Steve Jobs yacht on video, cost unknown

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 28, 2012

There is an endless number of ways we’ll always remember Steve Jobs, which includes his yacht that just made an unveiling in The Netherlands. You can see a video of Steve Jobs yacht, aka Venus, below this article and this has only been firmed today thanks to the revealing a few hours ago in Aalsmeer.

We are not sure if the cost of Steve Jobs yacht will ever be known, but it wouldn’t have been cheap considering the build quality, which had been spoken about in the recent biography. The yacht has a lot of glass and in fact features 40-foot-long glass in the living area, which had been designed with the help of Apple’s chief engineer for stores, although we’re not sure how the glass has been made exactly. This might come to light with a lot more photos in the future when certain press get hands-on.

It might be hard for family to spend time on Steve Jobs yacht without the man himself, although we can’t confirm if they will do just that at the time of writing, but we’ll update PR readers if any official statement is given from the family in regard to the yacht and its future. We have no reason to believe they won’t be using it.

What do you think of Steve Jobs yacht? Take a look at the video below for a peaceful look at its exterior from earlier today.

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  • Sinbad…

    Apple might be good at designing mobile phones but they know bugger about designing boats!!…..i’ve seen better built boats using Lego bricks!

  • Ron

    that is one ugly yacht!

  • Bobtheboat

    What an ugly ship. His chief should not give up his day job of store design for sure.