Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 demanders hear from Hines

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 26, 2012

After a few weeks of silence it seems that Pete Hines has broke cover in regard to Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3, and in fact the chance of seeing any DLC arrive, which came thanks to some persistent users asking questions on Twitter. These include direct questions about what problems exist with getting Skyrim Dawnguard and Hearthfire onto the PS3?

Hines answer to gamers wanting insight – when asked what the problem is, he simply said “hasn’t changed” and directed gamers to a link back from the end of August, which we’re sure you remember as seen here. You can see his tweet below, although it doesn’t answer what the issues are or questions about the lack of communication. This depth of feedback mixed with constant silence is the very reason some people are extremely frustrated in the first place, and PS3 users wanting Skyrim DLC can’t even get an answer if there would ever be a release date, or insight into the what the issues are.

Pete Hines is a PlayStation 3 user – When some people accused Hines for hating PS3 users, he had this to say, “I am a PS3 user“. Did you know that the VP of PR for Bethesda is a PS3 user? We bet he still gets to play all Skyrim DLC, including Dawnguard? The very reason Hines is trying to keep users calm might hint that they will bring DLC to the PS3 at some point, but keeping the finer details secret is also very strange.

Some of our readers wonder why Twitter and Hines are the medium of communication with Bethesda, which might have been explained in another tweet recently. Yesterday Hines said, today is “the start of my 14th year at Bethesda” and interestingly he pointed out that when he started it had been just him. You can see this confirmed in the tweet below, so this would show why Hines has taken the job as point of contact for the lack of Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3.

Do you think Bethesda should offer much more than just Pete Hines on Twitter, especially when it comes to communicating the problems with getting Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3?

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  • Tangerinedream

    Do what I have done, given up on playing, there is no sense in playing a game as buggy as it is with no hope of seeing any of the dlc that has been released. I have begun waiting for Final Fantasy XIV, which looks incredible, and isn’t too complicated to code for the ps3 ;p.

  • capone8710

    i know this probably seems WAY outta left field, and im sure someone out there has said something similar, (i dont go on all the forums and what-not so i have no idea)…But my theory is this with how buggy everthing was with Skyrim normally, and the talk of Dawnguard making things worse, i suspect they had to go back and completely re-build dawnguard from the ground up for the ps3. So that way it would finally run properly, and not just be ported. My second theory is that since they already have 2 dlc’s and rumor’s of a 3rd, i wonder if they are remaking/rebuilding Skyrim entirely for the ps3, with proper coding and all that techno-jargon, and turning it to the Game Of The Year edition, with the first 3 dlc’s included. So that way everything is done right, and there shouldnt be anymore OR as many issues with the ps3 version.

  • gaara1193

    well bethesda ive gone back to playing oblivion until i hear some positive news. just got the gotye w/ shivering isles and knights of the nine so im sure ill be preoccupied for a good amount of time, and to anyother ps3 gamer i suggest the same if your still pissed off as i am. mine as well do something productive and different. BTW, was the house way downsouth in oblivion ever released for ps3?? the one in dlc or whatever it was

  • DragonSlayer

    how long do we have to wait to get some respect around here? eh bethesda?

  • assassinate pete hines

    screw this assassins creed 3 is 4 days away

  • R.U.Serious

    Hes dammed if he does and hes dammed if he doesn’t ? That’s what hes taken on.

  • Strobeffect

    My sympathies PS3 gamers, I’m a PC gamer and even I know how it’s like to be left with poopy port and company that don’t give @&%! about you…

    If you have friend to do temporary console trade; it could be way to play exclusive titles or games with extra’s.

  • If Dawnguard isn’t out by January I am going to write a letter to Bethesda’s CEO and tell them exactly how I feel about this. I will also be including my copy of Skyrim and any other Bethesda titles I own, which is none. Skyrim is a good game but this is rediculous. I remember when XBox received “return to ostagar” before the ps3 but Bioware had their A game on and delivered in a timely manner! Bethesda, take notes from Bioware because they have you beat in everything!

