GTA V pre-order now print exposed

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 28, 2012

The creative gamers could certainly design and print a Grand Theft Auto 5 poster, which could hint towards the expected Spring 2013 release date, and this is the image that has made its way online revealing a GTA V launch window most gamers agree on. The question we have now is not the chances of GTA V arriving around this time, but how authentic this marketing material looks?

You can see the images below that we found via this forum, and clearly state “Grand Theft Auto V” with a small tagline under, which reads “pre-order now” and offers a rough timeline rather than an exact release date. Personally this picture looks as authentic as it gets, so there will be a good chance that this poster is official although it hasn’t been confirmed or denied at the time of writing.

When we take into account the recent GTA 5 illustration and other details starting to emerge, it seems that excitement is one thing we should all be feeling right now after such a long wait for the next Grand Theft Auto game. We’re also betting on GTA 5 trailer 2 to be revealed very soon, and considering we’re almost one year on from the first trailer it could land on Nov 2 if Rockstar care about anniversaries.

One thing is sure when it comes to open world games like GTA 5, and that is the competitors will find it pretty hard selling their games when GTA 5 is likely to see a release date within the next few months. We’d also like to point out that many gamers believe when it comes to GTA 5, it has no competition. What do you think of the latest so-called “leaked” GTA 5 marketing material?

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  • Mediquette

    As much as I’d love for this to be true…..

    I have to agree with the points people make calling it out as fake. Not to mention, let’s think of every other GTA, or Rockstar game to ever release throughout Rockstar’s history. Most every release has something like 6-8 months or more of advertising and marketing behind it. I still remember downloading and watching gameplay videos and advertisements for GTA IV for close to half a year before the game released. Even now, we’re about 6-7 months to the END of spring, and there’s only been ONE trailer… no marketing, no advertisements, etc. When L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, etc were coming, everywhere you looked there were Rockstar ads. I seriously doubt they’d chance releasing that soon, and chancing a very small turnout from only the people that read news boards, and missing possible sales from lack of marketing… especially in this economy, that’d be a big gamble for a bigger company like Rockstar.

    PS – Also Google any of the GTA IV (or other Rockstar games) “release date” advertisements, they typically make the release date and/or time-frame in BIG letters so you can’t miss it; even bigger than their website URL. In these images, “Spring 2013” is quite tiny. On the poster with all the pictures, you almost can’t make it out clearly. Again, Rockstar doesn’t chance people missing the release dates or time-frames and don’t risk losing possible sales; just look at their sales records in the past… they don’t miss opportunities for possible customers.

  • Winston46

    I hope you don’t use dogs as weapons on this, I have a Rottweiler and he is the most soppy dog you’ll ever meet, dogs as pets and/or protection but dont single out Rotties as weapons or killers or any other dog for that matter.

  • Hatton101

    From a designers point of view, has anyone else not picked up on the irregular sizings of each artwork board, it dosnt fit UK or US size conventions (to the best of my knowledge) and the exterminator heist image just looks like a convenient crop of the released artwork, surely R*, if they were to release a pre-order poster would add more than just one new image? It also seems strange just the hastag is shown, did R* not release the official GTA V Fb page a month ago?

  • Coolbreez789

    I think we will get a new trailer the 2nd. Seeing how they released vice city for an anniversary.

  • dogs officially confirmed via poster image?? yes! i’m getting pumped as time rolls closer to revealing more info

  • Pole

    Shit’s fake.

  • Journey1987

    R* ist Wütend :DD

  • S3R6i0

    If I remember correctly, wasn’t there a black guy in the trailer who was running from the police? The guy on the poster with the rottweiler was a lighter guy diving a red car. It seemed to me that there were 3 guys being featured. Why is there only 2 here. And where is the girl? GTA always has a female mascot for promotional artwork.

  • Gaz

    If its spring i wont be buying it, i only buy and play games in the Autumn and Winter. Was hoping to be playing it this Autmn and Winter! Never mind, ill pick up a copy cheaper Winter 2013.

    • DaN Houser

      Okay while your waiting everyone else will be enjoying it! ($100 your going to get it before then…)

  • blab

    It says for ps3 and spring 2013 as we allways thought can not wait for this, I will veg out for a while with tv and live the GTA way 🙂

  • shahrukh ahmed

    How is the game even rated when it has not been released yet?

  • shahrukh ahmed

    How is the game even rated when it has not been released yet?

  • Guest

    How is the game even rated when it has not been release yet?

  • I am quite positive that these are very well done fakes…..
    However, the chance of a Nov 2 Trailer 2 release is very likely, I have been awaiting this day for a few months…. close we get to November, the more realistic my speculation gets.
    And of course, GTA V will have no competition… so, if I were in the games marketing business…. I wouldn’t set a release date anywhere close to GTA’s, coz let’s be honest…. anyone up against a big release such as GTA will lose for sure.

  • bigbob

    and you can preorder at your local porn shop!!!!! horray…. FAKEEEEEEEEEE

    • tom

      PEGI 18, it’s Europes version of ESRB, which will be MA.

  • Billy

    I want some info on the limited edition versions before I pre order

  • pppppppeeeeeeee

    i think it is strange that two of the same images (pest control) appear on the poster… surely they could have used a third image

    • fff

      Drrrr cant you see thats where the tear marks are to separate the images (posters) to make individual posters….

  • joe

    i’d put money of on faked… why is there no mention of facebook, only twitter hashtag?

  • Leevi Jenkins

    Does nobody else notice the new art on the poster with the guy and the dog???

    Why haven’t I seen that????

  • No PC or Wii U logos…. that’s sad

  • DoesntMatter

    Local Blockbuster told me yesterday that they’re taking pre-orders and the game is due to come out in may

  • Susan

    Let’s hope this is a poster being released before Christmas with an exact release date being shown in the magazine exclusive next month.

  • RickyT

    Looks real to me.