Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean arrangement for US update

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 28, 2012

The hunt for Android 4.1 has been a regular routine for smartphone users around the globe, especially Samsung Galaxy S3 users wanting the Jelly Bean update on AT&T / Verizon, and it seems that the HTC One X is next for this firmware update, which we hear has seen a release in East Asia. The HTC One X Jelly Bean update will be running at Android version 4.1.2, although the firmware will also arrive in Asia for HTC One S users but the download date hasn’t been set at the time of writing.

HTC phone users will not only gain a lot from the Jelly Bean update, but will also find the new HTC Sense 4+ user interface. This news first broke in the popular XDA developer forums within the last couple of days, which you can see via this forum thread. We also heard that this rollout had been confirmed at a recent press event as well.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update has been the target of US users for many months, and they had to sit back and watch Europe gain Android 4.1 country-by-country. This changed in the last week with Sprint users finding the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update being sent OTA, which came after Samsung sent a reassurance to those users in the United States.

Samsung leaves the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update to carriers – we explained previously that Samsung offered some reassurance to US users and made it clear things had been handed over to the networks, which means the rollout would be handled by carriers although we’re sure a staggered approached would have been Samsung’s advice. The likelihood is to see the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update land on AT&T next, which will be quickly followed by Verizon Wireless.

Samsung’s arrangement for Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update in US – Sprint users will certainly be happy in the knowledge that they’re the first to receive Jelly Bean on the US Galaxy S3, although the image below is taken from the official Samsung website for the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update. You’ll notice it currently states “coming” for all carriers apart from Sprint, although the interesting part is the order Samsung has put these updates in.

It is a long shot but if we find out AT&T is next to receive the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update, then there’s a pretty good chance that Verizon Wireless will be after that carrier, and then T-Mobile followed by U.S. Cellular. How do you feel about the possibility of this rollout order?

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  • What the hell is going on here the S3 for Sprint Update was Release from the 25 And no Sign Of it no Where Every time i update it manually update to Jelly bean and have to put it back to ISC because i want the OTA

  • Official OTA update is here for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3, got it this morning! 🙂

  • Affan

    What about the international version of s3 ?


    None of you guys should feel to bad I’m still wait for ics for my thunderbolt

  • Tim Armes

    When is Verizon coming

  • Tim Armes

    Y does it take so long

  • ryonne

    Typical of Verizon to be one of the last big carriers to get updates. Would have thought a flagship phone on all carriers would get update about the same time. Glad Google is able to tell carriers to get out updates to new os with the newer phone in a timely manner.

  • anonx

    Btw jellybean for Verizon is called jellywiz I’m using version10. Yes it’s 4.1.10 good luck the official 4.1.1 ver. Which will still need some updates and fixes.

  • anonx

    Jelly bean is already leaked for all carriers. They are more for advance users who have rooted their phones and unlocked downloader. I prefer custom Rom and that’s the whole point of android. I have s3 from Verizon but rooted my phone and unlocked bootloader so I have admin. I popped in my buds SIM from AT&T or T-Mobile, change cdma to gsm network and pickup their apn. My phone is now a true global phone. Btw all Verizon 4g lite are unlocked for global use (talked to global support for Verizon) sad part is you have no radio button to switch from cdma (Verizon and Sprint) to gsm (AT&T, T-Mobile and rest of the world) network. But type beauty of android is you can customize to your preference, unlike iphone.

  • Zane

    It really pisses you off to pay $500.00+ dollars for a phone and for the OEM to release the update, and we not get the choice to install the Samsung version, but instead have to wait for our Carriers to “Customize” the update to there liking… i thought that was what android was all about, being open and we can do as we please.. if i wanted to wait for someone to tell me what i have to have on my phone, i would have bought an iPhone

    • Zane

      i mean look at iOS update history… they release it to all there devices at ONE time… Not giving a damn what the carriers think..

      • Storm Walsh

        …or their customers. There’s nothing quite like being one of millions of people who wake up one morning to find out that their maps app has been replaced by a pile of dog poo.
        Personally, I’m not worried.. there’s little point! I love my S3 – it’s a great phone. When Jelly Bean arrives on it, I know it’ll get better. I’m not going to get all frustrated and angry over a few weeks. I can’t believe the amount of “spoiled brat” postings over the last month. Most of them don’t even know what the Jelly Bean experience will do for their phones.. they just want it. Want want want. It’s a sad statement on today’s culture.

    • cboss


      • cboss

        I mean i got 4.1.2 on my damn skyrocket lol

  • DJ Lovelace

    I have Jellybean on my Google Nexus 7 tablet. Once I get my update on my S3, it will be like having a whole new phone. Jellybean ROCKS!!!

  • DexAZ

    Just received Jelly Bean download from Verizon!

    • Lies?

    • Derek

      Sadly no you didn’t. Your Galaxy is just updated to 4.0.4. Mine did that too. Jelly Bean is 4.1

  • I want my update! -.- Hurry the hell up AT&T!

  • I’m can’t wait (: hurry up at&t ! I love my phone, this update will make it even better!

  • Eric

    I’ve just been itching for jellybean… Mostly Google Now and protect butter. I don’t care what the order is as long as it’s within the next few hours :-D. I know, wishful thinking.

    • me


  • Brandon Jackson

    I hate the order because I’m last -__-

  • In actuality I spoke to reps from
    both sides and they said that it was up to Samsung to rollout the update. I’m
    pissed that it is taking Verizon so long to get it out. How do you not update
    one of your flagship devices? It’s sad that US carriers and the company that i
    bought my phone from cannot collaborate.