  • DragonSlayer

    WHERES TODD HOWARD? The only time we see him is when they dangle the check over the TV camera. Todd Howard needs to pop up out of his hidey hole and f#cking tell us what we need to know. Demand to talk to TODD HOWARD, and screw Hines.

  • This is not a matter of PS3 vs XBox, this is about a company who was ill prepared for distributing a product that was promise after a short window (after xbox) and never getting it. Its not the fact its not here its the fact its half assed. Im sorry, i still believe you should have gotten all the kinks out of the PS3v before releasing it to Xbox and PC. It bluntly shows he made his $ and hes happy, and he could care less of other platforms. Things wont change, people wont get DLC for PS3.

  • Advisor


  • Top Secret

    They should make dawnguard it from scratch

  • Raziel2121

    well i officially give up and will just be trading skyrim in and just move on to assassins creed three

  • Zach

    I’m not even waiting for it anymore. Bethesda for all I care, you can release DLC for Skyrim in 2050.

  • gaara1193

    ok so i’ve been thinking and wtf has happened?? i miss the days of skyrim where people only talked about the amazing adventure the game endlessly provides. i miss where the gaming community was at peace, not war. I remember when ps3 gamers like myself would ask things about different quests and just getting help from other gamers,ps3 and xbox. i wish that we all could just go to a simpler time where it was about the game, not whos console is better or fanboys going back and forth at each others throats. in all honesty i do hope we get our well deserved and overdue dlc and that in time we can come back to good terms with bethesda and xbox gamers alike, because what it all comes down to is we all love the elder scrolls and we all love skyrim, end of story, but the sooner ps3’s dlc comes, i believe the sooner we can all go back to how we use to be.

    • Kelsy

      Whatever, Gandhi. I don’t hate XBox users over this. Not their fault Bethesda delivered to them first.

      • gaara1193

        im just speaking about the general public, its ppl like you who only continue showing signs of aggervation to attack someone like me =)

  • Relax People

    You guys do know (Especially these complaining, whining Tweeters) there are better things to do then just sitting there and waiting for an answer? Why not pick up another game and start playing that? Or you can go out with some friends and have a good time? When it comes it comes. It’s like if you don’t get the DLC soon the worlds gonna end……

    • SILF

      The world is going to end in 56 days i aint going out without playing the god damn DLC’s!!! NEVA

  • Xavier

    Lol…thing is I see no trouble with ubisoft when it. Comes to creating DLC for Sony…lol? Lol you rock Bethesda…

  • gaara1193

    so sick of no positive news for us ps3 players, i could almost garentee that the next article will be the same bs, just like on every site i look at for skyrim ps3 dlc news…….
    please just give us something to look forward too, not false hope and lies.

  • dragon


  • dragon

    ps pete hines just a lil info maybe you should get some one smarter to do ur job because u r the weakest link apperrently when you update us with a response u just repeat urself how about a real fkn update like have u made any progress or did u not really worry about it cuase its ps3 i beat u got dawngaurd on ur ps3 if u really have one? i bat you dont if its not coming out y not just say so as long as we have waited it should be free if it ever comes out oby way to go on dishonored heard it was the worst game ever a total assassins creed rip off is that all u do is rip off other ppls games glad it was a bust i bought resident evil 6 instead fk bethseda and all their products UR COMPANY SUCKS BETHSEDA FIRE HINES GET A BETTER VP INSTEAD OF A GAY GUY JERKING OF BILL GATES I CANT TELL WHERE HINES BEGINS OR WHERE GATES ENDS PROBLY IN A CIRCLE JERK OR ON CHAT ROULLETTE

  • dragon

    ur company is sad ur just a microsoft exclussive company why not just take all bethseda games and shove them up xboxs azz i for one am tired of waiting did u not test on ps3 before u released to other platforms of corse not ur a multi milion dolar copany bet yet u cant make things work for ps3 i hope u go bankrupt but u wont but i will be boycotting ur games fk xcox long live ps3

  • Jake@19

    Screw Bethesda and there games… I will never buy any of there games agin… Bethesda you suck!!!!!

