GTA V awarded without a release date

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 29, 2012

It seems that Grand Theft Auto 5 is gaining the recognition it needs from every corner, and this is without any confirmation of a release date or even what month it could land in. Around 2 weeks ago we published some details in regard to GTA V being put up for the One to Watch award, part of the GJAs, and now that the winners have been announced it seems that GTA V did in fact win that category without an official mention of its release date.

GTA V had beaten a couple of other titles to the award, which included The Elder Scrolls Online and Assassin’s Creed 3 gaining running up recognition. You can see hours of gameplay for AC3 in our article from yesterday. The reactions to our post a couple of weeks ago showed that the majority of gamers felt GTA V had this category without a problem, although some people questioned how anyone could call it the “One to Watch” without any real gameplay, but these people were quickly shot down by Grand Theft Auto fans.

Recently we’ve seen GTA 5 hit the spotlight with loads of visuals and the latest had been some artwork published on the official Rockstar website, which can also be seen below. This had been a little tease for fans looking forward to the magazine reveal expected within the next few days, and the majority of gamers can’t wait to see what will be revealed in that exclusive.

Earlier today we published some details on the full Game Informer schedule for the upcoming GTA 5 exclusive, and this revealed 18 pages of content that had been a lot more than some people expected. You can read some more on this schedule here, but we’d love to know from fans about what they want to see in these pages for the next Grand Theft Auto game.

Yesterday we were one of the first websites to reveal a new poster that had leaked for GTA 5, although this print has not been confirmed by any official source, but it certainly looks authentic at this point. You can see one of the images again above, but the reactions following this news breaking yesterday include some worry from PC and Wii U gamers. Some people are wondering about the lack of Wii U and PC logos, but it is good to remember that this is just a rumored poster that hasn’t been confirmed.

Are you happy to see GTA 5 win the One to Watch award? Hit the comments with your thoughts on the recent stories breaking from this weekend, the recent artwork, and also what you think about GTA 5 receiving an award before it has even launched.

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  • Luke

    Why has the poster been released in Poland when R* is based in the UK?

  • 99dufjmnsdns

    don’t believe what rockstar tells us because you can’t trust them and don’t buy the game so they……..

  • Palmer Beckwith

    Noone cares about the frigging Wii-U, Nintendo has never been a big fan of the Rockstar Franchise and never will be, be realistic, don’t waste an awesome game with so much potential to consoles only, release it to PC if you devs want to see it in it’s full glory.

  • Chris

    Looks like i’ll be picking up a second hand copy Autumn 2013 then. In 1997,1999,2001,2002 and 2004 Grand Theft Auto games launched in October, same goes for GTAIV Extra Episodes From Liberty City which launched October 2009. And that’s when i have my fondest memorys playing them. GTAIV was supposed to be an October 2007 release but was delayed untill April 2008, there was just something so wrong about playing a GTA game in the spring,it didn’t feel right. I’ll leave this one till later in the year.

  • matty

    i dont care about a mag, all i call care about is a release date so can pre order the game, stop your complaining about articles lol the game is the iportant thing

  • allakazzam

    Rockstar has done what it wanted. To get tounges wagging. It gets released when it gets released be patient itll be worth the wait! Wooo GTA FTW

  • Anonymous

    its coming out march 1st

  • Luke

    R* aren’t stupid, they know full well that given a choice PC is much the prefered format, so they release it first on console, then later on release it on PC so the die hard fans will buy the game twice, first because they want to be the first to get their hands on it as soon as its released on console, then again to play/mod/upscale graphics among other nerdy things PC gamers like to do….. whereas if it initially was released on PC/Xbox/PS3 at the same time the PC fans would just get the PC version on the release date!

    • 99dufjmnsdns


  • The lack for the PC and Wii U logo’s maybe because Rockstar isn’t going to release GTA V for the platforms because like all other GTA’s the PC versions get released at a later date, therefore Wii U might be part of it.

  • giggity

    hahaha. it’s got an award and it’s not even got a release date. R* are being a bit slow lol

  • whydoyouask

    I get game informer free with my subscription of gamestops power up card! 😀 I GET THE MAG THE DAY IT ARRIVES AND I WILL BE READING IT BEFORE ALL OF YOU. EAT THIS BIT*HS.

    • bruce

      you don’t get it free with the power up card you pay for the subscription and get the power up card with it, and you are going to get it later than most people because with the power up card you get a hard copy(actual magazine) which is put in the mail the day digital subscribers get theirs.

    • Luke

      you absolute molecule of faeces! no one cares….. as soon as its released every single detail will be widely available online!….. EAT THAT BIT*H.

      • 99dufjmnsdns

        EAT YOUR MUM

    • 99dufjmnsdns


  • Chris

    The artwork with the dog looks legit, I think that this may well be a leak! Spring 2013 it is then 😀

  • Hatton101

    From a designers point of view, has anyone else not picked up on the irregular sizings of each artwork board, it dosnt fit UK or US size conventions (to the best of my knowledge) and the exterminator heist image just looks like a convenient crop of the released artwork, surely R*, if they were to release a pre-order poster would add more than just one new image?

    • ghost

      They di. There’s another art piece thay shows gta v the preorderspring 2013. And a picture of that latino and his dog.

      • Hatton101

        yeah I saw that, but what I said was why would they only release 1 new image for the adverts (referring to the latino and the dog) it just seemed a little odd to me that multipuls of the teaser artwork that will no longer build up any addition “hype” for the games release as its already been seen by every man and his dog…
        Surely from a marketing point of view they would expand from the viral base that there marketing has had so far and give ‘exclusive’ imagery to print based marketing (since it will end up on the web regardless), thus keeping both the devoted fans who have been web stalking any news and the less avid fans who are more in store marketing dependant. All just my personal opinion of corse

        • Ghost

          Im not sure, but in all honesty the art style looks to legitimate to be fake. Only one new image isn’t a big deal. But who knos.. i mean, doesn’t a 18page article sound farfetched to you?

  • This is a fake poster. GTA has always been on PC and it is made on PC then ported to console. Highly unlikely that they would abandon the machine which will best utilize their product.

    • Penisbreath

      You people are so annoying, just like the other GTAs they will release on pc later on.

      • 99dufjmnsdns

        who cares about PC

  • Cunty

    I know how easy it is to fake a poster. I am forever on photoshop.

  • Susan

    With the track record Grand Theft Auto has it had to win, cannot wait for the 18 page exclusive now although I wont buy the mag.

  • RIck

    Couldn’t be happier, I knew GTA 5 would win this category.