Why would you buy an iPhone or update immediately without making sure there was a stable jailbreak released anyway?” – – –

      because my iPhone 4 got seriously broken and to guaranteee an insurance repair I had to upgrade to iOS 6 to clear the jailbreak (I tried a ‘reflash’ with what was it’s current firmware and failed) so even when it comes back I have iOS 6 on it and no intention of going for an untethered JB. Woe is me! Still it did mean no need to wait for the jailbreak to get an iPhone 5 after all 🙂 and for how long the repair has taken (3 weeks and counting) thank god I did. It’s a fab piece of kit whether we get an untethered option now or in a year. I’ll gladly wait for the work to happen in the background and get brownie points for giving my iPhone 4 to my fiancé to boot 🙂

      Looking forward patiently…

      • EZ-now


  • DNA

    do you know guys whats the funny in all this! is the people saying am leaving apple and going to samsung or nokia or any other brand. think about once you get the other brand device will you really have as much fun and free EVERYTHINGS like you and me having with Apple… i dont think so its all crap the other devices because ive been there and am talking from my own experience 😉

  • Ben

    That is right. There might be no jailbreak till 5s comes out. Have fun waiting.

  • D


  • D

    The jainlnreak is out… using Redsn0w 0.9.15b1

  • Noles

    Man! I’ll wait! I would love to have a jailbreak today but I refuse to complain about one when the dev guys are doing this for free. Thanks by the way! If there is no jailbreak by the next iPhone release then I will be disappointed but not in the guys that took time out to work on one but the fact the iPhone just couldn’t be jailbroken.

  • You stupid asses!!! If you only have an iphone for the jailbreak why did you even buy the iphone 5 or upgraded to ios 6 before even a jb came out. Let the hackers do their job in peace! It is your fault not theirs! You people don’t have the brains to own a smartphone, go back to Nokia 3310 or something like that and stay there! Even Android would kick you out!

  • Chris tian

    I need a JAILBREAK
    I’m holding out for it ‘til the end of the night
    And its gotta be fast
    And its gotta be strong
    And its gotta be till end of the month (i hope so)

  • Jeff

    Lets hope there will be no jailbreak for good. Everyone please be patient.

  • JustAnAverageGuy

    Wizewordz, Used to be a apple fan, and shakur your guys obviously know nothing about Jailbreaking. Aside from the fact that the need for the wait til after the update, being that it could thwart any other hacks they have for future jailbreaks. It’s pretty common knowledge that the said hackers “dev team” are not affiliated with, in any way shape or form, apple. Doing this as a free service from their personal time, you should be gracious that they have put out as many jailbreaks and continued support as they have. If yo u are impatient go learn how to write the code and implement your own form of jailbreak, and charge people if you desire. But don’t try to apply pressure on the guys who will ultimately, as they always do, give you your jailbreak in an easy to use idiot proof jailbreak. As a reminder the original jailbreaks on the first gen iphones left many people thinking that their iphones were bricked because too many idiots didn’t read proper directions on how to do it. Now its plug in iphone click jailbreak button wait five minutes and viola. Any idiot can jailbreak but no idiot can create the jailbreak.

  • Rockclimber-nc

    If your going to leave iphone because someone does not figure out a jailbreak soon then go ahead. People you need to be patient. These hackers are doing us a free service so quit your bitching and be patient. They know what they are doing better than we are. I love my iphone 5 and will be patient. I’d rather the jailbreak be perfect than flawed. To pod2g and dev team and anyone else working on a jailbreak thank you for your hard work

  • B3tac0d3

    Everyone seems to forget a few important things.

    1. This is a service they provide for free. It’s not something they owe you and/or something you have paid the dev team for. Everyone should be grateful that they’re working on it for the public.

    2. Perfection takes time. If they released the #failbreak now, half of you idiots wouldn’t know what to do with it and would freak out that they broke your phones or about all the bugs.

    Truth is, if you can’t wait a few weeks for a free service provided by a group of geniuses who are taking their personal time to do you a favor, you should go to android and stay there.

    • Honey

      So True! 🙂

  • WizeWordz

    I think I’m going to sell my iphone 5 if their releasing the jailbreak after next update. It’s just ridiculous to have paid for many cydia tweaks and can’t even use them on a new device! Hello Nokia or Samsung!

  • Shakur

    Hi pod2g we still waiting for jailbreak plz we need it soon

  • Use to be an Apple Fan

    Well, this is probably the longest time I ever waited to Jailbreak my phone. I’ve actually contemplated on leaving Apple for Android simply because of this lack luster support or information to where we are at to develop JB. I’ve stuck it out with apple simply because of JB but now..I may just say..Goodbye to the community!!

    • Shay Trevor

      Then get going already. If you cant wait you dont deserve it anyway

    • Honey

      This is a free service, you should be thanking them,they take time out of their life just for a jailbreak for the public! I am really grateful of these guys! and BTW the money jailbreaks are a scam, they don’t work! I am excited for the jailbreak!

    • David

      bye, don’t let the door hit you on the way out…