  • bigchris

    keeping ps3 users in the dark and the lack of communication is precisely why I’d don’t even play Skyrim anymore. I’ve put 500 hours into it and I feel completely neglected. I’m no longer buying Bethesda games, along with thousands of other people. does Bethesda seek to gain anything buy neglecting all ps3 users?

  • luke the nuke

    bethesda, i am done with you and your tricks. i already pre-ordered assasins creed 3, and i cant wait for it. ubisoft (company that makes assasins creed) actually makes sure its perfect on ALL systems. and another thing, on the back of the case, it says downloadable content coming soon. i hope you know you can get sued for that. so bethesda, i hope you go bankrupt

  • Tehoka

    This company is pathetic.

  • lukas pukas

    bethesda, u are to late for me. i was about to pre-order dishonored, but bethesda is gonna screw up that wonderful piece of work by arkane. im not blaming you arkane, just next time, pick a better publisher.

  • Chris Eakens

    Fire him, he can’t even lie to us. He just puts out a link and washes his hands with it. Your a toolbag! Hope you get herpe on you nose from it being up Microsoft’s butt!

  • casper13rocks

    how can the rumores say it’s all fixed codeing in next patch says ps3 dlc yet pete the douchbag hines says nothing has changed so what is it why wont any one get a ofical statement from bathedsa this is beyond a joke

  • Ponderer

    Why do so many of you take this as an excuse to start a fan war?

  • I would like them to address this whole thing on the actual blog. A full-page write-up on what was wrong and what steps they took to try to fix it. Unfortunately, telling us now won’t actually help them accomplish anything. Despite all the code-savvy users they have, it’s not as though one of us is going to have some magical answer that’s going to radically change how they’re approaching fixing this. Undoubtedly, they already know what needs to be done and have spent quite a bit of time on it. And no matter how quickly it’s fixed, there’s undoubtedly going to be a lengthy testing process that no amount of good ideas can truncate. So, while again I admit that I’d like them to explain more fully, I don’t think it needs to happen now. I would rather wait a month and hear that they’re ready to release it than hear tomorrow exactly what went wrong but that they still have no idea when we’ll see the product.

    • Ps3Skyrim Fighter17

      UHH dude its been 4 months how much longer u idiot

      • justin atkinson

        When they actually release the thing. Do you really think knowing what the problem was will actually incite us to collectively forgive them? We know they screwed up. The only way to fix it is to fix it.

  • Shayne

    Then why did he come out and say he was an Xbox fanboy? And why did he buy Dishonored for X360? He’s a PS3 player, sure, he just has it on his shelf collecting dust probably.


  • Noillik Trebor

    The biggest issue is tools like yourselves who bash on them constantly. If i worked for bethesda, i would suggest we not even worry about PS3 DLC, just because of how you are handling it. The problem is bethesda constantly pushes the limits of every platform they make games for. Thats just what they do. And lets face it, they made the game on the xbox, so its going to be big for the cbox to run, and the PS3 just doesnt have the power the xbox does. In reality, the PS3 was sonys answer to the original xbox. It is a piece of junk compared to the xbox. Get over it, and if you want to run top end games, then get a powerful computer, or trade your junk for an xbox 360. Oh, and get over yourselves, you got robbed because you bought a piece of junk. Bethesda isn’t the only company that has issues with the PS3.

    • PS3 for Life

      Nothing more than whiny fan boy…

      • noillik trebor

        Ha, the only image that comes to mind when the term fan boy is used is a whinny brat sucking his thumb at his computer with a piece of crap PS3 hooked up to his TV, mad at someone else because they made a better decision by buying a product that does what the company said it would do…
        And BTW dawnguard. Rocks, I love feeding on tools while they stand behind the counter trying to sell me their relatives… It really adds new depth to being a vampire . Love it love it love it. You should try… Oh Nvm, you bought a piece of garbage.

        • jammy cream gun

          you are really sad coming to a page to start a console war do you really have absolutely nothing else going on in your life you have to go argue with people on the internet

        • The Challenger

          It really is pathetic, isn’t it? This guy thinks he struck gold in buying an XBox 360. I would like to hear a valid arguement as to why XBox 360 is better.

          Here is your challenge Robert Killion (not that clever are you? How long did it take to concieve of writing your name backwards?). Write me a 250 word arguement as to how the XBox 360 is better than PS3. I want to see at least four citations from a minimum of two valid sources (Wikipedia is not valid). Please post it here on this message board by 5PM EST tomorrow (Oct 27).

          I look forward to reading your arguement. (Oh and by the way, if you don’t post I will assume you do not have a valid arguement as to how XBox 360 is better than PS3)

        • Noillik Trebor

          Pooh you cracked the code… Congratulations. I need no valid sources, I am one, I have owned both, and decided to sell the PS3 due to the lack of raw processing power, heck half of it’s ram is used up, not even available to to process games… Now, since you cracked the code, wooptydoo, I have been using that name for tES since Morowind, try Googling my name, just put SPC in front of it, you get some interesting stuff come up about me, usually at the top of the search.

        • Noillik Trebor

          And no, I don’t have anything else to do, or I would be doing it. It’s too cold to ride, and I’m a 28 year old retiree. So, I play and talk video games, they’re fun, both to play and to talk about.

    • Shayne

      GAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! You’re the biggest idiot on the web! PS3 uses a CELL processor, a SUPER COMPUTER. It’s hardware is almost double the strength of the X360, and uses 100% better graphics. Look at PS3 exclusives, amazing graphics and flawless gameplay compared to the poor graphics and sucky gameplay of X360 exclusives.

      Killzone > Halo

      Uncharted > Fable

      Last of Us (will be) > Gears of War

      • Zzz. X

        ur an idiot

        • LeDouche

          Wow, thats your response? No valid rebuttle? Guess you see all the holes in your original arguement now eh?

      • Someone who Despises XBox

        I would say Infamous>Fable, not Uncharted. Uncharted had a far better story than all of the Fable games put together

    • luke the nuke

      cool story bro.

  • So many people must of got sacked due to all of this

  • Frustrated in CA

    As a business owner myself I can completely understand the frustration when dealing with
    customers waiting on a product beyond the expected arrival date and having nothing new to relay when they call or come in daily. Especially when the delay is out of your personal control and you are not getting substantial updates yourself. But with that said we are talking months not days and this is unacceptable. If you were employed by me Mr. Hines first of all I would tell you get off Twitter with company business. This is accomplishing nothing and just agonizing an already hostile group. Make an official press release even if you understandably can’t explain specific details of the problem since it would show your weaknesses to your competitors. By now the group working on the problem has determined if they are making any headway or if this is a losing venture. Stop beating around the bush and showing your power over children on twitter and do your job.

  • I’m already done with it. Screw it, I won’t be buying the DLC. I’m keeping the game, they finally fixed it and it’s still awesome. Just saying they have lost my respect and my will to buy their DLC.

    • Majin_Romulus

      It’s still not fixed

  • The best explanation for why they can’t explain the problem is that it implicates themselves in a massive failure.

  • MasterSmith

    Man I’ve been gone to the US Army for 5 weeks straight with no look at the outside world and when I get home I see that Pete has not said anything different then BEFORE I left.

    Go Bethesda….

  • lelouch

    I dont get it how Pete Hines could be proud for skyrim for winning golden joystick award when they can’t get the DLC working all console it is the sadist day when a company is award for doing bad. they should have accept the award when they have fail there fans.

    • lelouch

      they should not accept the award when they have failed there fans. sorry for misspell words.

  • Thomas McBrearty

    Pete Hines the man who speaks no more than two words..

    Well what can I say the man is deluded in thinking that he can just pass the buck with two simple words “No change”, well this changes everything (Sarcasm), why doesn’t Mr.Hines and Bethesda come clean that they don’t quite know how to develop for a great console which has been out for a good 6 nearly 7 years, its evident that they don’t really know what their doing lol; the proof is written in their game designing.

    Every game they have made on the PlayStation 3 has been an utter mess from Fallout 3 to Skyrim, obviously Oblivion was the less damaged out of them all but this was ported by another company (of which I can’t remember). I hope that fans continue to ‘NOT’ support Bethesda’s future releases as this may finally shake-um up a little and put the fear of god into Hines, if we want what we deserve we need to show Hines and Bethesda that gamers do have a voice and will not let things like this just pass like a bad smell.

    • Zzzzzzzz

      Ur an idiot Im in no mood too specify why ur stupid but it’s mainly that whole paragraph

      • DON-EAZY-E

        “You’re” an idiot you idiot if you can’t spell or understand what Thomas Mcbearly said don’t post comments on here have a good day idiot.

        • Joseph

          Wow, you’re one to talk. Ever hear of using a period or a comma? And for your information, there is plenty of truth in what he is saying. Fallout New Vegas for example freezes constantly on the PS3, Oblivion for PS3 missed out on loads of dlc, and Skyrim when it was first released on PS3, was barely playable. And if this issue is not resolved, I know personally that I will not be buying another Elder Scrolls game from Bethesda for the PS3 ever again. Dishonored seems like a good game, and was developed by a different company, but unlike many PS3 owners, I’m not buying it because there is already a better assassin game out there (AC3).

        • ILLKILLYOU

          SHUT UR FUCKIN* MOUTH!!!!

  • spiritreaver

    I’ve been saying for months that Tweet Hines should be replaced as the front man for Bethesda in this situation. His replies have been at times hostile, unsympathetic, and even down-right rude. And being the sole purveyor of any new info from Bethesda, his replies have helped blow what could have been a smallish situation into the growing conflagration we find ourselves in now.

    Everyone needs their jobs today, so i’m not advocating firing him. But Hines needs to be sent to another department where he wont have to deal with customers or other groups looking for info.

    Couple a move like that with implementing an at least bi-weekly status report and Bethesda could start rebuilding some type of relationship with their PS3 customers.

  • Nova

    Another update to yank us back and forth eh? This is really getting old. I’m not a cynical person, I actually do everything I can to convince myself that Bethesda is really working hard on the problem and that they want to make sure that ps3 users are treated equally too but…. Bethesda’s pushing it. We really have no info at all on the problem or even if there is a problem anymore and if they gave up. Its like Bethesda’s declared some form of cold war on ps3 players. All this freaking double speak and omissions hurt the most.

    • Up to your ellipsis, I thought you were getting ready to complain about product-reviews, not about Bethesda. Either way’s fine, though.

  • Disgruntled

    Should see what some of the fans are saying to him on Twitter…

  • lelouch

    We dont know if Pete Hines is telling the truth because he bought dishonored on X-Box. Don’t get me wrong Im not trying to start a console war we dont know if Pete Hines is a ps3 user he could says but not it true. I like said on another web page any company treats its fans badly it dose not matter what console from X-Box, PC, Wii, PS3 the gamers have the rights to say this is wrong. Any gamers who come to web pages to start a console war I feel sorry for because they can waste so much time when they have the DLC on there console.

  • Rhinestone Cow

    It’s not very becoming for a pr guy to keep quiet. Pete Hines is the face of Bethesda, and he’s doing a poopy job of keeping a relationship with the gamers. Makes me think Bethesda is just after my money instead of my loyalty. He needs to direct us to somewhere with real answers, or Bethesda needs to hire a real pr guy.

  • And thus, any hopes we had are once again crushed. Hines, we don’t care if every week the answer is the same, don’t go silent on the issue for any period of time, it gives some people useless hope. I wish they would come out with specifics on the problem, then maybe some of the more tech savvy customers might be able to pitch in, even help. I hate the horrible communication Bethesda has with its customers.